Eternally Incarnate.

Well here I am, sitting in my parents two story bungalow in sunny Stittsville. I’ve lived here my entire life, only ever packed up to set up down the street roughly a kilometer away. I’ve been home since last Thursday, April the 21st, in the year 2016. I was just in Peru, or more importantly the jungle city of Iquitos, which lies in the heart of the Amazon jungle. There’s a stark contrast between the fastest growing economy in South America, which lies in the capital of Lima, or the ever expanding city of lights as I like to refer to it, and the secluded city of Iquitos, which is cut off from the outside world except for the single airport which generally only has a single flight leave in the morning and in the evening, in and out.

Although my visit to Peru was the most profound and mind altering experience of my life. It’s hard to just roughly weave that tale in a single blog post, so instead i’m going to devote an entire area to it on the side menu as this blog progresses, also with each new journey (travel) that I personally attend, I shall keep this blog updated throughout the entire experience.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been able to identify the issues that have been holding me back for the past decade. I’ve been able to battle my inner demons, and win. I’ve found peace in serenity in the NOW. Living completely in the present, as the past is a very depressing creature at times, and the future is ever so anxious. So it’s better to simply cut the head off the serpent if you know what I mean. Vices as well, I have been able to subdue. In the past alcohol and marijuana held a rather powerful sway over me. To the point where I was incapable of functioning as a whole without the two substances mingling within me. I believed that I needed marijuana to calm down, and alcohol to open up more. On a daily basis I would smoke and drink until I’d pass out, all in a vain hope of finding balance. Now however, moderation is key to life. I’ve found balance through a healthy organic diet, exercise and mediation (mainly in the form of yoga, this week however I am also signing up for CrossFit). Although I don’t enjoy drinking anymore, the odd glass of red wine has become my companion among conversation with real friends (with water in between of course, also red wine has a ton of health benefits, if you can look past the fact that alcohol companies are not legally obliged to disclose the full list of ingredients on the side of their bottles, better to make your own or buy locally). I also now enjoy the inhale of lovely Mary at the end of a long day. I’m looking into getting my Green Card in Canada, which would allow me to buy high grade medicine straight from the dispensaries. Also, I’m really interested in the healing properties of marijuana (as documented in thousands of cases over the past decade, it has serious benefits for many ill patients suffering from chronic pain, all the way to different forms of cancer).

Marijuana is just a plant though after all, and my visit to Peru made me realize that plants are ABSOLUTELY where medicine began in the distant past of human civilization, so it should be where the present humans should look to for their current ever evolving ailments. The North American culture is new and immature, The U.S.A. and Canada have only been around (in their current democratic form, let’s not forget the mass displacement, genocide and culture destruction the indigenous populations faced before the “New World” could be tamed) for roughly over 200 years. The North American pharmaceutical industry therefore sees physical and mental ailments as internal “enemies” attacking the human body, and how do you fight an enemy? Well you attack it directly, and defend what matters most to you. Thus the advance of antibiotics that are intended to rebuke viruses and disease and healing methods such as Chemotherapy that literally kill you slowly in the hopes that the radiation kills of the host as well. This is complete contrast to ancient healing methods and alternative New Age methods as well. Ancient healing methods such as Chinese herbal medicine, Shamanism, Acupuncture and Ayurveda do not see the internal sickness as a threat, but rather as a simple imbalance in the body. These healing methods seek to balance the body through herbs with incredible properties, rest and hydration as well as physically balancing the body through a proper diet and exercise (think of yoga and meditation, rather than heavy weights at the gym).  Seriously if you know of a loved one or friend suffering from an ailment and you and your family (or friend) are open to alternative healing, please contact me, and we’ll try to determine which method would be right for them to try out.

There is literally so much for me to say, however I’d like to keep this first post short. Please read the blog consistently, as I will be updating it daily for as long as I’m kicking around. If you have any questions or would like me to blog on a specific topic, then please feel free to email me.

I hope your all having a wonderful Wednesday, I’m off to Yoga;)

May the eternal light shine through your souls.

Peace and Love,


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2 thoughts on “Eternally Incarnate.

  1. Mackenzie Brady April 28, 2016 — 2:03 am

    I wrote this without punctuation or structure in an effort to have it read as it was thought and maybe provoke some thinking of your own
    I thinks it is coincidental you mention the use of substances now in a time when you are faced with joining the rest of society in the workplace to my knowledge there are those who are commonly accepted into the society we live in and then there is the less fortunate be it a lack of education or poor life choices leading up to as many of us are in canada and in north american communities possibly even globally we learn very early on in life that it is your duty as a citizen to become educated obtain a job and soon after begin generating money for the state and as long as we are satisfied enough in our current standing the state will never have to worry about a revolution or a riot on its parliament living in the capital my entire life i am a first hand witness to the ill conceived machine we commonly refer to as our government however in recent months i have developed a new classification of drug use and it is far worse than recreational i say this in sense that why do you think there has not been a single major movement of people since women’s rights or black segregation even any of the wars carried out in the late 1960s because we’ve been comforted in what we are given and what we are given is a job from monday to friday that leaves us too sore and tired to carry out any of our other personal vocations honestly who decided the system where we should work five consecutive days in order to receive two days off from it to do everything else in our life was how it should be and if you still manage have time left after that you spend it drinking or getting high because it is too little time to be a human and evolve thoughts naturally and the state knows this and it will keep you in perpetual loop of mild satisfaction with no desire for change and those who do propose a change are told to look at other aspects of the world where we are forced to believe we are better off this way so shame on you for trying to alter it ( domestic espionage is a whole other basket of rotten eggs) even though it is a hard thought to comprehend its a fact of the matter that those two kinds of people exist but there is a third i must mention the one who inspires and realizes the world for what it is well they are no sooner scooped up by the state and allocated away from the rest as to not incite new reasoning or logic amoung soceity a change much like how the common person would not assocaite with the bum on the street like a memeber of there family beacuse we have self determine heighary to seperate what is at the end of just a another human like our yourself
    i hope those of you reading this go forth with a new perspective of your day to day activities questioning for a deeper reasoning than the facade laid before you and remember at the end of the day we all come from the same place and to remember to question the knowledge of world too because statistically all serial killers have mothers too

    Consider a world where jobs are not proprietary to a single but shared much like chores in a family household where everybody is equal responsible and commits to a common goal of succeeding as a species and not on there own

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    1. Thank you so much for you comment man. Really thorough and well thought!


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