The “Aliens among us” Theory.

I was out for a walk this morning with my lovely pup, Nikki. She’s strong for a fourteen year old springier spaniel, and ever since she’s been on anti inflammatory medication, it’s like she’s a baby pup again. Needless to say, when me and her go for a walk, we really go for a walk. This is a period of time where I can really think and gather my thoughts. Almost like cooking, it puts me in a Zen state, just as many things do these days. My mind began to drift to the injustice throughout the world, the poverty, the conflict, simply the negative energy manifesting everywhere. I also began to think of extraterrestrials, and how their civilizations most likely had to endure the course of primitive history before they were able to transcend greed, lust and power.

It really had me thinking for a moment, “You know what, we may be the human species of planet earth, but we truly act alien to one another at the end of the day, do we not?”

After all, what is exactly an alien? Well essentially I’d see it as another species that is incomprehensible to our own current view of the universe. By “incomprehensible” I mean that their species may be so highly evolved and advanced as beings that we ourselves would have a very difficult time accepting the fact that they are after all, beyond all the power and knowledge they may seem to possess, still simply souls, in the same universe as ourselves. We could also have contact with a species so primitive that we’d see them as no more than simpleton brutes, with no capacity whatsoever. Would we then also not see ourselves above those beings rather than below?

However, as the history and present has clearly demonstrated throughout recorded “Humanity”. We’ve been seeing other nations, religions, cultures, “other” Human societies as a whole, as “alien”, as something so very incomprehensible that we find internal justification and satisfaction knowing that we could never be the same.. We justify killing and absolutely destroying these Human “aliens” because we are so different from them. We see them as evil because they follow a different religion, which is after all, simply another spiritual path, another way to the eternal, if adhered to the true sayings of the personal religion, and not the dogma that is spewed by so many “individuals”. Yes, religions may be greatly distorted in this day and age (which is clearly demonstrated by the fact that there are hundreds of sub sects, if not thousands, throughout the worlds five largest religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism & Buddhism), however all the teachings of the great masters who started these religions remain pure and true, and generally intertwine with one another. “Be faithful”, “Do not Kill”, “Do unto your neighbor, as you would have unto yourself”, of course there are many sayings that don’t relate at all with one another.

Essentially what i’m saying is that how would it make any sense for us to be mind blown by an extraterrestrial species “first” contact, when we ourselves still act so alien to one another.

Go for a walk downtown these days. It’s odd to see how many people hold their heads down, who won’t even look you in the eyes if you say hello. There’s also others who are just so insecure with their own ego and place in the universe that they feel the need to be loud, angry or flamboyant. It’s essentially the ego coming out and saying “Please notice me, i’m right here and am so unique!” Don’t get me wrong, I try to engage as many human beings as possible throughout my day, and trust me when I say their are many beautiful and kind souls out there doing the exact same day. Yet not everyone is totally present in their environment, they see themselves in an “alien” places, with “alien” strangers whom they do not know, and more importantly, they may not even care to know.

Throw on the television; the mainstream media often portrays the worst elements of human nature solely. You generally won’t hear about the man who provided millions upon millions of people with freshwater in Africa, or the woman who’s spent her entire life perfecting Eco-farming in the rain forest with the locals (rather than burning hundreds of acres and being unable to use half the land). However you will always be reminded of the war that’s consumed the Middle East against “ISIS”, which has essentially evolved into yet another proxy war between the two superpowers of the world. As well as the “Democratic” elections that are taking up billions of taxpayer’s dollars and promising “Real Change for America”. Well I hate to break it to you, but the lovely Trudeau also promised “Real Change”, unfortunately not much has come out of it so far, we can only look brightly to the future. Really, when we are reminded of the conflict in the Middle East, it’s subconsciously whispering to us “We have an enemy across the world that we need to take care of to ensure (our) freedom, they are not like us, they don’t want freedom and prosperity, so we must teach it to them, or DESTROY them”. When we are reminded of the U.S.A. elections, well personally as a Canadian (I believe many others have a similar mindset), I just hope that whoever wins can keep the corporations and military industrial complex at bay, and return some sense of true power to the people. However, Americans see it as the rise of a new ruler, whose wisdom will surely guide their destiny through these dark and perilous times. Many times the Political candidates of both parties remind the public of what they face; conflicts across the world, “illegal” immigrants taking “real” American jobs, as well as the Drug War across the border in the beautiful country of Mexico. Really what these Men and Women are doing is reinforcing the idea there we are “us” and they are the “other”, the “alien”. Something “we” must valiantly stand against in this lifetime.

I suppose you could say we’re the real aliens in a sense. I hope I got you thinking a bit, I know I have been. Please comment your thoughts and message me with any personal questions.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.



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