Addictions and Spirits.

Last Saturday I went by an old friend of mine’s home, whose name I will not disclose. I got there and we went to the basement, as me and all my friends had always done when we were younger. A little background on the house and individual. The house has been a place of gathering to drink, smoke and do drugs of all kinds for many years now. The individual is the one who is constantly around all the vices that take place, as he lives there with his parents and always has his friends over. Now a days the individual is unemployed, still leads the same negative lifestyle and lives in the same place.

These days I find myself incredibly susceptible to energy, I can feel it quite strongly. There are many different types of energy, but they typically fall into two categories, in my opinion at the very least, Positive and Negative (you could argue there is a form of “combination”, or “chaotic” energy, but that is for another discussion). When we arrived in the basement I took a seat and lit a mapacho. After a minute or so I could absolutely feel it, the basement was cold, my bones were tingling and my hair was standing. I recognized it as negative energy very quickly, and it was strong. I instantly realized something. Over the years of partying and self pleasure that occured in this basement and even this house, ALOT of negative energy has manifested, and it’s continued to be fed more and more over the years as the vices have turned into addictions. Almost on cue my friend and his girlfriend start telling me how they believe their house is haunted, and that there’s definitley something in the basement. I agreed, and told them that I could feel it’s presence. The girl then told me about how the other night when her and my friend were high in his room it was like he wasn’t there, wasn’t acting himself. At one point in the night his pupils and irises went completely black, and it terrified her. I told them that something could be done about it, that I’d do a bit of research and get back to them the next week. Once me and my other friend left we went to pick up my sister from work. As we were sitting in the car, i realized the situation in it’s whole and the only solution for it (this is always a matter of opinion may I add, I want you to do your own research and see what feels right with you, if something peeks your interest or resonates with you then please feel free to start a discussion! I’m adding a discussion feauture over the weekend for those of you that wish to talk and investigate as a community). So essentially I began to realize that a dark spirit had manifested with the home and had essentially made my friend it’s host, as he is always feeding it with negative energy through his vices. The Spirit has made it’s needs, into my friends needs so that it can get more and more powerful. Also the fact that everyone who goes to this home is generally there for a negative purpose (not all, but most), well that just feeds more and more energy to it directly, as it is at home. I realized the only solution would be for my friend to leave the home for a month or so and get completely off drugs (Rehab would be perfect, but once your 19 your on your own, as an adult mommy and daddy can’t do everything for you), also just being out of the home so that the spirit manifested there won’t get any more energy. While he’s in rehab getting rid of his “addiction”(purging, feeling absolutely disgusting inside and out, sweating profusely, wanting to leave and go get high, kinda sounds like an exorcism or something eh?) I could personally go with others who are familiar with these situations and hold a ceremony at the house (removing the house of it’s past ie: paraphenalia, drugs, reminders of anything negative., lighting a specific incense, smoking mapachos which negativity hates and also saying light mantras). Afterwards if my friend is successful, then he can move on to a brighter future, or he can decide to sink back to his past. Free will is our own after all.

I suppose this has made me come to the realization (many others before me have probably had the same) that addictions could very well be nothing more than a physical posession, in a sense. Think about it life this, if someone dies due to a drug overdose, or simply any accident similar, then they may not be at peace with how their life turned out, and therefore unable to move on to wherever their soul is meant to be. The soul would then linger on earth. Watching their families and friends enjoying life, and jealous about the facy that they are unable to do so. They leave and wander aimlessly throughout earth. Suddenly they come around a living individual who they see as simliar to themselves in their own lifetime. This individual lives a very negative and self interested lifestyle. They do drugs, are not good to other human beings, and in turn don’t enjoy themselves as much as they deserve to. The spirit would then (in my opinion) linger around that individual, whisper to them that they are doing what they should be doing, that the other people are wrong and that they are on the right road. The living individual would then in turn develop even worse addictions and vices, further enabling the spirit to stay, grow stronger. After a while the addicted living individual is so weakened by the addictions, crazed by hallucinations and withdrawl and desperate for anything, however, the spirit that has grown so strong by all the negatice energy that it’s been feeding off of, that the spirit itself would be able to manifest within the physical vessel and continue draining it until it is in the earth, or done something so drastic that it has been locked up, and unable to differentiate between reality and fiction.

I think that about summed up my thoughts. If you have any questions about the post please shoot me a message and i’ll reply asap. Comment your thoughts and what you enjoyed and what you may not have. Share my blog if your enjoy it!

Have a great night everyone,

Time for a little “medicine”😎


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2 thoughts on “Addictions and Spirits.

  1. I guess I don’t understand everything but I will follow that. You’ll definitely become a writter.


    1. Thank you very much Cyri! Plug it into google translate for French if you want a more comprehensive understanding?


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