The Good and the Bad, Light & Dark. Was there a beginning?

We all know it deep down, within our subconscious; that there is good and evil in this world, yin and yang in a sense. Balance. There are some human beings who have dedicated their entire lives to making the world a better place by helping those less fortunate, saving our planets environment , saving the animals who do not have a voice (as far as we humans are concerned). However, there are also humans out there that see life as simply a game that they must play. They seek wealth, power and corruption above all others and disregard other beings as mere playthings. The earth is not one with them. Therefore they see it as something they can tame, and harvest for their own gain. They rip apart the lush forests, drill into the serenading ocean, pillage the wildlife; all for a simple dollar. There are also those who seek balance however in this world. After all there is so day without night, and vice versa. These individuals seek to make sense of the world through thoughts from all over the spectrum. They dive into the other side just to see what it there. They speak with spirits. Laugh with angels. Make deals with demons. These people are called by many names: The wanderers, monks, shamans and the forsaken, among many others. These people seek balance in the most unlikely of forms, Chaos. Perfection. The light and the darkness combined into a single.

The point of this post is to generate discussion. If there is light and dark, then there must have been a beginning force that formed the two individual forces. Something that is a combination of the two, something eternal. I call this Chaos. Many others before me have as well. The Ancient Greeks believed “everything arose from Chaos”. In Greek mythology Chaos is represented as essentially an “abyss where all the elements were scattered”. That’s how it all began in their minds. Light and Dark, Good and Bad and everything in between simply as one, a single entity, Perfection.

I’d like to think of myself as somewhat “Chaotic”, however, inherently every SINGLE human being is simply a manifestation of chaos to begin with as they are birthed into this realm. Over time, and through free will, each individual must in turn either go down a road of self service (dark) or a road of service to others (light) or a combination of the two (chaos). Throughout their lifetime they will then build either negative or positive karma which will affect how they live eternally once they leave this physical body. Will they have to reincarnate in a weak, blind physical body if they were a bloodthirsty tyrant? Will they receive a pure, powerful and energy infused vessel as a reward for good karma in a previous lifetime? Will they return as a being of chaos, an artist, someone who will shake the very foundations of history with nothing more than a pen and paper, a musical instrument, a brush, or simply their own physical manifestation?

How do you think your living your life?

Is it the life you’ve always dreamed of? Or are you help back by the past, that distant voice that is always in the back of your head?

Where ever you may be in your life, just know it’s best to always move forward.

Keep on ascending, and stay curious.



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