The OC Transpo “bus”

it’s very uncomfortable, don’t you think

I remember the days when I was young, and would board it for a drink

Friends across the city, we’d all link

Yet now it feels like an old sink

Lifeless and stale

With rust in between the hinges

There is generally no energy in this domain

Which is why we sit on our handheld robots, and grow pale

Is this truly how we should live our lives

Passionless, empty, with no goal in sight?

Nay I say

Throw down your ego and love with your torches

Break free from your chains and learn to fly above your designated churches

You are very unique in the universe,

At this very time

And although not an abundant source of rhymes

This little note is proof that I am very high.

Enjoy the afternoon ladies and gents😎

Categories Short Story/Poetry

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