The Journey to Iquitos (Day 3).

The third day I awoke rather dazed and confused. I smoked a mapacho joint out my window (sorry Gladys and Freddie) and had a shower. After that I got dressed in the one pair of pants that I had remaining and light jungle boots (I suppose I forgot to mention that I had traded off three pairs of shorts and my sandals in exchange for souvenirs and marijuana) and a light T-shirt and made my way out of my room. Once I was in the living room I went out on to the balcony and smoked. Will, Elle and Rufus then made their way out of their room, Elle’s eyes appeared to have been by mosquitoes during the ceremony, but she still looks good and the two lads appear to have come out of the entire ordeal unscathed. I ask them how it all went, “Good we’ll tell you about it later on, wanna come piranha fishing?” Will asks me. Before I could respond Elle invites me out for breakfast, and I accept that offer rather quickly instead.

Once everyone else in La Casa Chacruna went Piranha fishing, Elle and I as well as Chris who had decided to join us made our way down to The Dawn on the Amazon. We had  Peruvian coffee, and some really delicious lunch (I was not adhering to the Ayahausca Dieta to be completely honest until a day before I went on the retreat). After that Chris went and got his laundry, and returned to the hostel to gather his belongings after we all said goodbye (his flight left that afternoon at 1 P.M.). Me and Elle walk, she tells me that she needs to book her and the lads a flight or boat ride to Colombia for the following morning (They wanted to be in Colombia for Will’s birthday, you know there’s still active cocaine farms where you can apparently throw parties for a reasonable price), I tell her that I know a few locals and I’ll talk to one of them. Ten minutes later we’re being led through the street by a really kind Peruvian man who simply gets commissions for bringing customers to buy tickets to certain agencies, meaning we don’t have to personally pay him. We all get to talking and he brings us to different places for about an hour, I’d say about five throughout the city, but they were probably only a few kilometers apart considering the city’s density before Elle agrees on a price with one of the agents and promises to return later that evening to books with Will and Rufus (she didn’t have their cash). After that she tells me she wants to see Belen market. Considering I’ve been there on my own every day since I’ve been in Iquitos, I agree to take her. We walk down to Belen, and wander the market for a few hours. She seems to enjoy the place as well. To be completely honest, Peruvians are some of the nicest people in the world, and although some are not honest and sly, many are humble and kind. There are some really bad people in Iquitos as well, you’ll hear about them later on. After Elle buys Will a few muscle shirts for his birthday (spends 25 minutes picking out two colors, then again we were rather stoned, so who keeping track of time), we decide to leave Belen and head back to the Central De Plaza for some drinks and grass. We find ourselves on the same balcony that I was on the first night overlooking the Amazon river.

Fun fact, the next day was the Peruvian presidential election. Another fun fact about the for the three days the Peruvian presidential election is held, no one is “legally allowed” to sell or serve alcohol. However, no one in Iquitos really follows that rule. The server brings me up coffee mug filled with beer and the remaining liter of the bottle by my foot and he serves Elle a native Peruvian alcohol drink that everyone seems to love. I try it, personally not a fan, Cusco sour I believe it was called. She rolls up some joints (like, come on;)) and we talk. A few of my friends (I made a lot on the first day) come up and introduce themselves to the attractive London woman. I no longer had any cash, so Elle paid for the drinks so that I wouldn’t have to use my visa. We were both pretty stoned at this point to be completely honest, so I went and took out some cash from the ScotiaBank present in Iquitos? (they have a far reach, those banksters do) and we go for cake and smoothies at a local sweet shop. Be warned, people with sweet teeth should walk often in South America, delicious food is everywhere and it’s generally dirt cheap. After that we head back to the hostel. Roll some more joints and sit on the balcony. Elle calls her mother. I send my family messages on WhatsApp for the first time in 24 hours so that they don’t have heart attacks. All is well. We smoke another joint and then… Will and Rufus and the rest of the family is home, it’s around 4 P.M. Fuck, well I guess when it said you must adhere to sexual abstinence during the stay at the retreat on the internet, it’s good to start a week before, it wasn’t asking me but rather making me… Oh well. Better luck next time Andovic. The lads all get changed and we exchange stories. We decide to go book their trips for the morning now so that it’s out of the way, and then to go for dinner.It takes us about an hour to book their trips. They get their tickets, and we find our way to Karma Cafe, a small little jungle hippy restaurant (and of course, it’s expensive..but very good) and take a seat. They roll up a joint, I’m already stoned at this point so I just decide the hold the table and smoke while they go for a walk. I order tea and water for myself and begin talking to an interesting older French man with a long pony tail, and pointed hawk nose, dark piercing eyes and circular framed glasses who has clearly drank Ayahausca (among many other things most likely) one too many times. He tells me that he’s drank over 40 times, and that it’s good to drink young such as what I was about to embark on, he told me he had once seen a 12 year old drink in a tribal community (Shamanic training can start at a very young age). A Peruvian lady approaches me, smiling and pointing at face paint in her hands, I politely decline. My friends return. I say adios to the French gentleman and he tells me he’s getting his face painted. Free spirit, that’s for sure. We all go inside and order. Rufus gets a cheeseburger (as usual), Will and Elle get Kebabs with chicken and beef, and I got a tuna burger. Everything was very good at the end of the meal, although the staff forgot my guacamole bread… That’s life for you. Afterwards we headed back to La Casa. Elle, Will and Rufus had to be up early, and everyone was rather exhausted so I got their full names and we smoked a final joint, they gave some to me (they had bought a decent amount upon arrival to Iquitos) and we said our final goodbyes. I was on my own once again and drifted into a deep sleep, waking up occasional with cold sweats and having to shower for some unknown reason.

I hope you all really enjoyed the blog post and please feel free to comment.

Have a great Saturday morning, live that weekend life..

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