The Source Field

The Source Field is not a very well known concept. I first heard of it watching Gaia T.V. One of the hosts of multiple of the series on Gaia T.V is a man known as David Wilcock. Soon after, I bought the novel “The Synchronicity Key” and read it over the course of time I was in Peru. Although I have not yet read “The Source Field Investigations”, another of Wilcock’s novels, The Synchronicity Key talks about it thoroughly and other universal phenomenons that modern science has still been incapable of explaining with it’s current view of the universe.

So what exactly is the concept of The Source Field? Well it’s the idea that everything in the universe is living, conscious and intricately  intertwined in it’s entirety. Allow me to expand on that, this would mean that the entire universe, in it’s infinite vastness, is now a single living entity. Constantly birthing and taking life (think of these on the scale as we humans would think of human skin cells), which would in turn be in the form of galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets and everything other living organism in between, even conscious biological, (and I assume in some cases, artificial) life.. Don’t be startled if that sort of makes your brain spasm for a moment, I know mine did.

Essentially, if The Source Field theory were to be accepted as fact by mainstream science, the following would also have to be accepted as fact: Human life on Earth is not unique in the Universe, we are most certainly not alone, and realistically, even if we, as Humans, were to be completely annihilated, the universe would not be affected even in the slightest.Neither is the planet we happen to live on, nor the solar system surrounding it. Galaxies can quite literally be replaced over time as well. So that’s something we can all relax over, well, depends on how you see that in your viewpoint really. However, it also gives us motive to believe that this life is also more infinitely complex than we can ever even imagine. Galaxies can quite literally be replaced over time as well. It also means that the Universe is constant expanding and constricting, similar to the way a heart beats, and generating and destroying life throughout it’s entirety (on seemingly “small scales”). This would also impede on many individuals and groups overall view of god. God would now clearly be the Universe to many, as it is what birthed us into conscious and intelligent existence ultimately. The Universe would now seem to be vastly more intelligent than any human (or anything intelligent for that matter) possibly ever is as a whole, however we are of intelligent design, so we ourselves  may choose to be intelligent with our true nature, or our surroundings, depending on what we do with our free will (which in turn could be seen as a gift from the universe, and that the universe in turn has a plan for us, after all, it is infinitely intelligent).

It also gives a new meaning to evolution entirely. Although Darwin’s theory could still be supported to some extent, it would also mean that the Universe is in perfect order and gives life according to it’s own will. Where some species may be meant to evolve “consciously”, physically, mentally even, to an infinite potential (we Humans, as well as infinite species throughout the Universe in turn). Others may be simply placed for a purpose, for beauty, for their simple pure being. Although they would still be regarded as perfect living biological organisms, they would consciously see themselves as one with their surroundings, in perfect harmony and order. In this sense, I am describing the Earth, the Animals(all types), and the Plants. Every element is in perfect harmony within the Universe. When there is an imbalance in the Human body, by this I mean when cells become too unique (evolve at their own pace) and grow too large, ever expanding within the host body and disabling it’s defense mechanisms so that it may grow further, well we call this Cancer. It is a modern day Phenomena within our History that claims millions of lives around the world each year. It can occur anywhere within the human body. We generally battle it in the Western hemisphere with various forms of “up to date” modern pharmaceutical practices. This includes Chemotherapy, which simply sends deadly radiation into the body in the hope that it will kill the Cancer, where ever it may be.  The point i’m getting to is, could the Human race be seen as cancer cells on a very small scale within Planet Earth? could we then in turn not be seen as both the White Cells, valiantly protecting the host Biological organism from destruction as well? After all we all possess Free Will, so we can choose to either be a Positive sliver of the Universe, or a Negative one that will one day be the means of it’s own demise (Cancer kills it’s host as it grows throughout the body, the Cancer probably knows that it’s going to kill the host, considering it is intelligent itself, as it is a series of cells, however it is just so unique in a sense, that it believes it should overpower the Human body when it is weakened, that’s why allowing your body to heal naturally or seek alternative treatment could be a better solution for individuals who may be dealing with specific ailments). Sorry for relating the Human Race to cancer, but we’re also very fantastic and as I stated we are also the only thing that is keeping the “cancer” at bay, because we’re also White blood cells and anti-bodies. Balance Baby! Woooo. OK I think I’m gonna cut it off right there. It’s really early but I just needed to let that one out.

Thank you so much for reading all the way through. As always, if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to shoot me a personal message. If you want to start a discussion in the comments or a public question, well, the comments are below;).

If you enjoy the blog please share it with your family and friends. I really enjoy writing and am looking to expand/build a community here of like minded, open and laid back individuals who just want to talk about the beauty of life.

I hope you all having a lovely Saturday morning. I’d say it’s time for a cup of Jo and a lil’ Jungle grass.



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