You are in a video game, in a sense.

Video game consoles have revolutionized the way the modern world enjoys entertainment. Every single day, millions of people log in to this virtual reality; to vanquish one another in battlefields throughout history, to join one another in hopes of survival in an alien landscape, to race the fastest cars the world has to offer or to truly play as one of their favorite sport icons. You can really do anything in video games; things you’ve only thought were possible in dreams (battling mythical characters with magic in beautiful areas), things that you may not want the public to know about (killing innocent humans and causing havoc, which is oh so common in the GTA series for example). Video games can bring the best, and most certainly the worst out in some individuals.

However what exactly is a video game? Well in my opinion at the very least it’s simply an alternate reality that you in a sense have complete control over. You control how many aspects of the reality you have entered will play out, as you generally have free will in most games. There are “games of old” that will end the same way no matter how you go about them. However, with the recent advances in consoles and game graphics and mechanics; the new versions allow you to enter an enormous world, where you typically have free will and your actions will affect your game play, (*note I used to be an RPG and action gamer, don’t know what it’s like in other game genres). Many people (all over the world) look to video games when they are stressed out, tired or just want to have some fun. They want a release from their own reality so that they don’t have to think about what is currently affecting them in their own “real” life, or they’d simply enjoy a break. Which is completely fair, considering no two individuals are ever the same, and our problems range from all over the emotional spectrum. Anger because your parents simply don’t understand your way of thinking anymore. Sadness because there are some people in your life who don’t appreciate what you do for them. Beauty because you just saw a gorgeous individual cross the street in front of you and they smiled, this could also be known as lust. We need a distraction from the way we currently feel at that moment in time.

Well we’ve already identified what a video games essentially is. However, what is life? I’m not asking you that question. The one we’ve all been asking our entire lives and rarely do we truly find the answer (Except the Buddha and other ascended individuals, they found what they were searching for, what WE were searching for). No I’m asking you what exactly makes our lives, the way they truly are?

Our “five” main senses for example (touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell) allow us to truly experience this physical plane where ever we may be. We can touch one another, animals and the beautiful environment. We can see everything this physical reality has to offer (and more, if we stop squinting;)). Hear all those wondrous sounds around us, including those that are no so wondrous. As well as taste EVERYTHING, which is an added bonus. Smell all the scents we wish. We have many blessings even in our most basic form. However these are what directly give us the “Human Experience” (as I and many others call it, I’ll define the Human Experience in a further update) which forms our sense of reality.

Our brain is constantly working. It’s the most beautiful and complex tool we possess as Human Beings. It’s powerful beyond measure. Capable of creating some of the most beautiful and horrible ideas we’ve seen in our current view of the Universe. It as well as the Human body are the two most important things we could ever possess as an individual. The brain is essentially the “control panel” of the body. It sends electrical pulses throughout the body, giving it commands. It literally forms the physical plane through our irises (Everything we see is LITERALLY in our mind).

Throughout our lifetimes we are given many opportunities and many different options, as to how we utilize our mind and body. We can follow down many different paths, many different professions.. That give us an identity (add to our ego, as well as our intelligence, emotional and physical traits). Whereas Physicists will develop their minds to an extreme area in some parts of the brain, soldiers will develop their instincts and physical body to attain an advantage on the battlefield. Every single occupation in the world will alter your way of thinking and physically living in some way. You can also choose to develop you mind and body (skills, in a sense) through the millions of different activities throughout the world. You can read, meditate, simply think through problems and everything in between to achieve a sharper and more active mind. You can exercise, go to Yoga, Hockey, Kickboxing and every other type of physical activity to enhance and shape your own manifestation into whatever way you wish it to appear.

You can take classes of ANY type throughout the world to achieve the skills and gain the knowledge you’ve always wished to attain.

Really, what I’m getting at is. You are literally the Hero of your own reality. That character that is pushing through this lifetime and seeking the knowledge or the eternal, or whatever it is that you are meant to attain in your own heart. YOU CAN literally do anything you put your mind to, and guess what; whenever that voice in the back of your head tells you otherwise, laugh it off, it’s your ego. It’s built up throughout your lifetime and think it know “you”, at this point you may even think it is “you”. Relax, go and kick some ass in this reality and beautiful life that you possess. Enjoy each and every day as if it were your last. Chase your dreams, fall in love, go on that trip. Most of all, enjoy your life, you deserve to. (Also stop playing so many video games, you odd fantasy character, you).

Thank you so much for reading, post some comments and start a discussion if you wish it 🙂

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Other than that, have a beautiful Sunday.



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