Ayahausca. What is it?

I’m going to be completely honest. It’s difficult to put a definition to Ayahausca, or even describe it properly, to someone who has never drank it before. No single Ayahausca ceremony will ever be the same, each experience is individually unique, and generally individually tailored to the soul who happens to be drinking it. You could be thrown into a different dimension entirely, surrounded by beings who may or not be on your side. You may have to face your demons, become aware of your destiny here only planet Earth. Maybe a great Universal truth will be revealed to you. However one thing is for certain about Ayahausca. It defies logic completely and utterly, and has the potential to move you to other planes of existence, and deeply heal you on a cellular level.

You guys are all probably wondering where you can get your hands on this stuff. Well unfortunately it’s been made illegal in most countries of the world (they can’t heal your ailments too quickly remember, where’s the money in that?), however you can always fly to Iquitos like myself. There’s hundreds of people throughout the city waiting to take you to their tribe’s shamans. Shamans, oh shamans. For those of you who do not exactly know what shamans are, they’re simply regular people. Who happen to be chosen to travel to different dimensional realms, speak with the “dead” (where does the energy go after we die) and look to the clues in the future for their tribe or people. Although it was a dying profession (after all, that’s all it is, anyone can work with spirits and plants, it’s just demanding, a bit stressful and somewhat terrifying at times), there has been a flourishing economy for them in the Jungle city of Iquitos where the medicine and many other brews and forms of healing are readily available in the city.

Ayahausca is generally a combination of two different plants found within the Amazon rain forest. The first is of course, Ayahausca vine. A very thick branch which wouldn’t look very different from other thick branches (unless  you knew what it looked like, of course). The Ayahausca vine is what invites the spirit of Ayahausca into you; to be healed, cleansed, and given wisdom (and whatever else the spirit believes you are in need of).The second plant used is Chacruna leaves, just like the vine, unless you knew it it wouldn’t look different from other leaves. The Chacruna leaves contain a high amount of DMT (Dimetheltryptamine). DMT is the most powerful hallucinogen known to mankind.Many different species of plants, animals and even humans naturally produce DMT naturally within their physical bodies. In our case, it’s what allows us to “dream”. It’s naturally produced in our Pineal Glands (our third eyes). Anyways, Chacruna leaves contain an exceptionally large of DMT, and it can make you, well trip balls is a good way of putting it, I suppose. Some shamans also brew for ceremonies using solely the Ayhausca vine, as the sole purpose for drinking Ayahausca is to invite the spirit into you, the DMT is just an added bonus.

Just so i’m clear, if you plan on having the craziest hallucinogenic experience of your life, don’t drink Ayahausca. Your probably not ready for it, and it will most likely kick your ass. It could also simply do nothing to you whatsoever but heal you, which you’ll feel no matter what. Although it is highly likely you will have a profound experience drinking Ayahausca, you need to personally know that you really want to do this for yourself. To reconnect with your true being and the Universe as a whole, it can be quite intense. However, if you go into ceremonies believing that Aya owes you something and that it should go a specific way, then you may or may not have an absolutely terrible night, depending on your outlook in life. Also lose you mind (by that I mean tame it, as it can be your most powerful tool) and follow your heart before you begin your ceremonies, you’ll find alot more peace and gain hidden wisdom that you wouldn’t have recognized as “logical” if you were in your mind. Also Ayahausca is reportedly the most foul tasting concoction on the face of the planet, I however enjoy the taste of it if it isn’t overwhelmingly strong. It’s hard to put into the taste in words, I really can’t, it’s not that good really, pretty awful at times. The brew also cleanses you deeply. It comes out both sides, if you know what I mean, and alots of it too. When you drink Ayahausca, you follow the shamanic dieta if you want to get the most out of it (the day before the last ceremony me and my friends hiked and got ice cream though..) which consists of two light, bland, healthy meals a day. However, I don’t even know where the where any of it was coming at times. Running back and forth between the shacks outside and the puke buckets in the mulackas for hours on end. Yeah, somewhat awful.

What are these ceremonies like? You may be thinking. Well you can read about that in the blog after this one, The Jungle Day 1.

Hope your all having a wicked Monday! Kick some ass this week.

Good luck with the morning,


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