Dr. Baxter and the “Screaming Plant” Theory.

Throughout the history of Humankind we have always had a special attraction, well I’d prefer to call it a connection to be completely honest with planet species throughout the Earth, of course this in turns says that we’ve always always held a special connections with animals as well, and the whole of Earth in general. Some species of animals (realistically all species of animals could be domesticated over time and through Bio engineering the later generations would be completely under our command, however not all animals serve as a great a purpose as say, the ones that feed the Human species!) have been with the Human race throughout it’s ancient past; dogs, horses and eagles aided us in hunting,  we in turn groomed them, fed them, cared for them. We made a pact with these ancient animals as Humans that we would work together with them. Cows, chickens, pigs, lambs , deer and so many others provided the Human bodies with the nourishment that it needed in order to survive. These domesticated farm animals are generally unaware of their ultimate fate, however the enjoy the grass and slop they are allowed to munch on everyday. All the plants made powerful pacts with ancient Humans as well. They provided Humans not only with physical nourishment (all different types of plants and vegetables, which balance the Human diet more than any other food group), but they also provided Humans with physical and mental healing, after an ailment or injury, maybe a rival shaman’s curse.. (Plants throughout the world contain absolutely amazing healing properties, every single plant and every form of life holds a purpose in the Universe, it’s really beautiful if you think about it, and incredibly diverse). Plants also provide Humans with Shelter (in the form of wood from all types of trees, all types of “hemp” found around the world, which can grow in any climate and holds an incredible of amount of diverse properties, seriously if your not doing anything with your life at this very moment do some research on Hemp and it’s benefits and so many uses! you’ll be blown away. Then after that maybe start a bill on getting it legalized in your part of the world? wherever that may be). Finally plants are (in my opinion at the very least) actually much more intelligent (emotionally and even logically) than Humans, and are much more “in tune” shall we say, to their surroundings. They also can teach we as Humans far more than our minds could (Nature is an amazing teacher… and so are her servants..), of course in different ways, Plants won’t exactly teach you to fly an airplane. I can sincerely say however, that in the six days and six ceremonies that I drank Ayahausca, I learned more about myself, my place in the universe, love as a whole, the Human species in the span of a week than I ever did in the 14 years that I attended that fine Canadian preliminary educational system. So yeah, nature has many things to teach us (in my opinion we should have way more quantum physicists examining individuals in deep trances of meditation, under the influence of alternative medicine, and people focusing their inner chi. The Human body is quite frankly capable of anything.. As crazy as that sounds).

The fact is that this Universe is a physical projection of our minds, which may be a difficult concept for you to get your heads around. Well we are not our minds, we control them as a powerful tool. We are souls within our designated physical manifestation. Our thoughts also influence our surroundings, and there’s some incredible evidence and facts of what individuals are capable of accomplishing when they focus with their minds (look into astral projection, superhuman physical capabilities, Project Star gate).

That was all very off topic. Dr Baxter was a Polygraph researcher working back in the 1970’s (although he discovered this phenomena back in 1966). One night he was working in his makeshift lab, and decided that he’d try attaching his polygraph machine onto a nearby household plant, after all they’re living breathing entities, so why wouldn’t it be logical to assume that they may in fact be fully conscious and intelligent as well; Capable of acknowledging perceived threats, alarming all biological life internationally as all life is interconnected through a hidden energy field known as the “Source Field”, and also tracking individual biological lifeforms around the world. So Backster attached his polygraph machine, and what do you know, it shows a very calm reading, which makes sense as Backster is always around the plant (it’s comfortable with him) and it doesn’t perceive the machine Backster attaches as a threat. After a while Backster decides that he should try to experiment and see if he can make the Plant have really high reading (anxious or terrified, we see this as “lying” when we test Humans with polygraph machines). Backster grabs a pack of matches from his kitchen. This doesn’t frighten the plant much, as Backster probably works with fire in his experiments and he never sees intent from Backster to set “it” alight. However as Backster strikes a match and focuses on setting the plant on fire in his mind, it starts to freak out! The readings are off the charts. Backster immediately felt bad and put the matches away, but he started collecting more data and doing this research into the interesting phenomena as a side project. One night when Backster was pouring boiling hot water down his sink. The plant started freaking out, as it was hooked up! Turns out that the live bacteria that was in the sink died when the hot water hit it, and the plant freaked out when the bacteria screamed out in agony, acknowledging the immediate threat in it’s vicinity. Turns out biological life is far more intertwined than we may have believed..

I’m still researching this topic and Dr. Backster and if you’d like to do the same simply google D. Backster plant research.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

I’m out the door. If you guys enjoy the blog then please feel free to share it with friends and family!



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