The Jungle, Day 2.

I awoke at around 8 A.M.

Brennan, Darby, Brian and Jason had left the Mulocka at the end of the ceremony last night and headed back to their own personal tambos. The shaman and his wife (as they did every evening after the Ayahausca ceremony) had made back to their own personal hut as well. Everyone else remaining in the ceremony save myself was still asleep. With a burst of energy I grabbed my belongings, lit a mapacho and made my way back to the main hut in hopes that breakfast would soon be served.

As I arrived at the main hut I bid morning to David (another one of the workers here at Gaia Tree, as well as Emerson’s nephew, we’d become good friends throughout my stay there), Emerson and the lady who cooked our meals (it rotated every few days with a different woman, gotta keep it fair to the local village women who are looking for work). I went back to my personal tambo and grabbed my personal hygiene items and my towel and made my way over to the showers. After I refreshed and brushed my teeth I smoked and sat outside the main hut while our breakfast fast brought within- fresh quinoa, fresh papaya, melon and bananas as well as tea. The entire group eventually leaks to the hut and we eat and discuss the previous night. Everyone, especially Amy, Brennan and Brian seemed pretty pissed off that nothing significant seemed to happen to use at all the previous night. I didn’t care, although it was a bit of a let down. I felt really cleansed. I knew some form of healing was taking place. I had also seen the spirit of Aya. After breakfast we all broke off. I went and cleaned out my tambo, where a significant ant infestation had occurred over the night; all my books, clothing and bags had ants in them..  After I had cleaned out all my bags I brought all my belongings to the main hut and played some guitar (I always bring a gutealaili, a small guitar, whenever I travel). When it was three we had lunch. Fish, fried banana, rice and salad. It was pretty damn good.

After lunch we all went upstairs and had our first integration meeting. Everyone discusses how they felt the previous night. Most people said that although they saw patterns and weird lights, and definitely something moving about in their stomach, they didn’t get what the came out here for, and were upset. This was really just their ego coming out (mine did as well that day, I didn’t know what to expect), Ayahausca takes time to really “work”. It needs to clean us out of all our negative energy in the body and mind, before it can truly “teach” and “show” you what it believes you personally need. After the meeting, we all sat around upstairs and talked about our lives. Jason just got a job in Detroit, moving him away from his family in Alaska. Despina lives in Cusco and works as a translator there. Brennan has been traveling South America for the past three months, after he and his wife split up and their children went to lives with his parents, as he was in a bad state mentally, he owns an oil company with his best friend, but has signed the company completely over to his friend ever since he began travelling. Amy lives with her husband and two kids in California, she’s going to community college studying to become a court reporter (the individuals who write everything that is said during sessions of court). Brian and Darby live in Oregon and own a very successful legal marijuana growing operation, they also own a collection of guns that look out of this world (think a sniper that can shoot over three miles, 160 rounds a minute. I didn’t think these things existed). They had just had an incident with their neighbor that involved the neighbor shooting Brian and one of his workers in the mass of their chest, luckily neither were seriously injured, and then Darby running out after she heard them scream and get into a firefight with the crazy neighbor. Welcome to America baby. They also disclose to us what they had to the shaman and his wife previously, two years earlier their nine year old son was hit and killed by motorcyclist while he crossed the street to get the mail after school. It had completely devastated their lives and they couldn’t do  anything but work. They were seriously depressed. Seriously searching for answers and healing. Their lives had been running so perfectly. Financial security and a beautiful family and group of friends. Then it was all shattered, and they moved to Oregon to try to start life anew. Leah lives in Vancouver Islands, and works around Canada with her boyfriend as a national parks adviser (I’d love this job, you travel throughout the wilderness, which is endless here in the great North, and inspect and rate it!). Then there’s myself. I had just dropped out of school for Journalism and finished working in carpentry, and now I had found myself drawn here, with this group of people, at this very time. We all laughed and talked for some time. Brian brought out his hash pen and offered it to everyone. Considering we were drinking Ayahausca that night, I politely declined. Everyone else did as well.

I awoke in a hammock at around 7:45 P.M. I got prepared for the ceremony (lots of bug spray) and made myself a tea. After I chain smoked three or four mapachos I made my way to the mulocka and lay down on my bed. At around 9 P.M. the shaman and his wife arrived.They prepared themselves, and offered me the first cup. I threw it back and instantly lit a mapacho as I made my way back to my bed. I lay down and focused on my breathing for about 30 minutes before I felt it very strongly in my stomach, light and focused. It knew what it was doing. I opened my eyes and saw faint “astral” geometric patterns, as well as the spirit of Aya (appeared in the same form as it had the previous evening, some kind of Chinese dragon anaconda). I began to hear a faint voice in my head. It was not my ego, nor was it myself. My head began to burst with warmth. I began to sweat rampantly. I purged right into my puke bucket for abut two minutes. I lay down and everything way gone, I was sweating a lot, and feeling absolutely amazing. Cleansed from the inside. I began to breathe and lit a mapacho and inhaled deeply. I exhaled through my nostrils, to symphony of eight other human beings puking their guts out and shamans singing beautiful “Icaros”, each shaman has their own unique songs that they sing dring ceremonies. I tried to sleep, it didn’t work out too well, eventually drifted off though..

Thank you so much for making it through my post and I hope you enjoyed it!

If you did please feel free to share it with your friends and family. Also don’t hesiate to comment and start a discussion or email me with any personal questions!

Have a great Tuesday.

Brandon 🙂

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