Free Energy.

Good morning and a happy Wednesday to you all.

Whether you’re at work, school, maybe even just having an R&E day. Just know that I am not, because I’m right here (somewhere) typing this article as we speak (in the future, as your reading this for example, my past statement will be invalid, as the action of me writing that out will also be in the past, is there even a real concept of time that we can truly measure? Days and nights these days all seem rather similar to me, and half the time I can’t even differentiate from them. However this is getting off topic and I’ll save that for another post..)

Essentially this post is designed to inform you on the basics of what “free energy” is (although most of you have already heard of the term before), as well as hopefully ignite discussion in the comment section below. So Free Energy is exactly what it sounds like; limitless, free energy for the entire Human Race. It’s really that simple. It comes in a large variety of different forms- solar, wind, electrical (lightning bolts), radiant and many others. I’ve always been incredibly interested in the concept of providing clean unlimited energy to the entire Human species, and so I’ve been doing some research on all the various types found throughout the world and how we can put them into effect on a drastic scale. At one point when I was doing carpentry, I almost signed up for a course on learning how to install solar panels (the company I was working for at the time was building eco-friendly log and timber frame custom homes. At times solar panels would be installed on tin roofs). Although it’s an incredible skill to possess, I still haven’t signed up for the three month course in Northern Ottawa. The most interesting form of Free Energy I’ve heard of comes from the legendary Serbian-American inventor, Nikolas Tesla. In his paper “The Problem of increasing Human Energy”(link to the paper, great read. ), he describes a machine that he personally calls a “self acting engine”. It’s purpose is to gather heat from the ambient air and transform it into energy. Providing it with an indefinite source of Energy or “fuel” for vehicles and transportation as ambient air is limitless. In a world facing ever changing climates, typically warming rapidly in some regions, Tesla’s idea of a “self acting engine” could change the world, for the better, in a very drastic way! Nikolas Tesla was an absolute genius. His inventions (such as the radio, super conductivity, fluorescent lighting just to name a few..) drastically changed and shaped the modern world we live in today. Tesla’s greatest idea for Free Energy was something he called the “World Power System”- which was a method of broadcasting electrical energy, without wires, through the ground and throughout the entire known world… Imagine how drastically Human life all over the world would increase. Everyone would have a FREE readily supply of electricity, whenever they needed it. I beg the scientists of tomorrow, from all different areas (Physicists, chemists, biologists) to band together and start researching this concept more and put it into action!

I can only read some much and blog about it as an individual, but together we can make a huge difference here on Planet Earth, remember, the Golden Age is right around the corner (I’ll talk about the Golden Age tomorrow in depth). If your reading this right now. Know that you have a purpose, a mission shall we say here on Planet Earth. Deep in your heart, you simply have to listen to it. Then you must join us. All of us. In an international “wake up” from this trance that we’ve been idle in for so long. We go by day by day wondering what’s around the corner. Many people are unaware of their true being, and are simply possessed by their ego and the pleasures of the material world. While corporations ravage our planet for pennies and the lust for power, the need for it, as it has become a drug to them, and they think themselves above us. We have the power, intellect and most certainly the heart to transform this world into a paradise. We just have to “actualize our potential” in a sense, acknowledge our future, accept our fate as eternal beings in this universe and that their truly is no end. So live your life full of love, good people and positive energy. Be good to one another, help out those who need it whenever you can. Follow your dreams and make them happen no matter what, because they will. Most of all, help us all here on Planet Earth is a beautiful one; one of love, peace and prosperity. As well as wine and mapachos, can’t forget those.

If you’d like to know more about free energy please feel free to message me over the site, I always reply. Or you could always do a bit of research yourself, you know?;)

Anyways as always, have a wonderful Wednesday! Please share the blog with your family and friends if your enjoying it!

Peace and love,


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