The Jungle, Day 3.

I awoke around at around 7 A.M.

I had gone back to my own private tambo later in the night, however I awoke to a swarm of mosquitoes (remember when I said they forget to get mosquito/bug shields, damn Andy..) hovering and buzzing around my face.

I quickly retreated from the tambo and promised myself that I would not attempt to venture into that tambo again, no matter how much the mulocka smelled like stale vomit. I would stay there, or sleep in the main hut in a hammock. When I got to the main hut I lit a mapacho and made myself a tea. Then I made my way upstairs, lay down in a a hammock and read for about an hour. Brian suddenly came upstairs, with his crazy smile that invites laughter. We both start laughing, many would probably think we were crazy. Then we start talking about the previous night. Both he and Darby got absolutely nothing out of it he told me, it seemed like Darby got something out of it, as she starting crying last night. I really believed that I was the only one who did not achieve a full “breakthrough”, but I was ever so wrong. Brian started telling me that they were probably gonna leave today, that it probably wasn’t there time and that he didn’t care about the money they spent, they just wanted to get out of here. They didn’t trust it. Brian also possessed a big jug of Ayahausca back at his home. A North American shaman who performs ceremonies in California had given it to him and Darby as a gift in a sense for the loss of their young child (Ayahausca is extremely, not impossible, difficult to acquire in North America). He told me if anything he’d simply head home and drink on his own, or with a local medicine man, he may even come back for the ceremony tonight, however he wanted to take Darby out of here, they were all one another had after all.. We talked until breakfast, where there rest of the group eventually showed up. Amy and Brennan were both pissed off due to the fact that they didn’t “get what they wanted”. They were all in their minds, and not in their heart at all. They believed Aya should work FOR them, not with them. Leah, Jason and Despina all seemed relaxed, much like myself. Brian and Darby explained that they would be leaving today, as if everyone got this upset today, they didn’t want to see what happens the next day if no one has any visions once again.. Me and Andy again tried to persuade them to stay for at least one more night. Brian said he may return. We settled on that and Andy called a taxi for them. We ate breakfast; fresh fruit, fresh quinoa, fresh tea. Essentially our staple breakfast for the week and it was simply delicious. After that we had another quick integration meeting upstairs in the main hut. It was rather similar to the one yesterday. Some of us were disappointed. Some of us felt very good and were hopeful for this evening. After that I smoked and helped Brian carry Darby’s things to the front. There were a few tears and we all hugged as we said our goodbyes. They took off back to the city of Iquitos at around 2 P.M. I never saw them or heard from them again. I hope they’re doing well, and have found some sort of inner peace. After all, their child is still with them, in their hearts. He never really left ultimately. I returned upstairs and took a nap until around 5 P.M. When I awoke it was raining heavily and rather dark outside. I put on a sweater and made a tea. I read David Wilcock’s “The Synchronicity Key” and chain smoked mapachos until around 8 P.M. where I made my way to the mulocka and lay down and closed my eyes until the ceremony began for the third night.

Segundo motioned me forward and handed me a hefty cup of Ayahausca. I whispered my intention into it and threw in all back in one gulp. Segundo handed me a few mapachos and I thanked him as I returned to my bed and lit one. I drank some water and rinsed out my mouth, then I began to meditate and tune in to the natural orchestra of the amazon symphony being conducted around me. One thing you have to acknowledge is that the sound of nature can be just as beautiful as any form of music throughout the Universe. You really just need to learn to appreciate it for what it truly is; unique and there, right at this very moment. That’s what makes it so amazing. The fact that it’s happening and has been happening since the dawn of the biodiversity on planet Earth, and you get to experience it at this very moment for what it is in the now. After about 45 minutes I began to feel it warming my belly, very strongly. I lay down, the serpent of Aya returned. It smiled at me as it entered through my body. The warmth came on even stronger. The universal geometric patterns began to appear very vividly. I could hear her in my mind. She wanted to work with me. My energy was clean and pure. Not as corrupted as most for their third ceremonies. It was meant for me to come down here, I was called. I closed my eyes but could still see everything. Then I realized I was seeing everything through my Pineal Gland (third eye), which felt very warm suddenly in the middle of my forehead. The visions and still and clean voice continued for about an hour. When I suddenly purged violently. I felt pure and clean afterwards, although I was sweating profusely. I lit a mapacho and closed my eyes. I began to hear something in the woods, so I went out onto the deck of the mulocka. I saw a light out in the woods, pretty deep out there to be honest. I was startled to be honest. I didn’t know if I was still under the influence of Aya (which would mean I was susceptible to energy of all kinds and spirits, both good and bad- which the untamed Amazon jungle was filled with), and couldn’t really make out what was outside. I called out toward the light for about five minutes. It continued to flicker on and off and I called out? I went into the mulocka and grabbed my flashlight. When I returned outside I turned on my flashlight and went down into the woods to discover what was out there at this time of the night. The shaman and his wife had fallen asleep in the mulocka after the ceremony, and I was fairly confident in my energy and mental state enough that I didn’t think any spirits could get to me. However it wasn’t a spirit out there. It was Amy. She had an athletic tank top on with shorts and was holding a lantern and shivering. Needless to say mosquitoes has eaten her alive. I asked her what had happened and if there was anything I could do to help her. She asked me what was wrong with me, she was simply looking for her cabin, and she hated the evil shaman and Andy, who had ripped her off (she was really negative throughout the entire experience, constantly complaining and bringing bad energy towards the table). Considering she’d been searching for her tambo for the better part of an hour, I decided that I would escort her to her tambo as I knew where it was, she thanked me. I brought her to her tambo and she went it (it wasn’t actually her tambo I later learned, it was Despina’s. But Despina slept in the Mulocka every night anyways, so it didn’t really matter. I made my way back to the Mulocka, lit a mapacho and mediated.

Suddenly I heard a scream outside. It was clearly Amy, a really feral and angry roar. “What in the name of the lord”, she screamed. I looked at Brennan. He got up and left the tambo. “Your turn buddy”, I sort of mentally whispered to him. I drank some water and traveled to the dream realm.

Thank you so much for reading the entire post ladies and gents! If you have any questions please feel free to message me, or comment below.

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As always, have a great day, and stay humble;).



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  1. I’ve spent a good hour and a half reading your blog. You’re a wonderful writer! Good for you for doing what makes you happy. šŸ™‚


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