The Coming Golden Age.

As I said in the free energy blog post, today’s topic will be focused on the idea that soon a “Golden Age” for Humanity to allow us to evolve and prosper to untold heights. A Golden Age can be defined as a period of time in space where biological and conscious life thrives like it never has before. All Human Beings would thrive individually but the species would evolve as a whole as well. We would transcend the primitive ways of war mongering, lust for power, corruption and inequality. We would live for one another, as well as our own being. As once the Human species acknowledges the fact that it is all one, well then there’s nowhere to go but forward. We’d all be at peace and hope the best for one another. The best way I like to to define the Human Race on Earth is in the same context with which a Human body works. Cells work together. Creating organs of all types. Each cell has a specific role to play within the Human body. Some cells grow too unique and evolve to quickly in some part of the Human body, resulting in cancer. The body can fight off the cancer with it’s own White cells in turn. The Human body will win the battle, or the cancer will. Resulting in a prospering healthy body, or well, a dead one. Think about planet Earth as a, let’s say, “Galactic biological conscious life form”, well then, Human beings, animals, plants, the water and stones and EVERYTHING in between would all be part of Earth as an organism at this point. We could also be seen on a cellular level, as well are all rather small in comparison to the planet as a whole (All you are is cells anyways..). This would imply that Humans can most definitely affect the over health and well being of Earth as a whole, as we always have done. We’ve altered the landscapes completely here on Planet Earth. Which could be seen as an “evolution” or also a virus attacking the overall well being of Earth. After all, as I’ve said before there are some Human Beings who wish to be one with the Earth and see it thrive alongside us. There are also those who wish to ravage the Earth for it’s resources, for pure power.. There are also many people stuck in a perpetual state of balance, where they cannot commit to serving solely others, nor can they commit to only serving themselves, so they wish to balance the world through their lifestyle and customs. There are also many people who are lost. Who do not know how to serve themselves or others. They live each day stuck in the past and thinking about the future. Never in the present, where they can truly accomplish what they need to be doing. These people are constantly “longing” for the life they want, for the life they truly deserve!

A Golden Age for Humanity would be the most significant historical event of known time. During this period incredibly advanced technology would transform the planet into a lush paradise. We’d be cured of all ailments and disabilities, our life spans would be GREATLY increased. Our quality of life would be vastly superior to even wealthy Humans of this age. We could do as wished within boundaries of course and simply be at peace with our being and place in the Universe. All the organic biological life on planet earth would thrive and ascend as well. Most likely going through a dramatic change as well. It would not only be our physical surrounding and bodies that would be vastly upgraded. Humans would also have superior minds in every way possible. We would think faster and more clearly, seemingly have answers to our every problem, read one another’s, minds, be capable of projecting out of our physical body into different realms at will (as we are already capable of doing) and so much more. We’d quite literally be capable if whatever we put our minds to. If you can quite frankly imagine that! On another level, our souls themselves would transcend to another dimension of being as a whole. As we are currently residing in our physical bodies in the third dimension. This is known as the transition into the fourth dimensional reality of the Universe. During this time the Human body will transform into a “rainbow body”, as over 150,000 recorded individuals in Tibet and China alone have already done! (Google rainbow body in Tibet and China, Really interesting stuff!), our mind, overall perception of reality and our conscious wisdom will be greatly upgraded as well. When the soul transitions into the Fourth dimension, it will quite literally be an experience of a different kind. Human beings will be infinitely more intelligent, artistic, powerful and beautiful.  If you want to know more about the Golden Age then please feel free to do some research of your own!

I gotta run. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Time to rest and relax my friends!

If you enjoyed the blog please share it with your friends and family, other than that, take care tonight;)



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