The FEAR Effect.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. This morning I’d like to discuss a rather large elephant in the room, especially in North American society. This nemesis to the Human Species (considering we are fully conscious and autonomous) has always been around, but never before has it become such a distinct problem in the history of our race. This is a mental phenomena that is called by many different names, however even though it has different symptoms, it can generally be summed up with a single word; Fear.Ultimately, Humanity’s Fear has always been one of the greatest challenges for we’ve ever had to face. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the perceived enemy before a conflict, the fear (depression) of the past and the fear (anxiety) of the future.

What is fear exactly? Well it’s an individuals outlook or perception of an event, experience or set of thoughts (future, past, present) which influence them subconsciously into behaving or reacting a certain way. For example, the female college student is anxious about her upcoming test, depressed about her argument with her shitty boyfriend last night and her stomach hurts from alcohol ingested previously. She is afraid of her test, because it is it’s layout is unknown, afraid of confronting her boyfriend as the outcome is unknown and afraid that she may be sick in the present or future. A man went camping with his only son. He is anxious because his son went to cut wood, and has not yet returned, at this point it’s been well over an hour. His ex wife and daughter haven’t talked to him in the past two weeks, which makes him depressed. He had eaten many grilled cheeseburgers, and drank a lot of whisky, which made his stomach hurt and made him feel incapable of going out in search of his son, who has the only flashlight. He is afraid his son is lost in the woods, alone. He is afraid that his ex wife and daughter do not love him anymore, as they won’t return his calls. He is afraid that he is weak and cowardly, as he feels ill and doesn’t want to go and search for his son with no flashlight. The Greek soldier prepares himself in a phalanx formation with his fellow brothers as the Persian hordes rush towards them, full of fire and rage as they run fiercely towards the Greek formations. The soldier is anxious about the coming battle, he cannot tell the future, will he live, die? He is depressed that he was unable to say farewell to his parents as they were too weak to leave the home when he left to off to join the march with the king’s army. He had injured his leg in training this morning, not badly, but it’s better to be in perfect shape for battles, after all, it’s a life and death situation. He is fearful of the coming battle, as his life depends on his fighting skills. He is afraid he may never see his parents again. He may die, or if he lives, continues marching with the army. He is afraid that his slight injury may impede his fighting capabilities at a critical moment. These are all simple examples of Fear. These subconscious thoughts and beliefs simply replace positive energy with negative energy, resulting in negative thoughts, beliefs and physical surroundings.

So what if Fear then, when we look at it from an entirely different angle. Well fear is simply a set of subconsciously influenced thoughts and beliefs about something that you are unfamiliar with, you are simply not at PEACE with the UNKNOWN. Hey I’m not ragging on you. It’s only Human to not be comfortable with something that you are unfamiliar with. However what’s the point in ever feeling fear? if you are unfamiliar with something then although you may be fearful of it, you should also be very curious and enticed with it as well. After all it’s the unknown, and the only objective in this lifetime is to gain all the knowledge and wisdom of the unknown that we possibly can, and to live the lives of our dreams at the same time. The point I’n really trying to get at is, well to put it bluntly, FEAR is nothing more than an ILLUSION. It’s a mental projection of the unknown that we associate with as uncomfortable, unappealing and at times down right disgusting. However we are not our minds. Once we learn to control our emotions, thoughts, our fast paced lifestyles, then we can acknowledge the fact that we’ve never had anything to be afraid of other than our destiny, which we are now finally capable of truly embracing, as once you get out of your head, there’s nowhere to go but pure ascension. Once we can fully actualize our potential as Human beings, then and only then, we will all be at peace with one another, other beings, other planets and most importantly, the Universe. We’ll acknowledge the fact that it is our destiny to be BEINGS in the UNIVERSE eternally. Once you realize your immortal in a sense, well, is there anything to truly be afraid of?

Thank you guys so much for reading the post. If you enjoyed it please comment below and feel free to message me with any personal questions as always.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. I know I shall.

Peace and love,


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