The Jungle, Day 4.

I awoke at 7 A.M.

I headed to the main hut and made some tea, as had become my morning ritual. As I lit a mapacho, Amy came storming in. Needless to say, she was not impressed in the very least. She began ranting about how she was getting the hell out of here, how Andy was evil and the Shaman and his wife were simply frauds. This struck me, as Andy has always been a kind and reserved man. Segundo and his wife were also incredible, and amazing people as well.

Amy brought her bags to the main hut and we had some breakfast (fresh fruit, quinoa and mapachos..). Amy told me she was upset because this trip had cost her alot of money, and her husband and her didn’t make enough as it was. I suggested that she calls her credit card company and gets the retreat charge reverted. That way she only paid for her air fare. She brightens up a bit, as this has worked for her in the past, and she knew how to perform the process. She took off about 15 minutes later on. I hugged her and wished her good luck on her journeys as she entered the taxi heading back to Iquitos. Amy had a long trip ahead of herself, alone, and she seemed quite anxious. After she left i made way way back to the main hut where the rest of the group had fully assembled. I told them over second breakfast that Amy had left, and was very unhappy with the previous evening. Brennan told me that he had heard her screaming throughout the night. He didn’t go out and help her as he was already tripping out in has own tambo. Brennan had left the mulocka before the ceremony had even ended. Believing the medicine was not taking effect. As soon as he got back to his room, he begam having very strong “DMT like” visions. He said he was not mentally capable of going to her assistance. We all agreed that Amy was not ready for her journey. Everyone was really exhausted. We had a brief integration meeting where we discussed what we had each individually experience the previous evening. After chain smoking mapachos and letting everything we had to say out, i took a nap in a hammock until lunch.

Fish, rice, salad. Not too shabby, the usual Ayahausca dieta. I make a tea and make my way upstairs and begin reading The Synchronicity Key. At around 5 P.M. Brennan and Jason come upstairs and we strike a conversation. Andy had gone back to Iquitos to pick up a fresh batvh of Ayahausca for he ceremony tonight. We talk about our expectations for the evening. Brennan says he’s leaving the next morning if he doesn’t get what he’s come here for. After all this will be the fourth ceremony. I break away from the conversation for a tea and a mapacho. David’s downstairs. We attempt to communicate im broken spanish and english. It doesn’t work. I give him a mapacho and a lighter. We sit in silence. The remaining crew eventually trickled in and Leah and Despina informed us that they would not be taking part in the ceremony this evening, they needed to rest. At around 8 I made my way to the Mulocka and rested. Around 8:45 P.M.  I chain smoked and waited until the shaman, without his wife tonight, showed up for the ceremony. I drink first as usual. It kicks in after about 45 minutes and I run to the outhouse and purged for about five minutes. I looked around the mulocka. Vibrant colours and patterns sprayed the walls. The spirit came. My stomach burned. My ego suddenly completely dissolved. I felt at complete and utter peace with my being and the Universe. I can say I found god internally, as a soul. And God externally as the Universe. It was beautiful for about an hour. I purged violently suddenly. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. Ended up going to the main hut and laying in a hammock until around 2 A.M when i drifted off to sleep. 

Thanks for reading the blog. It’s late and I need a drink. 



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