“Alternative Veteran Pension” Plan.

Well a good morning to all of you out there across the world, and I hope your having a somewhat tolerable Monday morning. I personally woke up somewhat groggy this morning, I’ll simply blame that one on the corona. There’s was so much on my mind over the weekend, and I was unable to commit time properly to write posts both Saturday and Sunday (however for future references I will not be posting on Sundays, as I need some time to work on other projects, of course) as I just couldn’t wrap my head about which post to write over another. Today however, I feel clear enough to let out what’s been on my mind, this will be the first of four posts today, as I will make up for the posts not completed on Saturday.

This post will be focused on a concept that I came up with over the weekend.I was watching a documentary on how PTSD affects returning veterans to the point where they can no longer function properly in civilian society; they lose their homes, their families, their overall lives. Veterans return home from combat zones where they’ve been deployed for years at a time. From there, they are expected to return as functioning members of society. If they are suffering from PTSD or physical ailments, well the VA (Veterans Affairs) will step in if that is the case. They will supply the returning soldier with sleeping pills (Valium), pain killers (Morphine) and other terrible narcotics that do nothing but induce the veteran in a state of nothingness, after all you can’t think about much or feel much when your high as hell on Morphine. It also forces the veteran to become addicted to the strong narcotics that are provided to them by their “caring government” who is so honored and proud of their “national service”. This is at least clear in the United States of America, where 22 American soldiers commit suicide on daily basis (this is from a study conducted by the Veterans Affairs back in 2013. This means that a veteran is committing suicide roughly every 65 minutes in the United States, that’s more dead than the Iraq and Afghan war combined. Our own soldiers are killing themselves off at a more rapid rate than bullets, bombs and IEDS ever could. I literally just found another good paper online (http://www.whiteoutpress.com/articles/2015/q2/22-veteran-suicides-day-actually-35-day/) which claims that the # the VA released is false, and that it’s more like 35 Veterans a day! This article is back from 2015, and has clear sources to back it’s findings. THAT IS ALMOST DOUBLE THE ORIGINAL NUMBER OF 22.  It’s clear that something is amiss, and that these brave men and women are not being properly cared for in the least). In Canada, I know we have a somewhat more efficient Veterans Affairs at least (considering our military is so much more compact) and I have a few friends who are veterans and seem to be well cared for (even if they are honest alcoholics and have pretty bad melt downs and flash backs at times) by their VA reps. It differs on who your rep is as well, as some truly want to help the veterans to the best of their ability while others see it solely as a job.

My proposition for returning veterans is to integrate them back into society in a smooth, positive and rewarding way! Veterans who are ready for retirement, or wish to withdraw from the forces once their contracts are up will now be offered the opportunity to essentially start up their own farm, surrounded by a community of fellow veterans who are taking the opportunity as well. Essentially they’ll be given a plot of land with good soil (Typically 20-25 acres), provided with farming equipment (depending on what they’d like to grow), taught proper growing techniques by local farmers, receive their medical marijuana card and are entitled to grow as much as they’d please. Veterans will also be provided with an ECO home, which would vary on the size of the soldiers family. Essentially, since military members are some of the hardest working individuals in the world, they’d greatly excel in a demanding position such as farming. The veterans would also be able to smoothly transition back into civilian life, and even if they struggle at times, being surrounded by family and friends who have suffered through the same experience, they would be able to ground themselves much more easily than if they were on their own in the middle of a concrete jungle. With nothing but their minds and government sanctioned narcotics to put them at ease. The Vets wouldn’t feel like they were useless, as they’d be working hard everyday and feel satisfaction after the end of a long day. They’d be greatly contributing to the societies and countries where they were present as they are providing a constant flow of fresh and organic food (only organic food will be grown in this program, and grass fed meat, and oh course the best marijuana). I think growing and using Marijuana as a medicine for Veterans would be an incredible idea. They’d learn to grow the plant and give it love, which would give them a daily hobby which they would grow to love. They can smoke Marijuana whenever they like to help them cope with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD. The strains they’d smoke would be tailored to their symptoms. They can also sell the Marijuana (just like their organic food) back to the surrounding cities and dispensaries once it is fully legalized if they do not wish to smoke (which would provide them with supplementary income, as well as boost the Federal economy, as more money is being brought in).

This theory if put into affect would be tremendously successful (in my opinion at the very least). It’s worked in the past. The Romans used to offer Legionaries (soldiers) who had served in the Imperial Army for twenty years the opportunity to start a farm on conquered land. This was incredibly successful. The veterans immediately integrated back into Roman Society as successful farmers and providers. The veterans were also there to protect the frontiers however, because who wants to mess around with a veteran Roman warrior spinning a pitchfork like Jet Li at you while subtlety whispering to Mars (the God of War) to allow him to rip your face off.

Veterans would be able to return to their families in a graceful manner. They would then move to the farming community with other veterans and their families and begin to start their new transitional life peacefully. The veterans would be able to successfully begin a positive career in organic farming and other ventures. They would be able to provide from themselves and their family, as well as give back to the local community. The veterans would be able to form a community of like minded individuals who have experienced the same trauma, and talk to one another over their problems, however it would be best for their health if they simply let the past be what it is, the past. These men and women need to move on with their lives. The veterans would be able to become part of the “future economy”, where organic food and medicinal marijuana will be huge exports and local favorites within Canada. The veterans would be able to find a new “identity” and find peace in a healthy lifestyle that they can continue for as long as they’d like.

Anyways I’d love to know your thoughts on this concept ladies and gents, this one’s really close to my heart. Please message me with any questions or concerns, or comment below to begin a discussion. I hope you all have a great day, I’m off to Yoga.

Peace and love,


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