Being at Peace, or in Pieces.

It’s something every Human Being strives for, yet few truly attain completely. Inner Peace. Clarity, Eternal Wisdom, True Knowledge. These are some some of the characteristics of those individuals who attain real Inner Peace. Being at peace brings a sense of “Ascension”, as you have been freed from the bonds that hold Humanity at bay. You are no longer concerned with the materialism and corruption of this Earthly plain. No longer do you associate yourself with Organized Religion. As the Eternal Creator within you has been recognized, and released from it’s inner slumber. You see this petty dimension for what it truly is, and even more, you venture further into the dimensional Universe which is infinitely vast and intelligent. You realize your mission as a fragmented conscious sliver of the Universe, whose purpose is to evolve throughout the spectrum’s and dimensions of this Universe and to eventually, become one with the Creator again. Once all the intelligent conscious fragments of the Universe reach eternal salvation and evolve past the pettiness of the Universal game that is meant to be completed, then the Creator will once again be complete and whole. The Universe shall then restart itself completely. The Ancient Souls shall construct a whole new Universe with their mastery of all forms of Elements and Energies. Then the Eternal shall be released once again, and we as fragments of the intelligent conscious Universe, well then we shall indulge in the Universal game of Conscious Life once more.

Although that may have been somewhat off topic, it really ties into what I’m going to be saying throughout this post. Most of the Human Species on Planet Earth remain stagnant or “lost” in all aspects of their lives. They are not independently intelligent, nor do they truly think for themselves. Allow me to expand on that. Many Humans in the West and other 1st world Nations are directly working for the Government upon which whose countries they are citizens of. These individuals work for the state. They uphold the state with law. Make the state stronger through trade and international commerce. They yield the food upon which the state needs to feed it’s citizens. They protect the state against enemies, both internal and domestic (*Clears throat* Erm, Police and Military of the United States of America especially, as I know there is conflict and corruption within all forms of organization internationally, however, you are the Free Men and Women of the West. Your Ancestors fought and died against those who wished to enslave you. Those who wished to make you their work horses, while they grew fat and rich off of your labors. Well my brothers and sisters, unfortunately the threat has returned. Not in the form of an external Empire that wishes to force you to once again revert to a colony nation. No. This threat comes directly from the White House. The politicians who swore to uphold the country valiantly and honorably have gone against their oaths. They have sold your land, your family, your rights. For pretty pennies that are worth nothing. Literally, our money is backed by nothing as the Private Federal Reserve apparently “doesn’t own any gold, and hasn’t for a long time”. Weird though, as after the second world war the Americans secured most of Europe’s gold, including what the Nazi’s looted. Then suddenly it’s gone? Where? Probably hundreds of kilometers below the Earth. Protected by unimaginable security. The bankers have turned the American warriors of Legend into nothing more than Elite killing thugs. Who ruthlessly carry out orders (they’re generally controlled by their superiors subconsciously, and by fear of threat or termination). The strongest military in the world. An army that has perfected the art of modern day conquest. Well it’s now in the hands of a private industry. In the hands of a circle of sociopaths that wish to rain flames and terror upon the world, so that they can swoop in as “our eternal saviors” and then down the road control the Human species with an iron fist. Remember when President Eisenhower warned America about the Private Military Industry that was rapidly gaining power in politics and the American economy as well? Well we should have listened, as that power now directly controls the United States of America as a whole. Who can defeat this power? We can. Very Easily quite frankly. They’re terrified of a conscious and unified Human Species, as individually we are strong, yet standing together we are virtually invincible. Once the grand awakening to this truth is revealed from behind the golden curtain. Well then Human beings can breathe freely at once. The inner peace shall follow very shortly. As once we recognize that we are conscious, eternal, intelligent beings of the Universe who have free will, and are the only ones that control their destiny. Well after that there’s not much questioning is there? There’s only remembering you true mission as a fragment of the infinite universe. There’s only beginning to know your true self. Once you know your true self, then in turn you will understand every being for who they are: an eternal soul, an altered copy of yourself, you see them as yourself. You are everything. Every living thing in the Universe is an altered copy of yourself. Some aspects and characteristics have been altered of them. However you can see some of those aspects of them in yourself. You also see them for their true Being. Which is in fact your being.

So, if your wondering about how you can attain Inner Peace still. Well your already truly at Peace. Your just not allowing your Being to naturally be. Your Ego that has built up over the years is constantly whispering in the back of your mind. Telling you what you can, and what you can not do? Well news flash; your not your Ego, and typically Egos are assholes, to put it bluntly. They hold you back from what your truly meant to be in life. Try one thing for me. If your feeling stressed. If that voice is overwhelming you to the point of despair. Acknowledge it and recognize it. Just say in your mind “AH, gotcha” or “Not today, piss off”. Really just tell your Ego to get outta Dodge. After that, if your mind is not clear. Try meditation. Hit the gym. Go beat a bag. Hit up Yoga, works for me everything. Whatever you do, don’t listen to your mind. Just find peace, slowly but surely. You know what they say, the slow and steady wins the race.

Thank you so much for making it through the entire post. I hope you enjoyed it. As always message me with questions, starts discussions in the comments.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and please share the blog with friends, family and social media if you enjoy reading it! I’d love to expand this community!



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