Dr. Steven Greer and The Disclosure Project.

http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/about-us/ (Link to the “Sirius Disclosure” Website. It features a highly informative documentary, as well as many free sources for those who are curious about this topic and wish to do more research on your own. Literally just google Dr. Steven Greer. The man is a genius and has many speeches featured on YouTube).

The Disclosure Project is the most well known and influential source in our world for legitimate information on, well, disclosing top secret knowledge and agreements that the Governments and Corporations around Earth have been “hiding under the rug” for the past century or so. Dr. Steven Greer is the founder of The Disclosure Project; a renowned medical doctor, public speaker and overall Human Being. Greer also happens to be much more than that, and along with his wife (who is now deceased, bless her soul) the two had assembled an incredible group of “seekers” whose sole intent was the give the people access to what the government had not. The hidden technologies that we already possess and truths of our Universe, and our species role within it. Over the past 25 years the Disclosure projects has conducted many conferences, in which they released massive amounts of facts and evidence, as well as veterans and scientists testimony regarding extraterrestrial contact, anti gravitational technology and free energy and it’s suppression (I made a previous post on Free Energy, just scroll on down;)). It’s also released an incredible documentary, conducts multiple workshops throughout the year in which individuals can sign up for a fair price, and learn the arts of connecting with the Universe, properly contacting extraterrestrials (the positive ones), be informed of the latest Energy Breakthroughs as well as the latest “new technology” (which is incredibly interesting stuff). Greer was an emergency room surgeon before he retired from that position (25 years ago) and began The Disclosure Project, which he has pursued full time relentlessly and funded (he spent over $10 million of his own savings) ever since.

If you are interested in hearing the reality behind the fabricated illusion that many of us are stuck in, then you seriously need to check out Dr. Steven Greer. The guy is incredible. He’s had multiple attempts made on his life (he and his wife as well as another good friend of their’s were struck with a rare form of Cancer at the exact same time once! Talk about a conincidence? unfortunately, only Dr. Steven Greer survived.. his wife and ultimate partner of The Disclosure Project, as well as a close friend and co worker did not), been ridiculed by the Science and Medical community, who are simply puppets of the corporations who sign their pay cheques. Think about it. Once this knowledge and technologies are released to the public, a “peaceful” (hopefully. however some Beings will be very upset with the betrayal of their governments and will surely seek vengeance..) worldwide revolution will take place in which all governments save the will of the Human Species will dissolve. Surely there will be some form of perfect organization that is simply be agreed upon by all Humans, and there will surely be some type of “Hierarchy” to deal with our role as a galactic civilization in the Universe. However, we as the Human race on Planet Earth will once again be Free. As has always been our eternal destiny. We will have no bonds. No debts. Nothing but Love and Freedom. We will enter a Golden Age of Humanity. We will transform Earth and other Uninhabited planets into lush paradises where everything is abundant. Technology and “Magick” will allow us to transcend our physical bodies at will. Our minds and bodies will evolve rapidly, we will no longer essentially be “Human Beings” at this point are we will have transcended into a new state of being entirely. Our mental powers will be activated. Mind reading, remote viewing, telekinesis. Just to name a few. Ultimately this “Golden Age” would allow Humanity to transcend (at least those with good Karma, we’ll talk about this in another post) our post primitive state of mind and to come out on the other side with true Universal intelligence and respect. No longer will we kill one another over greed, power, simply lust. No, we will recognize that we are all One (Check out the Law of One series. It’s an incredible set of information in which a highly Religious woman is hypnotized into a deep trance state. Afterwards an “Entity” or Extra-Dimensional Beings enters her manifestation and speaks through it. It’s all recorded by a renowned professor and other intellectuals. Really interesting stuff. I’ll expand on it in a later post), and as One we will truly respect the ancient says “Do unto yourself as you would your neighbor”. There will be peace, love and acceptance for one another on a global scale.

If you want to be a part of the Disclosure Movement. Just tell as many people as you know about it. Knowledge it truly power after all. The more you know, the more you bring to the Universe. Remember the Law of Attraction always (Good/negative energy attracts Good/ negative energy) always, and have a great Thursday everyone.

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