Spirituality and Religion, is there a difference?

Spirituality has been around since the dawn of conscious life in the Universe. Spirituality can be defined as a search for a place of greater meaning in the Universe. Greater meaning in the sense that we are more aware of our true role in the Universe. Our true goal as conscious biological fragments of the infinite Universe is ultimately what we are all truly in search of. Generally Spirituality is different and unique for each and every single conscious life form in the Universe. Of course some ideas can be agreed upon by a group of “spiritual people”, however the spiritual experience is still unique in each individuals own aspect, due to free will.  Religion on the other hand is generally a collected and agreed upon set of “dogma” that was initially preached by a single or group of individuals who found “God” and believed the masses needed to hear their message or interpretation of “Spirituality” as it is the most perfect and pure form, and all Humans should bow in worship of the “God” and hierarchy of that organized religion. Of course there have been “spiritual sects” within “organized religions” that have tried to find a deeper meaning within their religions, thinking about Christian Gnostics, Islam Sufis, and Tao Buddhists. However, these individuals truly fail to recognize the “Spiritual Experience”, as they are searching for the “truth” within another’s teachings. Ultimately, the best teacher you will ever have by your side is truly Your Self. You may have many mentors, teachers and guides in this lifetime. However, all these individuals can ultimately do is push you along your own journey. Give you some advice, some wisdom that will aid you in your own individual journey towards salvation.


So ultimately is there a distinct difference between true spirituality and religion? Well absolutely. Spirituality can be seen as an individual’s true goal of attaining oneness with the Universe and love eternally. Whereas Religion can be viewed as a group of individuals who are looking for a deeper meaning with their role in the Universe, and they agree that their “god” is the true creator of the Universe and that the Dogma they follow is the true Universal code of “service” for the Human species as an entirety.


There are clearly distinct pros and cons to both being a Religious and Spiritual individual. Being Spiritual clearly means that you have much more control over your own beliefs, they can be altered at any given time based on new evidence or information you have received. You are endlessly learning, endlessly searching for the Eternal Truth of your place in the Universe and your role within it. In a sense it can be more stressful to be spiritual, as you are learning as an individual and constantly on the search for new truths and concepts, it can also be seen as more rewarding as well, as you are on your own personal journey of Truth and Salvation. However if you are religious, all the searching has already been done for you. The founders of the “Religion” have already found the “perfect path” for it’s converts to follow if they are in fact searching for eternal salvation and redemption from this earthly realm. Islam quite literally means “submission”, in this sense it is submission to the will of god. Christians derive their name from the founder of the religion, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In this sense, “Christianity” can be viewed as the submission to Christ, or Christ’s father, the “true God of the Universe”. “Judaism”, the monotheistic Religion of the Jewish people, refers to the Jewish people as a whole. Jews believe they are “God’s Chosen People”, therefore they submit themselves to the “will of Yahweh”, in return for being the favored people of their “Eternal Lord”. Essentially religions really limit one’s own perception of the Universe. As the Dogma they perceive as the truth is nothing more than another writer’s own opinion, rarely does the true message of these religions messenger’s (Jesus, Abraham, and Muhammad) ever truly reach the public, generally it’s simply the dogma and misinterpretations of centuries of miscommunication and disagreements on how the truth behind each religion should be interpreted (notice how there are literally thousands of sub sects within each major religion, this is simply due to disagreements and break ups over the years). Another terrible factor about organized religion is how much power it gives to the people at the top of the hierarchy. Kings, Pharaohs and Caliphs throughout time have seen themselves above their subjects as they are the ones who directly communicate with their “god”, therefore they are “special” in comparison to other Humans. The worst is when religion is merged with the government and the rulers hold supreme command over their subjects in every way possible. Not only do these rulers now control their subjects view of physical reality (they are forced to work, pay taxes to the state and “church” and are subjected to many other restrictions on their lives, simply because the rulers and their elite caste need to have a stranglehold on the power of their domain, and the subjects within), they also however lose control of their spiritual domain. As in many medieval kingdoms you either converted to the religion of the state (mainly in Christian and Islamic state), paid an “unbeliever” tax and were treated as subhuman, or worst of all you may just have your head cut off or be burned at the stake for your own system of beliefs. One of the worst characteristics of organized religion is the fact that governments turn it into a tool for control of the people, rather than an entry into freedom and divinity. For example, the Roman Emperor Constantine used Christianity (after Jesus was burned at the stake of course..) as a tool for control of the ever increasingly fragmented Roman Empire. The terms of “Hell” and “Heaven” were coined as a way to subdue the people into slavery, in a sense. After all, what sort of peasant would slave to the death, night and day, for nothing but a mere bowl of porridge. Well I’ll tell you what kind of peasant would, the kind that’s terrified that he’s gonna be tortured by demons in a flaming pit of terror and despair for eternity unless he pays his taxes to the state and church on time.

So what is the main difference between Spirituality and Religion? Well, I’d say the main one is the fact that Spiritual individuals think more for themselves than those that are part of major organized Religions.

I hope I got you thinking, and I’d love to hear any off your comments down below. Please message me with any private questions or concerns.

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I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!



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