The Journey to Iquitos, Day 6.

I awoke at around 8 A.M.

The first restless sleep I had the pleasure of experiencing in over a week, and I felt incredibly refreshed and alert. My body was pulsing with energy. My mind with thoughts about how I should spend my final full night and evening in Iquitos. I began to meditate and shrugged off any thoughts I may have had, preferring the day to simply be allowed to flow, after all I was on vacation, so I may as well relax. I got changed (I think I forgot to mention I picked up my laundry last night before retiring to my room) and went downstairs to the main lobby for a breakfast, courtesy of the hotel. Eggs, fresh bread and fresh papaya juice rejuvenated my being greatly. After eating, I sat down on the couch in the main lobby and emailed everyone from the retreat (except Amy and Brennan, whom I have still not contacted for reasons unknown). Despina had left for Cuzco that morning. Only Andy remaining in Iquitos, but he lived there and was about to leave for the next retreat at Gaia Tree this morning. After I emailed them all (I have not heard from anyone since and truly hope they all found inner peace..) and messaged my family and friend via Whatsapp, I made my way to my room, turned on the shower full blast, turned on some Spanish fiesta music on the radio, rolled a massive jungle joint and got incredibly stoned. After I showered and refreshed, I headed down to the Dawn on the Amazon cafe to meet the new group and see Emerson and his family.

I ran into Rider on the street, who told me he was feeling sick and was going home to see his family. He didn’t sell anything that day and asked if I could pay for his motorcar back home, I waved down a taxi, agreed on 5 soles and sent Rider home, he was a great guy and deserved to relax. I saw more of my friends by the waterfront by the Dawn on the Amazon and we all smoked mapachos as they enviously made fun of me for being stoned. “God damn gringo, why didn’t you share?” They laughed as they smacked me on the back. They asked me if I could go and sit with the new group and talk with them. I asked them if it was because they wanted to come over afterwards and attempt to make sales with my new found friends, they winked, told me I was catching on quickly and shooed me away. I walked over and sat with a beautiful Australian woman (whose name slips my mind as our introduction was so brief) and an elderly Canadian woman who smoked more than I did. If that was even fucking possible. My friends came in, the Aussie shooed them away, the Canadian bought a necklace even though she was already decked out in native jewelry (I learned she had spent 1200 soles in two days, I guess I was actually keeping a fair tab on my budget after all I suppose). After a while Andy showed up, as well as Emerson, mama and their son. I helped pack the next group on the bus with Emerson, told them to take care of my baby Mapacho and sent them on their way. After that me, mama and the kid went to Belen market to pick up some lunch. Estacey was at school until 1 P.M. So we roamed Belen and went shopping for a lot more than was necessary for a simple lunch. At around 12:30 we headed back to their home on the outskirts of Iquitos. Terrible by Western standards yet comfortable and rather spacious for Peruvians (really just in Iquitos), they had a two story home with a crumbling walled garden in the back. Mama and her mother (who lived with the family) began cooking lunch. They sent me out to get mapachos. I got the mapachos, and the kid begged me for a toy dragon, so I got him a toy dragon and we went back to the home. I call Alex, the Kid, because he is just that Kid, you know. All the other children gathered around him. He was the best athlete. Had the largest smile, and the largest attitude. He reminded me of myself when I was younger, but Alex was just a little bugger. Great kid though.

Lunch was served as Estacey walked through the door. She shrieked and jumped into my arms when she saw. I don’t think she believed mama when she had told her that I was at their house over the phone. They kept feeding me soup, fish and rice with vegetables until I literally had to say no more or I will burst.  After we ate, we went shopping for clothes for Estacey and Alex for the afternoon. Their grandmas birthday was this weekend. At around 5 P.M. we had some supper at her grandmothers house, we dropped by to drop off the clothes. Just noodles with some banana chips, basic but good. After that I told them I had to get back to my hostel to call my family, they told me to stay with them for the night, I told them I had paid for a room, and was damn well gonna stay there, they laughed and we said our goodbyes. I caught a tuk tuk back to the El Dorado Express at around 7 P.M. I rolled one up, turned on the shower, and had my own little “ritual”, so to speak. After that I called my mother and father, we were on the phone for about an hour. They were incredibly worried for me, they were happy and proud for me, they still thought I was crazy. Both sensed a difference in my overall thinking of the phone, they were happy. After that I called my sister, who also had me on the phone for about 45 minutes, raining down “I love you” and “I miss you” with relentless fervor. Afterwards I headed into the city for a beer and a joint, hoping to meet some foreigners along the way. I met no one. I wandered the streets deep into Iquitos, beer in hand, joint in my mouth, until around 10 P.M. Really when I noticed I was being followed by a group of Peruvian men (I had my Nikon camera on me) I turned back into the busy streets of Iquitos and hurried back to my hotel room. A beautiful woman approached me, clearly a prostitute. She held my arm and whispered into my ear “sex”. I was suddenly very warm. Lust surged through me. I wanted this beautiful Peruvian woman. Right now. I tripped suddenly and almost fell. I told the woman I was not interested, and that she better leave me alone, lest I alert the cops around the corner. She cursed me and stomped away, men in tuks tuks whistled at her and shouted obsceneities as she crossed the road in front of me. I suddenly felt sick and very sympathetic towards the woman’s situation. She was beyond beautiful. A full bosom, lucious curves, crimson lips, and an accent that got me hot the moment she began speaking. However this was her life, in the Jungle city of Iquitos, as a prostitute.It was sad. Once I got back to my room I chain smoked mapachos and began reading A New Earth once more. At around 12:30 I drifted off to sleep…

As always guys thank you so much for reading the entire post and I hope you have a wonderful Friday, let’s relax, shall we?

If you enjoy the blog it would literally mean the world to me if you simply shared it on social media or with your friends and family!

Anyways, I’ll be back soon.



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