“Actualize your Potential”.

Consider this, you are born into this world infinitely intelligent and gifted with limitless potential. Allow me to expand on that. When you are first physically present (as soon as your mother birthed you), you are the definition of purity, mystery and potential. You have not witnessed or been part of any event that may have shaped your subconcious, your way of thinking or who you are as an individual Being. At that very moment you are Being, and nothing else. You are present and “formless” in the sense that you currently possess no other identity other than the name your parents formally gave you as part of our culture as Humans. You have not been subject to any Dogma, or any other influence other than your Self. Sure, over the years you are influenced by your inner family and their close friends, and then as you get older you gain mentors in the form of teachers and extra curricular activity leaders as well as friends of your own age group, but before all these “outside” influences entered your life you most likely knew your purpose and place, or at least felt as if you did. I personally do not remember my years as a baby, but even as a young boy i remember how endless and vast my own imagination was. I could create my own worlds that I could get lost in, meet different people, overall just enjoy my own being all on my own. These thoughts were very real to me and I imagine they were just as vivid for many of you. As an infant, they were most likely even more intense and vast. However over the years as we are subjected to the education system and many “secondary” influences, we tend to conform and lose that spark of the mystical, of imagination really.. Not everyone does of course, and there are Incredibly creative and intelligent individuals out there who push the world forward. These individuals realize their place in the world and strive towarss infinite goals that can never truly be accomplished as you can never truly know everything about a given subject, however they strive to attaint eternal knowledge and mastery over their personal field.

If you feel lost in this world you need to ask yourself one question; am I really doing what I am meant to be doing? If the answer is no, well then you first need to identify what exactly it is that you need to be doing. What are your passions and interests? What do you truly excel at? What makes you happy above all else? Once you find what it is that gives you true satisfaction in life, well then it is time to “actualize your potential” in that given field. Your potential is limitless, it may be more than simply one “outlet” or activity that you will now pour your intelligent and creative energy in. You may be an incredible nuclear physicist who also excels at music. Well then pursue the two. You may work full time as a hair stylist but have always wanted to write a novel and open your own import and export bussiness, well then every night when you get home it’s time to start writing and communicating with clients in order to make your true dreams come true.

What every single individual needs to acknowledge more than anything is the fact that as Human Beings we have infinite potential and are truly eternal. So it is your duty as an individual to make “your universe” your own. Be free, do what you love, see the world for all it’s beauty, surround yourself with incredible and positive like minded people who wish to make the world a better place for our future generations, for our preservation as a species as a wholes. Simply Actualize your Potential ladies and gentlemen, don’t let anything hold you back and do what you’re truly here to do.

I hope you l had an incredible weekend. Mine was alright, but it really gave me insight into how much work I truly have to do.

Enjoy your Monday, it’s beautiful out here. Comment belowto share your thoughts or begin a discussion. Message me personally with any questions you may have.

If you enjoy the blog then please share it with your friends and family. I’d love to expand this community, if anyone writes part time and is interested in working with me please shoot me a private email.

Have a great day guys. 😎



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