I dream often. Rarely do I remember these vivid images and motions that consume me throughout the ebony night. However they’re always there. In the back of my subconscious. It thrives, not I myself. But it. The buzz. The Hum. The faint wave of energy that lets me know I’m more alive than ever before. I’m not even alive. I simply acknowledge the energy in it’s entirety. I am quite literally fully conscious and autonomous matter that is incarnate at this very time in space for a particular purpose. What that purpose is? Well we shall see soon enough shall we not? Let’s have some fun for the time remaining. After all life is but a short and sweet dip into the pond of eternity. If you dive in you might just drown, or if your lucky, evolve into eternity, become one with it, never to be spat out into the dimensions of the Universe again. I take a sip of the roasted brew I just poured. Fresh and perfectly balanced. I’m warm, more importantly, I’m ready. Shall I press Enter?

I awoke on the same tattered mattress in the same single room that I always do. I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know this body. I don’t know this place. Yet I’m always here. I tell them I can’t shut my eyes. I might not ever wake up, knowing this place. It’s wretched. It’s horrifying. It’s my true home. The other world is simply child’s play. This is the domain of the unknown. Of the alternate, shall we say. The leak has not been fixed by the doctor yet, it never will be. Every single morning at 84.36 sharp, it awakens me. I don’t mind anymore. I pull on my leather pants and steel cuffed tunic. I sit on my bed and will my socks onto my feet, then I manually pull on my boots and will my laces knotted, I’m starting to get the hand of using telekinesis, it’s a rather fun skill to possess. I head out the door and Beauty rises from her slumber. Beauty is my pet and most trusted friend. She’s half human, half feline. With the body of a beautiful woman and the face of a spotted Jaguar, she was frightening and beautiful to behold at the same time. She was also more intelligent than I could ever hope to be, and generally she handled all the physical interactions and calculations in the laboratory. I however possessed what she did not, free willpower and creativity. After all, Dr. Hannibitler, my master, had created Beauty purely out of creative and sexual energy. He had quite literally willed this magnificent creature into existence. This meant that Beauty had no free will, as she was created by an action of free will, forever bonded to the will of her creator. “How are you this morning, young blood?” she asked me, “Tired love,” I say as I spark a joint. “You really need to stop smoking that in the morning, your not nearly as productive as you truly should be” Beauty nags me, “When do I not accomplish everything the master asks of me?” I say back as I deeply inhale. “More could be done each day young sir, you know this very well”, “Relax beauty, it’s not like we’re getting paid”, I laugh, “What is this payment you always speak of and refuse to tell me? I am incapable of reading your mind you know” Beauty retorts, “I’m capable of reading yours however” I telepathically whisper to her, she swipes and hisses at me, I dodge and run to the stairs. “Good morning master Horus, it is quite good to see that you made it out of bed on your own this morning” Veil suddenly appears in front of me. Veil is a portion of Dr. Hannibitler’s spirit manifested as the guardian of The Hannibitler Towers. Veil was pure energy. Incredibly intelligent and wise. Hilarious and kind. Also the scariest spirit I’ve ever run into in my life, if you displease him or the master that is. “Yes Veil, as I always do” I say with a yawn as I walk through him, “Yes I know, however I usually have to manually awaken your psyche from the dream realms before you fully come to”, Veil says with a laugh. “Where am I to report?” I ask Veil, “To the Alchemical nexus to finalize the preparation of the Sinclair Shard, then to the Lords library for a private lecture” Veil informs me. Me and Beauty part ways with Veil. We make our way up ten flights up stairs to the main hall. Breakfast has been served. I grab a plate and fill it with eggs, fruit and porridge. I task Beauty with carrying my plate as I pour myself a cup of tea and spark another joint. I inhale deeply then hand the joint to Beauty. I close my eyes and summon my renewed energy reserves. I whisper a prayer of time and matter. Bang. We’re in the Alchemical nexus. Surrounded by almost every type of mineral and plant known to this plane of existence. By the way, De-Materialization and Materialization are incredible skills to master as well. It’s simply willing your physical energy from one place to another. Think of teleportation. It’s really tricky on a molecular level, as you might forget your arm behind (which has happened to me many times). “What are you doing today young Horus?” Father Tesslier looks at me with troubled eyes. I’ve destroyed portions of the Alchemical Nexus before when I materialized suddenly, and Tesslier, as Keeper of the Nexus, was tasked with it’s restoration every single time. “Just finishing up the shard then I’ll be gone Father, don’t you fret, you look like your about to have a heart attack” I joke at him, “I don’t have a heart Horus, neither do you, your sense of humor is invalid. Please don’t destroy my tower in the process alright, I’ve got my eyes on you” Tesslier turns around and wills his third eye to the back of his physical body and winks. I laugh. “Pass me the joint, will you love?” I say aloud. No response. I look behind and see Beauty curled up on a cushion sleeping. That creature thinks I’m the lazy one. Not to worry. It’ll take me no time at all to finish the shard. Just an anti gravitational barrier around it and a solar core for power, and she’ll be good to go. I tell Tesslier that I’ll need and anti gravitational field and he sets to work on it. They’re incredibly difficult to make, and the process is never the exact same. A single error means the field won’t hold. When your dealing with energy that’s warmer than the surface of the sun, you definitely want the field to hold, trust me. I get to work on the core. I de-materialize and materialize in my private lab and set about placing active solar energy in a sealed tube. The tube will burst soon due to the heat, so I need to get it in the gravitational field as soon as possible. Once it’s sealed I port back to the Alchemical Nexus and rush over to Tesslier who instantly seals the tube safely within the field.  Safely sealing the energy within gravity itself. “Time to power the shard I assume young master?” Tesslier says with a grin, “Indeed it is father, indeed it is” I say as I laugh maniacally. As soon as the shard is powered, then IT will be powered. Our real work can finally begin. No longer will my work ethic be dependent upon which dimension I currently reside in. No, I will control my surroundings. No longer will they control me. I breathe in and summon my Universal energy, I grasp the sealed gravitational tube and place it within the bottom of the shard, it grasps and clicks. The Shard begins to turn a faint red, then suddenly a bright crimson. I will the energy into control with my own and it begins to turn into a deep twilight purple. The Sinclair Shard is fully operational. With enough energy to last an eternity. It shall power the cycle chamber. The Master’s newest creation. A gift for me. No longer will I phase between dimensions. I will be in tune with each and every dimension that my Universal energy is present in. I will not forget my true Self. I will bring all the knowledge of my Being into each and every present moment that I am experiencing. For once I will truly be present. Just like the Master. I grab the shard and awaken Beauty briefly, “What’s going on child?”, I will us to the Master’s private library.

“It’s prepared Master” I say quietly as I kneel on one knee, “I know, we should discuss last night’s teaching on the Universal code of law. However, this is much more pressing. Ignite the cycle chamber, I must speak with Beauty”, Hannibitler says without moving from his chair in the fire by his study. Countless manuscripts and novels are scattered on the floor and on the table in front of him. “Absolutley sir”, I say as I eagerly make my way over to the chamber and the main control panel. It’s quite frankly a creation of the utmost beauty. Only the finest minds in the Universe could possibly fathom and then actively create such a device. A simple design; a large ebony capsule that housed various sorts of computers and medical equipment, as well as a single chair in the middle and the “plug” above it. The plug was some sort of device that supposedly altered time and space. We’d never tested it before, but it was a creation of the Master so I didn’t doubt that it would work even in the slightest. I plugged the shard into the power outlet. The entire machine burst with life. I felt it’s power at that very moment. Never before had the Master created something of such sheer capability. This had the power to quite frankly alter the very fabric of the oneness of the Universe. I was terrified. What was I in comparison to the Eternal. “Prepare yourself Horus, Beauty shall ready you and the machine. I will configure the setting and power the chamber when you are prepared. Good luck, and welcome home”. It is time. Beauty takes me by the arm, there are tears in her eyes. We are entering the true unknown, something that is rarely accomplished. I enter the capsule and take a seat. Beauty hooks me into the plug and begins preparation for the Journey in which I am about to embark. I will be capable of finally being at One. Everything will collide. Beauty alters the final machine and gives a thumbs up to the Master, “Good luck young blood” she says with a faint smile, “It is time, I might as well press Enter”, the Master telepathically communicates with me as he flicks the initiative switch into power.

My body begins to expand. I feel colder than the dead of space and warmer than the surface of the face of the sun. My manifestation begins to tear apart atom by atom. I’m terrified and in incredible pain. I scream. Beauty begins crying. My head bursts.

I suppose I’m awake.

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