What is “The Truth”?

Who fucking knows. End of discussion.

However in all seriousness, this has been a topic that has been itching the back of my skull for, well my entire life. So I may as well address it, because I’m sure many of you are just as anxious as myself to learn the answer to this eternal question.

A little background before I go in depth. The search for the truth has been the meaning of my existence for as long as I can remember. I’ve always pondered the meaning of the existence of the Human Species. After all, if we are infinitely intelligent creatures with unlimited potential, then it seems odd that we seems to be as such a, shall we say, “stalemate”, as a species entirely. As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, although the world seems to be doing better in this day and age (we have better technology, medicine, our governments are strong and more centralized than ever before), there is almost more poverty, corruption, bloodshed and warfare than ever before. It may not seem like it from a Westerner’s perspective, however the world is quite frankly, in terrible danger. Our planet is being ravaged on the daily for it’s resources. The animals we were meant to protect are regarded as nothing more than currency. We disregard one another as aliens almost, and never seem to have the time of day to even smile and say a simple hello to each other. By the way, think about it like this; every ten to twenty seconds someone dies violently on this planet. Bang, a family was just killed by a stray artillery round. Boom, a child just stepped on an IED in front of his mother. Poof, a man just fell off a seven story back and broke his back and neck. It’s unfortunate to think about. But it’s the reality of life, and quite frankly, life on this planet can be unpleasant and brutal. There are also many beautiful factors to this planet as well however, which balances it out. A genius was probably just born, someone who will change the face of the world as we know it. Emergency services probably just saved countless lives around the world. A daughter just made amends with her father over an argument that caused them not to speak for the past ten years, on his deathbed. I am getting off topic however, and should probably get back to the meaning of this post.

So what is the truth? Ultimately what I’ve come to realize (and is my own personal opinion of course) is that the truth is simply a matter of opinion, a perspective on a much grander picture. Although there will be eternal truths that can stand the test of time (for example, you are in fact a Human Being, and you happen to be reading this blog over the internet, which is a creation of a Human Being. What is the truth there? well It’s true that a Human Being is reading this blog post that I created using a program, which was also created by a Human, on the Internet, which was created by many Human minds. That is true), many statements that people claim to be “true” are really just opinions. As a previous Journalism student who believed he would one day change the world by bringing forth stories of injustice and oppression, I can sincerely say that half of what you guys read or hear on mainstream media (even more, closer to 90% in my opinion) is complete and utter garbage. Think about it like this; every single media outlet within North America is owned than few than 100 companies, these companies in turn are owned by less than 20 corporations. Corporations have their own best interests at heart, and tend to have their hands in every industry (agriculture, military, oil, media, etc.), this means that when news gets out about a mishap involving one of their own companies (for example one of their weapons killed innocents in Afghanistan, a huge leak of oil on the ocean occurred on the ocean because of their employees , maybe they sprayed produce with chemicals in order to save money), then the media companies that they own will be ordered not to report upon it. Literally think about it. If you watch T.V then you damn well know that mainstream news is essentially just spewing relentless materialism pursuit (in the form of commercials), mind numbing shows (in the form of essentially every show other than those that serve and educational or informative purpose) and news that has recently been concerned with nothing other than the American presidential election (which as Bernie Sanders has already stated. It doesn’t matter who wins in the election, as they will simply serve as a puppet ruler for the corporations that own the country. There’s a reason why the U.S.A. is the most indebted country in the world, but no one says anything about it. It may have to do with the fact that the corporations in the states possess close to 50% of the worlds wealth.).

This is simply one example, and clearly from my own viewpoint as I have a background in media. However these large “truths” can also be similar to small “truths” we may have to deal with on a day to day basis. For example, simply because an article online said that you will lose 100 pounds if you follow this 1 month program, it doesn’t truly mean that you will. If you are talking to your friends about something that took place during the weekend in which you were not present, they may not portray the story as it truly was. They will add in little “spices” here and there to make the story more interesting. Just because your parents or “superiors” told you something, well that does not make it true really, it just means that they filtered a story that they heard from their own perspective, to you. Even as I write this you may be questioning if this is a true statement. Good, because it may or may not be. I don’t know, it’s up for you to decide. In every single situation. With every fact and myth you ever hear. It’s not true. Nothing is true until you make it true. Until you understand it on a deeper meaning than you originally believed you had. Even then though, when something is true to you, it is simply yet another matter of opinion. Another illusion.

I hope I got you thinking a bit. Even if you’re a bit confused with some of the segments on this post, go back and reflect on them for a moment. Post comments below and feel free to message me with any questions you may have. I hope you all having a wonderful Wednesday!

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