Your Daily Practice.

Every living creature since the dawn of time has typically acquired one throughout their period of life. It can change or remain indefinite. Typically in the West we refer to these daily practices as “routines” or “habits”. In the morning each Human Being generally starts their day differently; maybe they stay in bed and acknowledge what they need to do in the morning before taking starting their tasks, maybe they workout before a cold shower, maybe they meditate and read. Generally, everyone gets prepared for the coming day (clothing and hygienic), eats and heads out the door, where they continue their daily practice. They go to work or school, have lunch, work on projects or assignments, maybe they go for a walk or grab a coffee with a friend. After work or school, you return home and organize yourself for the evening. You get all your notes up to date, speak with clients or co workers, do your “homework” for the coming day. You have dinner (most likely) with your family. Maybe you have a yoga or cooking class.Maybe you have a part time job and are working that evening. Everyone is on a different schedule, and typically everyone’s daily practice will be different.

My daily practice is essentially waking up, showering, drinking water and taking vitamins. Afterwards I’ll have a smoke and make coffee. Then I’ll clean my room and make sure the kitchen is tidy. Then I’ll get changed and either read or write (as I’m doing right now). Generally I’ll go to Yoga around 12-4. When I get back from Yoga I’ll have my first meal of the day and finish up (or in this case) begin writing for the day. Friends will generally start coming to my house around 4 and I’ll pick my sister up from work at 5. At nights I’ll go out with friends, play music and relax typically. I’m unemployed at this very moment and I assume my schedule will change drastically very soon.

The importance of having control of your “Daily Practice” is often understated, which results in a chaotic and unpredictable lifestyle. This was how it was for me throughout High School and College, as I can imagine it was for many of you as well. Only recently have I started to become at peace with my being, but there are still moments where I fall back, and become weak.. I am only Human after all. My younger years had me all over the place however, never certain of what the hell was going on around me quite frankly, not that I cared to acknowledge what was happening, I preferred hiding behind a “veil of vices”. I was either in a marijuana induced coma or off talking loudly because I was inebriated. Why was this ultimately? after all it’s not like I didn’t have anything to offer to the world; I was intelligent and open, fit and strong at many sports and a pretty good looking young man. So why was it that I had no control over my “daily practice”? It’s due to the fact that I was unaware that I was capable of doing what I truly wanted to be doing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, musician or Journalist. My family never had a lot of faith in me when it came to my passions, so I tended to push them aside consistently, preferring the feeling of numbness over everything else. I became depressed and anxious because I began to realize that I was doing nothing with my life truly. Even in College as a Journalism student and one of the main writers in the class, I didn’t feel as if I was accessing my true potential. I wasn’t learning anything new. What I did learn never resonated with me, and if anything only hampered my skills as a true writer. After all there is a huge difference between Journalists and writers. Writers pour their heart into the page. Journalists on the other hand simply report “facts”, and in this day and age rarely is the “truth” the ultimate truth, rather it is generally a fragment or perspective on the whole. Rather than helping my achieve my goals of becoming a writer of truth, the educational system attempted to mold my skills to meet the set criteria. I wouldn’t be a different writer, a unique individual with my own voice. No, I’d be forced to conform to the methods of writers around the world.

Clearly that didn’t work out for me. Post secondary may not be working out for some of you. Some of you may hate the job that you must work day in and day out for nothing more than paper notes. However it’s never too late to simply get a grip on your life. To get a grip on your “Daily Practice”. If you don’t enjoy what you do on a daily basis then maybe it’s sit to sit back on the bigger picture. Would you rather continue this program or this job, or would you prefer to maybe pursue what it is that you’ve always wanted to be doing. If your in College for computer programming, but your passion lies in baking cakes, then you should probably re assess your lifestyle. If you work in the trades but have always wanted to become a musician, well then maybe it’s time to start playing at the open mics. Maybe you have a successful business doing real estate part time, but your full time job as an accountant is getting in the way of the time you need to dedicate to this project of yours, you can either take a chance with your passion and dream, or wonder “what if?”.

I know I may have gone off on tangents throughout this post. Really what it all boils down to is take control of your “daily practice” (routines and hobbies) and allow them to excel. Once your in control of your daily practice, you’ll acknowledge that your dreams are right in front of you, as they always have been. From there you can either chase them down, as every Human Being is meant to (following your dreams is quite literally evolving, as you are forever changing and going through different segments in life that will lead to your ideal or “perfect” life), or you can stay in the past and resist your true being.

It’s a slow week for me. I hope you all are doing somewhat better;)

Have an incredible Wednesday my friends. As always, comment below to begin a discussion or message me privately with any questions you may have.

If you enjoy the blog then please share it with your friends and family!

Have a killer remainder of the day.



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