Boredom and Entertainment: the contrast of modern Western society.

Even as you’re reading this, you’re most likely hooked up to multiple different sources throughout the internet. By sources I mean various social media sites, music, video games, assignments, projects. You’re plugged in. You may be bored as you continue reading, however you are hopeful that this post will give you some form of satisfaction, some form of entertainment.

In Western Society, Entertainment has become the drug of choice. Realistically in all developed countries, Entertainment is the choice. Allow me to define entertainment as an addiction. You’re bored so you turn on the television. You click through the channels until you decide there’s nothing on, there you open up your laptop. You plug your phone into the computer, it syncs your new data and begins to charge. Now you open ITunes and throw on whoever you may enjoy listening to. You scroll through social media pages endlessly. You start looking at your assignment that you’ve been putting off for the past few weeks (and which will probably not be accomplished until the night before it’s due). Now you’re bored again. You go upstairs and check the fridge (which you’ve already done 7 times today and are still dissatisfied with the fact that no new choices have magically appeared in the past hour), maybe you crack a beer or pour a glass of wine, maybe a tea. Now you have your drink, it tastes good, however you’re still bored. You check your phone. Your friends are going out tonight for a few drinks and have invited you. You feel as if there is nothing better that you could be doing with the evening, so you decide to go out. Your friend picks you up and you go to another friends. You hang out for a bit and wait until everyone arrives. Now you guys are bored, even though you are together, so you begin to drink and dabble in vices. A joint is passed around, one of your more courageous friends breaks out some booger sugar and indulges, and shots of liquor are passed around. Now everyone is in a good mood. Everyone’s filled with substances that have altered their previous “bored” state of mind. Now the party begins. You all catch a taxi. You get to the bar, chat up a few girls (or guys), maybe you bring one of them home with you (if you play your cards right). Now it’s the following morning. Your head hurts. Guess what? You’re fucking bored once again my friend, and the cycle is simply waiting to repeat itself.

So why do boredom and entertainment play such dominant, yet secretive, factors of everyday life in Western society. Well, I’m going to break it this post down into three segments so that you may understand it on a deeper level. The first issue is the “integration into the structured educational system of the West”. The U.S.A has one of the lowest rated educational system in the world. It’s quite frankly breeding simpletons who do not care to think for themselves, and are more than happy to simply allow the government to literally “take care of them”. Canada’s Education system is somewhat better, however there are also far less citizens in Canada, so it’s not nearly as costly. As children we generally possess distinct characteristics that set us apart from others. As we get older however and are subject to dogma of all types, our subconscious is in a sense molded to fit the criteria of the masses. Go to college. Get that 9-5 job you’ve “always wanted”. Start a family. Grow old. Don’t be different. That’s odd. In reality being different generally leads to a fulfilling and successful life. When you begin to fit the mold of your society, well that’s when you begin to get bored, because you’re unsatisfied with the life that you’re living, because it’s truly not what you desire. There’s no passion and excitement in your day to day life, as you’re working for someone else’s dreams all day and simply want to relax and unwind at night. This is where the entertainment comes in. As I said earlier, entertainment comes in all shapes and forms. Drugs, television/movies, internet, video games. These are the negative forms of entertainment that so many of us indulge in on a day to day basis because we feel as if there is simply nothing better we could be doing with our lives. Don’t get me wrong, there are many forms of positive entertainment as well. This blog for example, is one of mine. Even some shows and movies may prove to be enlightening and educating. Exercise of all forms. Arts and music. Reading and writing. Spending time with family. Falling in love. The list goes on and on for positive forms of entertainment, it as just as vast as the negative list. However, in North American society, negative forms of entertainment still seem to be the most popular without a doubt. Alcohol and narcotics are abused frequently, we’re all addicted to technology (in the form of television, the internet (social media, games) etc.), the food we eat is terrible to us, and we seem to have one of the most obese population on the face of the Earth, quite frankly, we do have the most obese population on the planet. I went off on a tangent there in a sense. However, our education system is one of the main underlying problems in our society. If children were better educated and allowed to discover what their true passions were and henceforth able to flourish in those areas, well I believe then our society would not be nearly as dependent on negative entertainment as it is in this day and age. If young individuals know what they want to do with their lives, well then they’ll put all their energy into achieving their goals, still they’re still mingle with vices every once in a while, but hell we’re only Human ultimately. At the very least we wouldn’t have nearly as much aimless youth wandering about.

The second issue, which can also be related to an educational issue as well, is the lack of communication and false information that is prevalent among the masses. People feel as if they are stuck or “inferior” of pursuing their dreams or passions as they do not feel they are well informed, knowledgeable or talented enough to fulfill the role they long to possess. They are objected to other people’s opinions and dogma when they tell other individuals what they truly wish to do with their lives. “Keep on dreaming buddy, you’re only young once” your parents may say, “Are you fucking kidding me man? You need to grow up and join the “real” world” some of your friends may tell you, “Brandon, you haven’t paid rent in the past three months, your writing career isn’t taking off, get a real job” Yes, some of your not so friendly land owners may drop this statement on your lap. However, ultimately if you’re doing what you love and rarely feel the sting of boredom, then I’d say your living on the right path. If you simply inform yourself and make conscious decisions for your own life based on research and trial and error, then generally you will lead the life that you’ve always been meant to live. However if you allow other people’s opinions, dogma and generally just plain stupidity to determine how you’re life shall float, well then, you’re not living your life. You’re simply living a “shadow” life, aiding in another beings “true” life, if that makes sense? Well what would you do if you were living a “shadow” life then? Well you’d probably be bored (as you’re not living the life you truly want), and then you’d be in search of external entertainment, because you are simply not at peace within.

The third issue is without a doubt conflict with one’s ego. Your ego is your mind, it’s essentially built up throughout your life and gains characteristics, interests, addictions. You are not your ego, however many people seem to forget that concept in this day and age. The idea of the separateness of the mind (your ego & intelligence), body (your physical manifestation) and soul (your true being) has seemed to have been forgotten these days, hence why there are so many conflicted individuals in this world who do not seem to know what to do with their “selves”, as the ego is in conflict with the “true self” of the individual, and the individual can no longer differentiate between his ego and his being. These individuals become concreted in endless cycles, refuse change as “they know what’s right for them” (or their ego does), and typically do not evolve or live fulfilling lives whatsoever unfortunately. When you are uncomfortable with your being, you would probably want to fill that void of boredom and despair. BANG. Entertainment has entered the picture once again. Now you’re back at square one unfortunately, as negative and positive entertainment are truly but escapes of the reality that you are truly going to have to face one day.

You’re here for a reason. There’s something amiss on this planet. We’re being lied to and manipulated on an international scale. We’re destroying our planet, we’re destroying ourselves… And for what? For false power that is ultimately meaningless? For material gain, which can never truly fill the void deep down? My friends. All of you are my friends. I’d like to say you are family if you are in fact reading this (as hysterical as that sounds), as we’re Human. We’re being. We’re here right now at this very moment. In this very time. And why? Well for the grand purpose and awakening that we are all being subject to right now. The world’s changing. We’re changing as a species. Our primitive and negative ways of corruption, power, warfare and greed can continue no longer. We need to usher in a golden age of Humanity. And we will. If you want to be a part of it then get out there and follow your heart. Acknowledge the wrongs in this world. Take action against them. There are truly so many ways to actively get involved in making the world a better place, and that’s ultimately a big portion of our mission here on Earth. Making it better for all of us. Every single Human Being. Every living Animal and Plant on Earth. We all deserve to thrive. Together. As a “healthy” body in a sense. Working in perfect harmony and unison. It’s time to rise ladies and gents. You are all capable of absolutely anything you put your mind to. So please follow your dreams. Bring light and love into this world. Let’s make it a better place, together. We won’t be bored or need the terrible entertainment provided to us by the awful government systems in place around the world if we simply acknowledge one another as a brother and sister and work TOGETHER for the dawn of a golden future, for our future generations (Hell if you believe in reincarnation then this better appeal to you baby because you’re going to be back here one day and if the world is in the shits then unfortunately you most likely will not enjoy your time here on Earth..).

Thank you guys so much for making it all the way through that post. I know it was long, but it needed to be addressed and I truly hope you all enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Have an incredible Thursday my friends, it’s time to soak up some of that sun.

As always comment below or message me with any personal questions.

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Take is easy and love your life,


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