The concept of “Salvation”.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all had an incredible long weekend. I personally just got back from a cottage yesterday, which is why I haven’t posted all weekend long. On the drive back yesterday I noticed a wooden sign in the form of a cross outside of a small church, an inscription upon it read “Jesus died for your sins, give in to him for Eternal Salvation”. I was somewhat taken aback, although I’ve heard this message probably hundreds of times throughout my life, it never struck so hard as it had at that moment.

I thought for a moment, although Christians believe that Jesus truly did die for their “sins” when he was crucified by the Romans, did he truly die for their sins to be magically “washed away”, or was there an underlying message that was trying to be disclosed to the masses? If Jesus had died for our sins, then ultimately Christians may sin as much as they’d bloody well like, hell anyone can realistically, as long as they one day repent and give their souls to the God of gods. There are clearly moral codes laid out in Christianity as well, such as the Ten Commandments (which is really Judaism’s law code but was “passed down” unto Christianity). Realistically it’s the same for all the other major religions as well, if you follow the moral codes that have been laid out, then one day you will reach your idea of salvation (heaven, paradise, whatever you’d like to call it). If your a Brahmin in Hinduism (which is a holy man, or priest), then you believe you are in service to the gods, however, you’re also part of the caste system and tend you may to treat lower castes with scorn and disrespect (as it generally is regarding the caste system. some horrible things happen to the lower castes, especially the “untouchables” who are not even part of the caste system and regarded as subhuman). Back in the day, Various religious groups justified going through brutal wars, conquests and genocides against one another because they subconsciously viewed the “other self” who was part of a different religion as a “non-believer”, and therefore they found justification in killing, disrespecting and enslaving the “other self” because they were not following the “righteous path”. This is clearly a total violation of the religion’s claimed “law and moral” codes, as laid out by the creators of each religion or way of life. However, the followers of each religion do not consider it a sin, and neither do the leaders, as the “other selves” either resist or renounce their “true religion”, therefore they are not worthy of the life or items they possess, as they are not following the “righteous path”. Followers of each religion still believe they will attain salvation, even if they have committed horrendous “sins”,  as they haven’t commited sins against their “neighbors” (fellow religious advocates of the doctrine they themselves follow).

Although that may have been a bit off track from the concept of “Salvation” as a whole. It really assists in the picture I am attempting to paint. Let’s define “Salvation”. Personally I see Salvation as the only true freedom we as Human Beings can ever hope to attain. Freedom would mean release from the physical bodies we currently manifest, and then our spirits would be free to “evolve” along the path to the “Eternal”. In my personal view, I acknowledge the “Eternal” as the life force that constantly maintains and balances the Universe. New science shows that life is constantly being created in the Universe, and constantly being destroyed. This life force has been termed the “Source Field” by researcher and author David Wilcock. I wrote an article on “The Source Field” a few weeks back in the “New Science” folder, check it out if you’d like to know more. So essentially Salvation would be re connection with the “Eternal”, which for many individuals upon Earth would be seen as “God, gods or the Universe” (I’ll write an article an God, gods and the Universe later on. It will describe the relationship with individuals who follow religions, spiritual paths and those that believe life is “without meaning”, aka Hedonists and Atheists, who believe the pursuit of earthly pleasure and “science” is the only meaning of life), for myself and many others who’ve heard of the Source Field, it would be out “true beings” re connection with the “unseen ever giving life force” present in the Universe.

So where do we as Human Beings look for Salvation? Well obviously we look to Religion and Spirituality. Religion generally tells you to follow a dogmatic lifestyle in hopes of redeeming yourself, and eventually reconnecting with the Eternal. Spirituality generally means people are looking for meaning on their own, either studying under various Spiritual “teachers or masters”, or looking for answers by searching the world and looking deep down within their “true selves”.

Ultimately I’ve realized for my own Being, the only true way to Salvation is by understanding your “true self”, your real nature behind the ego. The soul that dwells within us is an eternal and intelligent being. If we are able to allow our “true self” to shine through the ego, well then we begin to understand other individuals selves as well, over time we realize that we are one with the other self. We are ultimately all One, a single species, a single mind. We’ve just been subconsciously conditioned from such a young age that not many of us are willing to ask the bigger questions, as the answers are generally quite disturbing and may shatter your ego almost instantly. We believe that the daily monotonous routines are all that there is to life. But it’s so much more. We’re so much more. So once again, this may seem somewhat off topic from the idea of Salvation, you may be reading this as a religious individual and be somewhat taken aback, even offended. If so I apologize, we all have our own roads to follow, and I never mean to disrespect any religions in the world. I truly believe in bits and pieces of each, and religion can be an incredibly beautiful and eye opening concept to follow. However, religions have also deeply divided us on an international scale. Religions have made us all “crazy” in the sense that we literally we other Human Beings as “others or subhuman” (It’s terrible that the bombing in Afghanistan killed 47 women and children at a hospital, but that’s what happens when you live in a country filled with “terror”. This is of course an example. As many people watch the news every night and seem to believe these “other” Human Beings around the world in conflict zones “had it coming” because they did not follow the “righteous path” or they were there at the wrong time. It’s horrible, but even as you read this you need to think deep down. Have you ever felt that way when you saw another “other self, or Human Being” being injured (mentally or physically), you almost thought they deserved it because the acted stupid or “in the wrong manner”. If you have (and we all HAVE. don’t lie to yourself. I know I have. I was in Journalism school and I read all the daily atrocities taking place around the world for nearly six months. By the end of it I was so desensitized to violence and harm to “other selves” that not only was I not emotional when I heard these horrendous stories, I also seemed to feel as if they had it coming at times… when no one ever “has it coming”. No one deserves anything other than what the “Law of Karma” owes them. Generally Karma is what affects everyone with positive and negative actions. However as “conscious beings possessive of Free Will” we have the choice to think and do whatever physical actions we’d like.

As always I may have gone off on another tangent. The main point of this article is simply to state that (in my own opinion of course, I am tolerant of all others opinions and truly believe everyone is on the path they are meant to go down. We all have the Free Will to change our ways and subconscious whenever we’d like) the only way for each Human Being to reach salvation is through their “true selves”. I hate to say it, but your sins are never washed away. Karma is always going to bite you in the ass for your negative actions, and lift you for your positive ones. If your religious, be open minded and tolerant of EVERY SINGLE Human Being’s opinion. Don’t disrespect other selves simply because they think differently than you, if you take the time to actually get to know them, you may realize you had more in common with these “others” than you did with you original affiliates. If you want to achieve salvation. Live a life honest to your “self”. Treat everyone the way you’d want to be treated. Help other selves as much as you possibly can. Spread Peace, Love and Positivity to the four corners of the Earth. Find yourself at peace with the Oneness of the Universe.

Thank you so much for reading the entire post and I hope you’re having a wonderful week, where ever you may be.

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