Expressing the Past and Preparing for the Future.

Good afternoon everyone and I hope the day is treating you well. It’s treated me well thus far personally; last night my dog accidentally ran into my laptop plug, thus knocking the glass of water all over my laptop. All night it wouldn’t turn on. This morning however, it turned on but the screen had a bit of water damage. I brought it into the Geek Squad and they assured me they can fix it! This has brightened my day considerably. I also received a full time job as a mover for a local branch of “Campbell’s Moving Ltd”, I’m not a huge fan of working with my hands, however it pays well and will get me out of the house (I’ve had a bit too much time on my hands since I’ve returned home from Peru to say the least..), which are two very positive aspects all Humans need in their lives (Stability and a sense of “meaning”, which a career can easily fulfill, even if it’s not incredibly serious to the welfare of the world). So all in all, I can’t complain about my Wednesday. The only negative aspect affecting me is the fact that I’ve seem to have broken out in poison ivy hives. It’s not covering me or too severe, but it is very itchy and somewhat uncomfortable. Alas, that is life at the end of the day. Hell, I could have it a lot worse.

Really, finally getting steady employment (6 days a week and a generous wage) means being able to move on with my life to be completely honest. Ever since I’ve dropped out of College I’ve been searching endlessly. I’ve been anxious and angry. Knowing I have a larger role than the one I’ve been led to believe I must fulfill. Am I truly destined to die like so many other Beings have, nameless? I don’t mean that in a dis respectable manner whatsoever either. However, as a conscious Being we all have passions, ideas, hopes and dreams, yet not many Beings seem to achieve what they truly deserve, and why is that? Well certainly it has to do with the lack of equality in the world (children in third world countries would love to have what those in first world countries have, however those in first world countries always seem to want “more” and never seem to be truly satisfied, this is clearly because we are subconsciously brainwashed into becoming addicted to the materialism of the Western world from a very young age), as well as the sense of the ego (mind) not being good enough to do what the spirit (true self) truly has planned for the physical manifestation (body) it has incarnated within. This is very prevalent in the modern century than ever before in Human history. Not only do so many people feel worthless (this is when mental handicaps such as anxiety, depression and mania begin to manifest), they don’t even believe they have dreams anymore. They don’t know what the hell they want to do with their lives. They cling to vices and the past, in search of the “good old days” when life wasn’t so complex. They allow their ego that has built up over their entire lifetime to literally possess them, and they end up forgetting who they truly were, who they eternally are. This might be due to the fierce competitive attitude that is so common in the “real world” industries, people are afraid of joining the world of adults and giving back what they truly have to offer. They don’t want to face ridicule or judgement. They’d rather slave away at a 9-5 for their short time here on Earth.

So why am I bashing 9-5 employment when I just said at the beginning of that paragraph that I was eager to enter the work force again. Well for one, this truly is a pretty decent opportunity. I’ll be making solid income (to save for future ventures around the globe and to get myself a studio apartment downtown) and I’ll be meeting new people on a daily basis, making connections and hopefully having some insightful conversations (I shouldn’t place too much hope for the last statement). Really though, this isn’t job permanent either. I also write on a daily basis, which is my true passion without a doubt and I know one day shall be my full time “job”, and I have other side projects that I hope to release to all of you lovely individuals soon.

Who knows what the future holds for any of us, yet we all have dreams, and hopefully we all know where we plan to be in the future, what we’d like to do, what we’d like to change with our bare sweaty hands about this planet. Right now I know I’m in a better place than I ever have been in my entire life. I’ve seen some dark days. I was a dark person in a sense. However, it was simply because I had built myself up to be that way over all my twisted years as a youth. Spiteful and vice fueled constantly. Anxious about the future and depressed about the past. No, I am no longer the disheartened poet of my Youth. I’ve allowed my Universal essence to seep through. The sap of the galactic tree. How bitter the syrup tastes. How lonely it can be at times. When you feel as if their is truly no one you can relate to, simply because you’ve already related to them. When you’re surrounded by lost souls who claim to be having a good time. Forgetting themselves. What would you do. Well I simply inhale and exhale. That’s all I can do. Some minds are beautiful to pick. Others impossible to decipher. Some hold the darkest secrets. Few know the infinite power. If you held enough power to hold sway over and entire conscious species, would you? If you would, what would you do to them? Enslave them and conquer or free them and prosper? Think about it.

Really all I know that the Universe has a plan for me, as it does for each and every single one of us. I hope to travel to Russia in the next four years (after I travel the regions of the world that I need to visit) and study quantum physics (mainly light and sound energy)as well as the origins (initial creation/programming) of consciousness there. Who knows where I will truly be however, as the future is forever uncertain. Unless you’re Nostradamus of course (or other gifted psychics).

Anyways I know I may have sidetracked at some points in the article but thank you so much for bearing with me and I truly hope you enjoyed the post.

As always, comment below to start a discussion or email me with any personal questions. Also, if any of you have a topic that you’d like to know more about, send it to me, I’ll do the research and either make a post on here or a YouTube vlog for you all.

Have a beautiful rest of the evening ladies and gents.




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