Is there a Universal “connection” between all Life?

Have you ever thought of someone and suddenly you get a message or phone call from them? Maybe you literally call one another at the exact same time. I’ve personally had dreams where I have seen my friends or family, and they were able to remember seeing me to some degree while asleep as well. Feeling uncomfortable at an even and you lock eyes with a friend and nod, you both agree that you’d like to get out right there and then and meet at the exit and take off. I’ve literally been in situations where the energy of individuals is so strong that you can feel their’s, and they can feel yours. If you trust this person and are comfortable with being linked with them on a more mental level, then that is fine. However, if you are unsure of the individuals intentions it is better to literally “block” them out mentally; don’t give them any attention or energy whatsoever, and slowly they will seep away, in search of another “easier” individual. In that sense we can categorize individuals into three personal categories based on the “mental feelings” we get from them: Positive (friends and family who help you positively and you help them back accordingly, you balance one another out and everyone thrives) Neutral (People you do not mind being around and may actually enjoy, however you can not relate to on a deep level and would not want to be around them on a consistent basis) and Negative (Individuals who simply drain you of your “energy”; you party with them relentlessly, share bad habits and generally cannot relate to whatsoever other than the fact that you’re both seeking something “negative”). In this sense you are connected to all these individuals that you personally associate yourself with, however your “true” relationship depends on how you spend you’re time with one another (through whatever activities you may enjoy or despise). Sometimes you may have to completely “disconnect” from some individuals as the relationship that you both share is simply self destructive.

If we truly think about it, we are somewhat connected with each and every single “other” Human Being on planet Earth, even the ones that we have not yet met; as we have yet to have developed any kind of relationship with them to begin with. Once you develop a relationship with any individual then you can decide what type of connection you may share with that individual (be it negative, neutral or positive; maybe it is a combination of the two). Think about those who you surround yourself the most; your friends, family, mentors etc. Now think about the five individuals who you spend the most time with. Ultimately, you are the average of those five people combined (the different mental and physical aspects), however as each Human Being is forever evolving and changing (changing who they associate themselves with and how they appear to others both mentally and physically), their relationships with different life throughout the Universe becomes perceived differently as time goes on.

It’s not only Human Beings who we are directly connected with, as Dr. Backster’s research proves to us that plants are in constant communication with not only Human Beings, but with all biological lifeforms on the planet, possibly even throughout the Universe. I wrote an article on Dr. Baxter’s theory a few weeks ago, feel free to check it out, Dr. Baxter discovered that plants have emotional reactions towards what is happening in their direct vicinity and alert all other lifeforms as to what is occurring. Dr. Baxter discovered that when he attached plants in his lab to a polygraph machine that they did indeed react to different situations. For example, when Dr. Baxter directly thought about burning the a flower his assistant had placed in his lab that he inevitably hooked up to the polygraph, it began “screaming”, it’s readings were off the charts. Another time when he poured burning hot water into his labs sink (which killed the bacteria within, lab sinks are incredibly disgusting if you’ve ever seen one), a plant he had hooked up earlier began “screaming” as well, and “alerting” other lifeforms in the vicinity as well. To discover if Plants tracked Humans whom they were close with, Dr. Baxter attached a polygraph to the flower that his assistant had placed in his room when he originally began his research earlier. Dr. Baxter went on a trip that spanned over 100 miles. Whenever he had a moment of panic or emotional distress, he would write it down and the time it occurred. The plant was monitored for whenever it’s readings went off. Strangely enough, whenever Dr. Baxter had written down the time of personal distress he occurred, it generally directly corresponded with any time the plant’s readings went off.

We as Human Beings are also generally capable of “connecting” with our surroundings on a very deep level. I for one, am at the most peace whenever I am isolated and surrounded by majestic nature, so that I may dwell in thought and simply relax. I truly feel at home in nature. Others feel at home by their grandparents house by the ocean. Maybe they connect with the local animals at the Zoo. Maybe they are passionate about Synchronizing Swimming and their partners and themselves are connected on a very deep and physical level, capable of mimicking one another’s movement with extreme precision. While some love connection with other Beings at all times (we call these people “extroverts” and they come in all shapes and personalities), others prefer smaller groups that have deep meaning, or even being on their own most of the time (we call these individuals “introverts”, and some can handle social situations to a degree while others can’t bear the thought of it except a small group of individuals whom they truly “connect” with). While Extroverts love sharing their energy and connecting with those around them, Introverts seem to keep their energy more to themselves, and connect with only “trusted” friends. Of course, as people are ever changing (as I said earlier in this post) that also means that some people will turn from introverts into extroverts and vice versa.

I believe in being an introvert in some situations and an extrovert in others. If you don’t know what you’re talking about then keep you’re mouth shut and listen, or you’ll make a fool of yourself. If you know how to fix a problem but feel anxious about opening up to people and taking responsibility for a situation, then step out of your comfort zone and do what needs to get done. Ultimately, just try to balance your life out and always be in control of it. Connect with your surroundings to the best of your ability, try to always understand the underlying message that is trying to be relayed. Do your best to connect with conscious individuals who will assist you in having the most impacting and positive lifestyle possible. Connect with those that share dreams with you, and work together to make them a reality. Ultimately, connect with your true self. Allow yourself to see the connection with the Universal Experience. You are everything and everything is You. The Endless Wheel of Life is a very legitimate concept.

Thank you so much for reading the entire post and I hope it got you thinking, hopefully it resonated with some of you.

As always comment below to start a discussion or message me personally with any questions you may have. If you are interested in writing for Fragmented Illusions then message me as I’m looking for active writers to join the team.

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Have a great evening my friends.




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