My brain is still pulsing from the last encounter. At times this lucid sickness of mine has me believing that I may in fact be going crazy. Nothing should seem so real, should it? This seems more like the real illusion. One that I am constantly involved with. The more I read online about the pineal gland releasing DMT (Dimethyltriptomine) when we sleep, the more connected I feel to the deeper meanings behind these visions. Constant lives in rotation. Who am I truly? This mask I wear bears little resemblance to what I truly am. Simply one of many faces. Cut one off and two grow in it’s place. I am still searching. I probably will be my entire life. It matters little at this very moment in time. The answers are lying at the end of the tunnel. The real question is, how long is this tunnel? The rabbit hole seems to have many twists and curves. Regardless, you’re here to understand, are you not? I am simply here to paint. Shall I press Enter?

The plane is crashing. I’m holding her hand. She’s crying and screaming at me. I’m staring at the window. Emotionless. It all happened so quickly. It all ended so quickly. Flames engulf the end of the plane. Voices screaming in pain and fear. I look over at her. Even in despair she is more beautiful than any piece of Art any intelligent Being could possibly create. Aristocratic features. High cheekbones. Ebony black hair. Violet eyes that make my core shiver. “I love you”, I whisper to her. She’s crying uncontrollably and grabs hold of me fiercely. “Don’t let me go”, she violently screams in my right ear. I never would. I guess this is the way of the Universe. So unpredictable. I thought my work was only just beginning. As always, another will carry the banner. Our work is collective. The smell of burning flesh is distinct. This is the most disturbing moment of my life, death and fear surround me. Yet I’m at peace. She’s here. I’m here. We’re going somewhere. It’s just another adventure. We are needed elsewhere. The plane begins to tear apart, piece by piece. I close my eyes and my entire world blackens into the abyss.

The ocean surrounds me. I am alone. Lying in the sand. Surrounded by corpses and debris. She’s left me. I no longer possess a heart. My mind is numb. My body aches. My true being left this husk of flesh when she departed. I remain. This place holds something for me. This world. This moment. What is it, I have yet to find out. I’d love to move. Yet the my surroundings entice me in a perverted way. “If this is a limbo, this must be it”, surrounded by the dead who have moved on, in an unknown environment, completely isolated from everything you’ve ever known. Probably an island near the Caribbeans, who knows though. I was sleeping before I died and was born anew into a different realm. I think about who I was before. Yet I can’t remember. My identity is gone. I am only here. I lift my aching body and allow the warmth of the Sun to energize my body. Slowly I make my way across the white sand beach. Each step softly softly engulfing my rugged feet. The lush forest seems to welcome me as I wander within. The birds are singing a wondrous melody, and the insects shortly join in. I walk for hours. How did I end up here once again. What is the point of it all. I simply want to break free from this holographic nightmare. Why is it that some of us are eternally tasked with wandering, while others are eternally free and intelligent. I must learn and remember, only to forget… Every single time. I smells smoke. There are cliffs nearby, flames dance upon them. A sign. Or a forest fire. Either way, soon there shall be release. Only to be captured once again.

As I leave behind the serenity of the forest and approach the cliffs I hear it. The whistle. Her whistle. I knew it. I break into a brisk jog and approached a lighted path to the top of the cliffs. They’re here as well. I suppose it’s just as well. Going out just like Joseph Campbell said, the perfect hero archetype; My greatest love and my greatest fear as an obstacle. Seems a fitting climax to this part of the wormhole. I walk up the path and gather myself. Clear my mind of everything except the moment. I close my eyes and inhale deeply. One, two, three. “Pleased to see you’ve finally joined the party” He says, my Ego manifest. Half shadow, half my physical manifestation. I feel a surge deep within my body and fall downwards. Only I don’t. My body does. Lifeless. I am transparent and ethereal, my True Being. I see her now. “Hello my love”, I whisper. “I’d prefer we’d be alone for our farewell, wouldn’t you Brother?” He says. His shadowed arm raises and she begins to fade into the sky. I make out a single word as she leaves my side once more. “Soon”. “I seemed to think we had parted our ways a long time ago”, I say as I look him in the eyes. I approach him and he begins to walk towards me as well. “How about once more for old times sake? You can be with her anytime you want, and we always seem to have so much fun together, you and I” He winks at me. This is the deal I must make. One half breaks free. The other must take another half in order to be whole. I am my Self right now. Pure Light. Pure Energy. He is Ego and manifest. The mind and body. Capable of incredible feats and Horrendous crimes. Together we are balance in the Dimensional Illusion. “Once more, that’s always the case… I suppose” I say, not willing to battle this out. “Well that’s was easy! shall we begin then, my love?” He says with a malicious grin. We grasp arms and I begin to incarnate the manifestation. The shadow of the Ego joins me. We make the whole physical and then in the blink of an eye the warp takes us into Eternity once more.

I awake. Sweating profusely. It’s all fun in games at the end of the day, is it not? I suppose I’ll end this off simply. As I press Enter.

Thank you very much for reading this post. The “Dreamscape” series is simply a collection of shorts stories that I am working on. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them. Essentially, I’m allowing you a glimpse inside my mind in this series.

Have an incredible Friday ladies and gentlemen. The Sun is shining. The Sky is clear. The world is simply waiting for you to join it. Enjoy yourselves this weekend.

If you enjoy the post, please share it with your friends and family, as well as social media. I’m trying to expand the blog and really appreciate all of you who read and support from the bottom of my heart. I’m also looking for more writers to add to the site, if you or anyone you know has a talent for writing and is interested in what I write about here on Fragmented Illusions please contact me @ Brandon.andovic@hotmail.com.

I’m off to Toronto, adios amigos.

Peace and love,


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2 thoughts on “Dreamscape..

  1. Brandon, great story. I seriously enjoyed it. You definitely have a talent for writing.


    1. Thank you so much Ian. Haven’t been at it for a while. Just starting to get the blood flowing once again. I hope your doing well!


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