The Instability of the International “Social Order”.

Howdy friends, I hope the Universe is on your side today. The creative spark has been returned to me, and my writing has commenced once again. I figured I’d pump out a few articles for all you lovely people to indulge in (if you care to, that is), considering I haven’t done so in a while.

This article will discuss the instability that our current International social order presents, why is will inevitably fall, and why it has been this way (for thousands of years). So essentially, the nations of the world typically fall into three distinct categories; (which subconsciously believe it or not, has us believing the lower tiers are not as “superior” to those of us on the higher tiers. We disregard the lives of those living within lower social classes, or downright forget about them altogether) First world nations (established economic and technological powerhouses such as the United States, England, France and Russia; citizens are well off for the most part and resources are abundant), Second world nations (rising economic and technological powers throughout the world such as India, China, South Africa, Brazil and Peru; citizens are beginning to receive better wages as their countries economic prowess increases, resources are not abundant but not rare) and Third world nations (countries that possess little to no economic and technological powers such as Afghanistan, The Congo’s, Somalia, Thailand; citizens typically do not have a job and live in poverty, they make meager livings as farmers or other low income professions).

The first world nations are the most powerful and secure and generally see it as their duty to organize the second and third world nations, however they deem fit. This could mean deploying their military to a third world nation in order to defend the innocent against rebel/terrorist groups, or it could mean deploying their troops to defend the local oil fields while the rest of the country burns. No matter how you much you may attempt to convince yourself that you believe everyone deserves to be equal in this world and that you are helping the world advance, your still subconsciously programmed since birth to differentiate between individuals and where they are from, and based on their “social rank”, you subconsciously know how they will be treated. Every time I travel I make it my duty to simply integrate into the local population as much as possible. I submerge myself into the local culture and attempt to learn the local language so that I may communicate with the locals on a basic level. What I’ve realized more than anything is that not only do people from third and second world countries believe that individuals from first world countries are “superior” and “wealthy”, they also wish that they could switch lives with us, and I don’t blame them. It’s absolutely crazy how blessed those of us who live in first world nations truly are. We have all the opportunities and resources available to us to do whatever it is that we’d like, however many individuals take that for granted and don’t care to achieve anything beyond average.. When I was in Peru (Not Lima either, I was in Iquitos, where the unemployment rate is 80% and mostly everyone, even those who were employed, were living well below the poverty level..) all the advertisements featured very attractive European and Americans. Never were their Peruvians, unless it was a local television series, however they essentially watch the same programs we do, simply with subtitles.

The thing is, third and second world nations are generally those that possess the most abundant natural resources in the world. So it’s odd that their countries are so much less wealthy and advanced than ours, is it not? Well since the dawn of time, the weak have always been exploited by the strong. The Romans had no culture essentially until they conquered the Greeks, stole their religion, culture and architecture and essentially just renamed it in a Roman style. They absorbed conquered states into their empire, dissolved the local religions and cultures and replaced it with their own. They enslaved the women and children, conscripted the local men to fight their wars and took the local areas resources to fuel their ever expanding empire. This has been repeated by almost every dominant empire throughout the history of mankind (There have been tolerant empires who allowed the local conquered populations to keep their religions; the mongols in their early days, as surprising as it sounds, would allow you to pay a large tribute and pledge allegiance to the chief of their “horde”, in exchange they would not slaughter everyone and burn the city down to the ground. The old Persian empire worked the same way. The Ottoman empire also allowed leaders to pledge allegiance to them, allowing them to keep their lands, title and culture).

Really though, Colonialism defined “first, second and third world” countries more than ever before. At this time, powerful European empires essentially took over as much as the known world as quickly as possible, turning defined cultures and kingdoms into colonies of theirs. They did this by imposing treaties on the conquered people (who generally had no idea what the treaty read, they were simply terrified of the invaders and their superior weaponry, which they considered godlike, so they signed the treaties rather than face annihilation), or simply by exterminating the local populace. Colonialism has given every part of the world essentially a foreign taste to it.

Modern day colonialism is administered in a much more subtle way. First world nations move into lower tier nations in pursuit of “terrorism”, “rebels” or “dictators”. Our military is then deployed to these areas. They fight the bad guys. Lives are thrown away on both sides. We, the masses, subconsciously have our own “national collective Egos” (A national collective Ego is the term I use for a nation of people who consider one another as allies, for example, North America has a national collective Ego constituting of Canadian and American Egos, although they are incredibly distinct, the people of the two countries share similar morals and ideals, which allows them to see eye to eye with one another an be allies. We are both Democracies, we are each other’s greatest trading partner, we rely on one another) fed, in the sense that we believe our soldiers are doing the right thing, so we don’t mind paying exorbitant taxes in order to fuel these “righteous” wars.

However, when our soldiers go into these countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, India…. the list goes on and on) they typically leave the country in a much worse state when they leave than it was to begin with. We also replace their culture with much of our own “western” culture. We conscript the local men to fight against other local men who do not share the same ideals. We essentially train and arm local men, and then send them off to murder their brothers. We offer the women and young children jobs at our corporation factories that are then set up in their countries, where these people are paid a fraction of what they are truly worth, and are never able to bring their true talents to light. We destroy their villages and natural landscape with our bombs, in hopes of killing the “enemy”. We force the weakened governments to sign contracts with ours; selling their natural resources to our governments for an incredibly low fee, in return we all the elite to keep all the money, who then live a life of luxury and turn their police and militaries into angry and violent tools used to subdue the local population into conformity, rather than keep them safe. Rarely do we hit the enemy however, with coalition airstrikes claiming more civilian lives than ISIS fighters.. (Just how it was in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia.. Don’t worry though. The mainstream media will never reveal the true statistics of our wars to you. You can sleep in comfortable bliss. Never knowing the true extent of the damage we have done to this world. After all, the media is owned by the corporations that also own the war, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, so why would they ever want to report something negative to you? Why would they tell you of all the dead children. Why would they tell you that we’ve actually discovered the cures to a large amount of diseases? After all, these cures are cheap. The current pills that temporarily alleviate the diseases will surely make much more profit than those that have a one time use. Why would we report on the massive amounts of pesticides in our food? Why would we report on the inhumane treatment of animals on “mass farms”? If someone saw that, then they’d demand the agricultural industry does a complete reformation, or they’d simply start eating only organic food.)

No one really wants to think about the clear social castes that still plague Humanity gravely to this day. We may have democracy, freedom and peace. However, not many people on Earth do. There’s more war, slavery (yes slavery is still incredibly rampant, now more than ever), corruption and poverty than there has ever been before on this planet. There’s a reason to this. The distribution of wealth and resources in the world is ridiculously unbalanced, it’s horrid to think about really, but 1% of the world’s population own’s almost half it’s wealth. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it may not seem like it, but YOU and I are part of the 1%! That doesn’t make sense does it now? We’re all well off, yet I don’t know a single billionaire, and millionaires are abundant in this day and age. This really boils down to the mega corporations and their owners (What it comes down to really is that 0.00001 of the Earth’s population own close to 30% of the Earth’s wealth). Close to 3 billion people in the world live on less than $2 a day..

There’s a lot more to be said about this article, however it will be further expanded upon in later posts. All I want to say really people is that we really need to count our blessings more often then we do, and be grateful for each and every moment of our lives. When you see someone struggling, help them. If you can give back to those that truly need it more than you do, than do it! Last by not least, try to use less. I’m guilty of it as well, but we could really do with so much less, and we’d probably be a lot happier as well. The happiest people I’ve ever met in my life also happened to be the poorest. Try to live simply for at least an hour each day. Turn your phone and other electronics off. Go outside and lay in a field and simply watch the stars or sky. Go for a nature walk with your friends, family or pet. Talk to other Human Beings, get to know them. Most people are fucking awesome.

Sorry for the rant and I know I was somewhat off topic at times throughout the post, but I thank you for bearing with me.

I hope you all have a lovely evening. If you enjoyed the post, then share it with your friends and family! I’m trying to expand the blog and could use all all the assistance I can get. Also if you know of or are an experienced writer yourself who would be interested in writing for “Fragmented Illusions” then please email me at with a piece of your writing. Also looking for an editor to join the site ASAP, if you or anyone you know has editorial skills then contact me and we will arrange to meet and discuss the specifics.

Adios for now amigos,


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