Love and Lust.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I hope this fine Wednesday has treated you well thus far. I truly apologize for taking so long to write again.. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s simply that I haven’t had the time or energy to devote to it in the past week and a half. Which is really an excuse, I could have written, I simply chose not to. I had terrible weekend to be honest. My pup, Nikki, passed away last Friday. My sister and mother had to put her down at 10:30 A.M. I had gone to work early that morning, and said goodbye to her. Something didn’t seem right thought.. She had no motor control (she attempted to greet me as I came up the stairs, as she does every morning, and could hardly stand..) and was panting very heavily. When I arrived at my job site for the day I checked my phone to see what the time was, my sister had texted me informing me that when she had awoken there was puke all over the main floor, Nikki was having a terrible seizure that wouldn’t stop and crying. My sister called my mother who immediately returned home from work and immediately brought her to the vet with my sister and had her put down.  I knew it was bound to happen sooner than later, but I still didn’t see it coming. I don’t think anyone ever does.

Regardless, life goes on. Everything returns to the Universe eventually. Today I’d like to talk about a subject that is incredibly prominent within modern society, the difference between Love and Lust. So, to begin let’s define both the terms. Love (in my opinion at the very least) is the unconditional, intense feeling of deep affection, for lack for better word, that one individual feels for another individual. Lust on the other hand, is simply one individual being very enticed (interested- either sexually or socially) with another individual.

The first individuals you will ever love in your life is your immediate family. Your mother who gave birth to you, your father who cradled you,. your brothers and sisters who teased you. After that, your secondary family are typically those you begin to love. As you grow older you will make friends with some individuals whom you truly love. You will eventually fall in love with someone, and they will love you back, and the bond you form will be incredibly powerful. Can you ever lose true love? In my personal opinion, the answer to that is No. Over time you may feud and argue with those you love, even grow apart and not see one another often, however the bond will always true be there, you will still love and care for that individual even if they caused you great pain, even if you caused them great pain.. Eventually you will see that individual once again. It will be up to you (or them) to forgive one another, and allow love to flow freely once again.

Throughout the course of your entire life there will always be individuals whom you feel greatly attracted to, you like this individual very much. Maybe you feel strongly about this individual because of their physical appearance. Maybe you can have great conversations with one another because you think alike. Maybe they have qualities that you find very attractive or admirable. No matter what it is that makes you feel strongly about this individual, it is probably not for who they truly are deep down, it is probably just a few things about them. Allow me expand on that, you may really like the fact that this individual plays sports and stay active, but you don’t like the fact that they smoke cigarettes, regardless you still really enjoy being with the individual, and the positives outweigh the negatives, so you spend time with them no matter what. However, if they stopped being active, got out of shape, starting smoking and drinking a lot, would you still feel the same way about that individual as you did when you began your relationship and your ideals actually aligned? Probably not. This has happened to me many times in life. With girls that I was strongly attracted to, as well as people whom I believed were my good friends. I was simply enticed by these people. I didn’t truly love them, even though my ego may have tricked myself into believing I originally was, once the illusion that I was interested in originally faded, I realize that I may have really liked that person (or not liked them at all), and that I do not truly love them for who they really are.

In modern society Lust is mistaken for Love frequently. People rush headstrong into relationships, make regrettable decisions, and once the lust fades, the two individuals realize their relationship is over, they may like one another, but they never loved one another, and they go their separate ways.

The counter to this however is that ultimately every single Human Being is capable of accepting and loving one another for who they truly are no matter what. Forgiving those that seek forgiveness, and in turn showing them love, even when they themselves have wronged you, if the ultimate form of hate. Realistically, if you don’t like someone, it’s for a certain reason. Maybe those who you do not like behave a certain way, display characteristics your not particularly fond of or appear physically unpleasant to you. If that is the case, you have to get over that issue one day or another. Whatever it is you don’t like about them, you don’t like about yourself either, so you do you best not to present yourself in the same manner as those that do. Once you forgive these people however, and begin to get to know them, then generally you truly may begin to like them for who they truly are, maybe one day that will grow into love.

Remember, hate simply broods hate, love breeds love. Spread peace and positivity to those around you, and you will receive the same energy in return. The law of Attraction is very real and very powerful indeed in this reality, and if you don’t know what that is, then I suggest you do a quick google search my boy (or girl).

I suppose the main message that I’m trying to get across is simply that in this day and age not many people truly love those that they say they do for who they truly are. They may lust after that individual for some of their Being, but typically not all of it, or maybe they’ll lie and say they do. However, if you love someone then you can truly feel it. In the energy around you when your around them. In their eyes. Yeah, Love’s some heavy stuff.

Anyways ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for reading the post, and I hope you have a lovely remainder of the evening.

I’m gonna do my best to do a single post a day from now on, because two is simply overwhelming most days, and I want to give myself some time for my other projects as well. I will begin posting two Vlogs per week as well, which you can find on my YouTube channel, That channel is also where I’ll be posting all my original music and covers as well, so stay tuned.

If you enjoyed the post, share it with your friends and family via social media! I’ll be posting daily once again, promise.

Peace and love my friends,


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