The Kali Yuga.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I hope your all having a fantastic week so far (only two more to go). I’m once again back (at least on the blog, at last). I quit my job last week so now I have absolutely no reason to procrastinate or prevent myself from writing on a daily basis (As I have promised to do so for the past few months..). It matters not, what’s important is the fact that I am here at this moment in time preparing this article, whereas you, sitting within another moment in time in the future, are reading it, thanks for that by the way.

The topic I’ll be discussing today is that of the Kali Yuga. Your probably wondering right now “All right sounds somewhat interesting, but what the bloody hell is that?”, Well allow me to explain. The Kali Yuga is the last of the four Yugas (Ages) that are foretold of in the Sanskrit Scriptures (which is associated with Hinduism) within the current Mahayuga (cycles of time). The three previous stages being the Dvarpa Yuga, Treta Yuga and the Satya Yuga.

You may be getting somewhat confused now with all the different “Yugas” going on. I’ll now refer to Yugas as Ages, and I’ll define each Yuga in turn. The first Yuga to ever occur was the Satya Age. The Satya Age is also referred to as the Golden Age. This was apparently a time when the “Gods themselves governed Humanity”. Humans and all creations were the closest to perfection that we might attain. Truth and righteousness thrived where as deceit and corruption didn’t exist. There were no conflicts. There was no poverty or illness. Human life prospered in peace alongside the animals that happen to call our planet home as well. Our planet was also in pristine condition. All resources were abundant and consistently flourishing. Humans lived in a state of “Spiritual” Bliss, in a sense, and were truly at peace with their place in the Universe. If you can picture Human morality as a square carved into four quarters, then the Golden Age of Humanity is when the square is full. Nothing has been removed, we are “pure” is this sense. We understood our eternal purpose. We understood one another. We knew that the “one” only thrived as long as the “many” were as well. Over time however, a new age took over, as nothing can truly last forever.

The second age to come was the Treta Yuga, also known as the “Silver Age”. Now think back to the four quarters, if it is full during the Golden Age, then during the Silver Age it would diminish to three quarters. So here, Humans lose a quarter of their “morality, goodness and perfection”. Where as all Humans were free and equal within the Golden Age, now “Stronger” Humans begin to form kingdoms and alliances and rule over those weaker than them. Although the “Stronger” man is still fair, kind and just when he deals with “Lesser” men, he begins to see himself as something greater than those he governs. Ego would definitely begin to develop within this age, and over time throughout this age it will continue to grow more and more powerful. Small conflicts (over honor, integrity and “truth”) would begin to take place within the Silver Age, where as violence would have been unheard of in the Golden Age, as conflicts simply wouldn’t occur as no one would wrong one another. The Gods would be frustrated with the Humans at times  when foolish quarrels arose, but love and aid them nonetheless. Humans would begin to lose their “spirituality” and become more concerned with earthly endeavors, the pursuit of power and materialism.  It would be clear that the Human Race was beginning to fragment from being a whole, as over time some groups of Humans will begin to not trust one another. Although the overall living conditions during the Silver Age would still be excellent, near the end of the age it would’ve been clear that something wrong is occurring.

The third age is known as the Dvarpa Yuga or the “Bronze Age”. Now, the “square of morality” I keep returning to for reference is reduced once again, to a half, rather than three quarters. So Humans lose yet another quarter of their “perfection”. The pursuit of power and status will now be a large goal for all Humans, rather than the pursuit of peace and enlightenment. Now, class systems begin to arise. Humans are no longer equal, and it is clear. The roles of each class are distinct, and each class is governed by a status. For the first time, a clear social hierarchy begins to form. This is simply within a single community or civilization as well. So not only within friendly civilizations will there be clear social hierarchies which essentially tell Humans subconsciously that their role is considered “superior” or more worthy than that of the man standing next to him, therefore he (or she) is truly above that man, so they may treat the individual however they see fit (Priests will look down on soldiers, soldiers will look down on merchants, merchants will look down on peasants etc), but their will also be full scale war between neighboring nations that begin to see one another as “others”, even subhuman.  Humans will also begin to greatly lose touch with their Divinity and Spirituality. The Gods would begin to leave us as they can no longer see us begin to destroy ourselves. The Gods that stay would themselves eventually grow to be a part of our conflicts, breaking their own divine rules of peace. Slowly over the course of this age, everything that Humans once cared and strived for would fade away. The Truth will be lost to the dust of conflict. Our morals will be swallowed by our Egos. Peace is replaced with War. Light is replaced with Darkness. Righteousness replaced with Wickedness.

So I suppose that brings us to the fourth and final Age, the one this entire article was written about, as it is the age that Humanity currently finds itself within, the Kali Yuga or as I refer to it, the “Clay Age”. In the age that we are currently engulfed in, the world is essentially upside down. The “morality square” is reduced to a single quarter. We as the Human Species seem like a lost puppy dog consciously wondering what the hell is going on, yet wandering around nonetheless. Spiritual and Divine matters are no longer matters discussed. Humans no longer truly connect with one another on a deep level. Even Humans that are friendly towards us are seen as others, something unknown and alien that is better left to it’s own devises. The only pursuit in this age is materialism and pleasure. Conflict occurs frequently and ruthlessly. Lies spread like a wildfire and are interpreted as the truth by the masses. The poor and hungry are left to starve. While the wealthy and powerful consume more and even more. Vices and sins are the new norm, and seen as a part of life. The rulers are no longer fair and just, they are now sadistic and corrupt, caring only for themselves. The earth we inhabit is raped and plundered for resources, for profit.. for imaginary coins that don’t even exist. Human lives are thrown away as though they are worthless, when life is truly the only currency we’ve ever possessed..  The worst part about it all is that no one will seem to believe that there is anything wrong with the world. Those that acknowledge the wrongs will be shun, seen as idiots or worse, punished for unveiling truths that are meant to remain buried in the sands of deceit.

I know it may sound somewhat far fetched. But it is not. We truly are living in the Kali Yuga. The Dark Ages. What I described in the previous paragraph truly is taking place on a daily basis, and what I described is simply the tip of the ice berg (really though, this world is truly a crazy and scary place. A lot goes on beyond the veil of transparency. There’s a reason for that as well. As long as the masses are kept in the dark and oblivious to what is truly taking place in the world, the longer those that “control” it can continue to do as they please). I’m not writing this article to scare you or to motivate you to become a social or environmental activist. Really the point of this article is simply to inform you that this Era that we are currently experiencing was written and spoken of thousands and thousands of years ago, and the description fits the bill rather fittingly in my own opinion. Although it may be a dark world, it is only through our actions that we may make the world a brighter place. Only we are capable of choosing what actions we shall employ throughout our lifetime. Shall we use this knowledge that is brought to us to bring about change for the future of Humanity, For the future of our children (and our reincarnations if you place faith in that belief)? In my opinion though, the fact that we are living in some of the darkest moments of mankind’s brief history is somewhat relaxing. After all, after every dark night comes a brighter day. We will get through this together, but first we must come together. Under a single banner. A single species. A single soul. I am talking about us Humans, of course. We are more than capable of returning to the Golden Age. The hard part is convincing the entire species that we’re all the same. Behind the colors. The Religions. The Egos. The Institutions. We’re all simply Human. Beyond Humanity, We’re all simply souls. Living the Human Experience. Wouldn’t it be better if we enjoyed our limited time here upon earth thriving with one another rather than destroying each other? Loving rather than hating? Caring for rather than degrading? I for one, am done with the factors that separate us, and would simply like to move forward. Care to join me?

I hope you all enjoyed the post, and thank you very much for taking the time out of your evening to read.

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Have a wonderful evening my friends.

Stay curious and keep questionin’,


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