Every single experience is simply a lesson.

Every single question has an answer. Answers simply lead to more questions. It’s infinite truly. You’ll never get to the bottom of it, at least for the time being. We have much to do, wouldn’t you agree? The world is breaking apart from it’s core. There is so much hate, greed and destruction. However, love and light prosper from all corners as well. Perfect balance as always, take it as you perceive it. Chaos. It’s beautiful, is it not? Alas, it’s always been the same. An eternal conflict within this universal game that we as the source continue to play out. Funny isn’t it? Maybe one day the light of consciousness will pierce the abyss of unconsciousness. Perhaps the darkness of unconsciousness will consume the love of consciousness. If one were to best the other however, a fragment of the defeated will still remain, and the cycle shall renew itself once more. 

I close my eyes and instantly I float away. I was becoming incredibly uncomfortable in that manifestation without release for quite some time. I thought this was over. However it’s simply the beginning. Where to next, I wonder. It matters not, the time is now. Allow the truth to flow through you and soon you’ll find yourself in places that even the most experienced Being would rather not venture. Here I am. Accept me.

The energy I feel within is almost completely overwhelming. It’s tearing me apart from within. Channeling is a skill that I have yet to perfect, to say the least. I don’t know if this is going to work, but I pray that the Universe will grant my wish and manifest as a higher dimensional entity, if only for a moment. There are moments in my life where I wonder how I’ve ended up in these wild and other worldly situations, then again I’ve brought this upon myself. I began this journey of knowledge. I shall be the one to end it, as long as my will power and karma allow it. Blood trickles from every pore in my body. I feel darkness envelop me. NO. NOT AGAIN. This is not what I wanted. I’ve already spoken with it far too many times. It does not teach, rather it is simply a leach. One that drains you of something more precious than your crimson bodily fluids, this Being prefers Chi. The universal life energy that powers our true Being, the light. After all, the ebony pit of shadows can only remain dark so long before one bearing light harnesses the courage to confront it’s depths and see it for what it truly is- nothing, and everything. 

“You really do love me, don’t you?” The scaled Being whispers in my ear as her furry tail wraps around my leg in a seductive manner. “Hate, love, it’s all the same to you, as I’ve come to learn. Tell me, what is it that you seek from me this time?” I let out a sigh as I swat her tail from my groin. “You brought me here, did you not? Surely you are the one that wishes to obtain answers, as always incarnate one” She is right. I brought her here once more. After all, the energy you channel, whether conscious of it or not, is what attracts specific entities. Clearly, there is a lesson to be learned here, as always. “I suppose your right. Well, shall we begin?” I clench my teeth as she nods with a malicious grin. A single kiss is all it takes from a succubus, she embraces me and a chill shoots down my spine as reality begins to fade into nothingness, once again I travel down to the abyss in search of answers, I pray this will be the last time.

I awake in a cage suspended within a dark cavern. I am alone, as always. I shall remain so until I pass this test. What is the test? I myself have yet to answer that question. The first step is always to analyze my surroundings for clues. There is a single lantern within the cage that lays upon a dusty wooden table bearing scrolls etched with hieroglyphics and mysterious symbols scattered across the surface, next to the scrolls there is a feather pen and a vial of ink. I suppose that’s my workbench for the next millennium.Next to it there is a large oak bookshelf laden with heavy white manuscripts, upon inspecting them I realize that each and every page of the seemingly identical works are inscribed with nothing but question marks, even the Universe is confused with this domain, and rightfully so- It shouldn’t even exist. Upon  the floor lays a intricate woven carpet, its induces different states of consciousness if you gaze at it long enough, it’s very much alive itself, an intelligent entity that will accompany me on this lesson. Next to the carpet lies a pile of ashes. The ashes are the most prominent clue of my surroundings and instantly resonate with me.From the ashes the phoenix is born. The darkness can only remain so long before it is illuminated, alas the lit lantern. This is an area of growth, it always has been. The scrolls upon the table then represent the collective knowledge that the Human consciousness is able to tap into. The manuscripts then represent the knowledge that is unknown and unknowable to us as spiritual beings locked within a physical body, after all, the feeble mind of us Humans can only take so much at once, any more and it will simply “crack”. “I understand now. This is my mind?” I whisper to myself as I lay upon the shifting carpet, it is warm, uncomfortably so. The flame of the candle begins to dwindle away. The domain is suddenly as dark as the far reaches of space. Maybe I was wrong, there must be something else. The warmth continues to accelerate. I try to rip myself from it’s embrace but it is of no use. I am becoming consumed by the fire beneath me, engulfed by the eternal light beginning to manifest. My skins begins to melt before me, my bones begin to blacken. My mind is ablaze with nothing but love for this moment, there is no pain, only evolution. My body is now nothing more than a puddle of fluids and ashes. I am formless, true state. I outline a simple light body with nothing but pure energy and allow myself to connect to it. I sit upon the carpet in a lotus position and look to the top of the cavern and notice it is caving itself from within. Shards of light begin to piece the cracks that are forming. She appears once more beside me and laughs weakly, “Your lucky I made it easy on you love, next time it will not be so..” I smile and simply look her in the eyes. She is afraid of love. She cowers and her form begins to dissipate, the the top of the cavern violently shakes and falls down, revealing the beauty of the eternal universe. I allow myself to flow upwards. To the source, if only for a fleeting moment.

I awake to the same reality that I left behind, only this time I acknowledge the fact that I may still be dreaming.

Thank you so much for reading. I’m reviving my Dreamscape short story series along with the daily articles all together. If you enjoyed this story then please share it with your social media and family and friends, it would mean the world to me.

Keep on ascending,


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