Taking the next step.

Damn, haven’t been here for a while.

How long has it been since I last published on this creation of mine, close to four months I believe, maybe even longer. I’d like to say this is my second wind, but who really knows these days.

To start this article off, I’d like to simply acknowledge the fact that I’ve let myself go over the past while. By that I mean I haven’t been grounded save for the few weeks (and two months afterwards) that I visited the Amazon Jungle in Peru and worked with the plant medicine Ayahausca. Alas, that journey lifted me up into my highest state of consciousness, only to lower me down into complete and utter unconsciousness and isolation, this was by my own doing of course, as I didn’t stick to the wisdom and teaching that mother Ayahausca gifted me with. Not only did I let myself go however, I also let many of my relationships wither and die as well. For those of you that know me personally, you can most likely attest to the fact that I have grown to be somewhat of a hermit that wanders constantly, who doesn’t put much effort forth into the beautiful friendships that I’ve cultivated throughout my Human Experience thus far. So allow me to formally (and digitally, gah, why can’t I simply reach out?) apologize to those of you that have felt that I have grown distant and “alien”. You know who you are, and just know that I love you very much, and wish to begin fresh when the time is right. When will the time be right? I truly do not know. I began this blog believing that I had the answers. Now all I have is questions. Upon questions. Upon questions. The rabbit hole is unfortunately infinite, similar to the Universe that we inhabit, and we can never know all, for if we did, then what the hell is the point in manifesting as a Human Being to begin with, we’re here to learn after all, are we not? I have learned much over this “Kali” year of mine (for those of you that do not understand that metaphor, Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, creation and time). It has built me up, only to break me down, so that I may begin the process freshly once again. I am rambling however, and believe it is time to begin. After all, you incredible individuals didn’t click on this link just to listen to my Ego spew it’s incessant mantras, or did you?

I often wonder if I am following the path that I am meant to here on Earth. After all, every single Human Being is here for a purpose. Unfortunately, that purpose is not clear to many of us instantly. Maybe at first our purpose and aim may be clear, but after years of conditioning from our societies and intermingling with other minds, it will stray from it’s original clarity. What we’re then left with is a fraction of the purpose that we originally had. As time goes by and we grow as individuals we once again begin to acknowledge our true goals and realize that it is time to get back on track with “ourselves”. 

The first step is simply the internal actualization that you have been led astray, then the real work of grounding can begin. Yes, grounding yourself- taking control of the world that is constantly passing by you, and bending it to your will, to your purpose. I know this may fluster many of you, “It’s not that easy. I’m committed to many things in my life right now. I may not be happy with my current situation, however my actions have manifested into my reality and I must deal with it, even if my my dreams are beginning to slip away from me, I can’t simply run away” you may be thinking. And to be honest I completely agree. If you are responsible for supporting a family, then don’t even think of disappearing from your reality so that you may pursue your heart’s desire. Rather, take action towards your purpose in small strides.

So your busy with classes or work all day, then you come back to your “space” and you must study and complete papers, or you need to get ready for  that big meeting tomorrow or take the kids to sports practice, and when you finally get home all you’d like to do is shovel some sustenance into your stomach and doze off to some music or a show until you awaken the next day and repeat the cycle once more. I know that feeling, we all do. Life is exhausting at times, and it requires all your energy just to meet the mark, after all, that’s how our system in this modern age is set up; the middle and lower classes work there bones dry simply to sustain their lifestyle (even if it is mediocre at best, and I do not mean that as an insult even slightly, it’s simply a matter of fact). However, we have the free will to decide where we direct our extra energy, even if it is minimal. So how do we redirect our extra energy to fuel our purpose once after the initial grounding and self realization of the original purpose? I’m going to be honest, it takes time (even if it is an illusion..), integrity and the self confidence to know that you are truly capable of achieving your goals, and that the only barrier you ever truly faced in this lifetime was your own ego (as it is the one that manifests negative thoughts and challenges, as well as the positive ones of course). By taking time to fulfill your purpose, I mean that your not going to wake up one day and acknowledge the fact that you are going to pursue your dream of being a musician and the next you are going to be on stage with Jimi Hendrix’s hologram having a guitar duel in front of millions of adoring fans. No, unfortunately that won’t work, as much as we’d all love our dreams to manifest as easily as that. The time that you are going to devote to your purpose will start off minimal. Maybe you can devote one hour to practicing yoga or perfecting your wrist shot rather than going out for that drink on Saturday evening, and then begin to develop a weekly habit of that. Maybe you could start researching how to deliver proper first aid for 30 minutes each night before bed rather than watching the latest episode of “The Big Bang”. Whatever you truly desire to be doing at this moment, just know that you are capable of doing it, you simply need to begin to devote the time (which is simply energy currency, I’ll expand in one of the next posts) in order to manifest your dreams into reality.

Ultimately, where ever you may be in life, just know that there is always enough time to step into the person you were always meant to be, and achieving the goals that are your birthright to manifest. I can’t stress this enough, the time is now for us all to take our destiny into our own hands and become responsible our own lives and the “missions” that we manifested upon this earth to fulfill to begin with. Although I do not know your purpose, reader, I do know that deep down you know very well that it is time to begin. This is how I feel. It’s been eating at me for so long, and I always seem to run away from it. No more, I pray that the Universe will grant me the willpower to see my purpose through, and I pray that each and every one of you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you truly are; an eternal being living out a Human experience here on planet Earth within the most interesting time frame of history upon this place. We all have tasks, and it’s time that we ground ourselves and restore our mental, physical and spiritual health to it’s peak, so that we may engage our fates.

 I’d like to say that I am back, once again, and apologize for the mediocre article. I’m really dusting off the keyboard to be completely honest so that I may once again get back on track with fulfilling a portion of my purpose. I hope that you enjoyed the article, reader, truly I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get through it. It will take time, but I assure you that we will grow and learn much together, you and I.

If you enjoyed this article please like and share it on your social media pages. I know I promised that vlogs would be coming weekly aeons ago, but obstacles arose in my life that needed to be tended to first before I could begin anew. The first vlog will be available by December 1st, I sincerely assure you. I also said stated my first E.P (my music) would be available by the end of November, well unfortunately I have not even began recording, so I’ll need to reschedule to the end of January as well (I need to go home and record at a friends studio, as I am currently travelling abroad). Thank you for your patience and I hope to see you soon. May the eternal light of love guide you on your voyage.

Keep on ascending, 


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