Master and Disciple.

The master brought his student into the untamed wilderness. They had been sitting in silent contemplation for close to three days before the boy could not longer bear the disconnection he felt from the beloved land that lay beneath him. The Astral Planes he had drifted to were strange and unwelcoming to him, the Earth was the only place he felt truly at ease. 

“Ultimately, can we argue that there is truly a natural order among living conscious entities throughout the Earth? Throughout the Universe for that matter? Is it true that some Beings are destined for greatness, while others are not? Can we argue that fate is truly a component regarding Beings? Or, does it boil down to the individual fragment them self, who in turn decides their own fate for themselves?” The student asked eagerly. The boy was young, maybe ten years of age at most, but wiser than most men are when they pass into the the other world. His master smiled tiredly, the questions never ended with this one he thought to himself as he opened his eyes and looked at the child. They were both seekers in this world. Cursed and blessed to wander the earth until the truth came to them. Even if it only occurred at the end of time itself. “It’s seems to me you’ve answered your own question and aroused many more in the same moment. Tell me boy, do you believe you are destined for greatness or possibly tragedy? Was this sentence handed down to you when you chose to incarnate upon this Earth? Or, as a being of free will, is it up to you to determine your own fate through the the actions you play out throughout your lifetime?”, “Master, I believe I am capable of bending the world to my will if I truly wished. However, the external forces that dictate the Universe such as Karma could easily hold me back from uncovering my true potential, this much is true is it not? For example, if I was a bandit throughout my life, robbing and killing those less fortunate for my own gain and one day a traveler that I attempted to rob ended up seriously maiming all my limbs and cauterizing them so that I would live in great pain until my suffering came to an end, would the reason for my end be due to the fact that I had thrived on negative energy for so long without remorse, or is it simply because I wasn’t as skilled a warrior as the other?” “So, what your asking me is, do we have a predestined fate that we subconsciously chose before manifesting due to our karmic balance as individual strands of the Source?” The boy jumped to his feet excitedly as he heard his master’s response, he had selected his words carefully enough, and he was about to receive an eternal truth in exchange for his patience and dedicated thoughts. “Yes master, this is my question”, “Very well young one, I will te..” Blood splattered across the boy’s face as a steel arrow pierced his master’s throat.The boy screamed and grabbed hold of his master’s fading manifestation as it faded from consciousness. A demon plated in steel came out from the dense woods “What have we here, a witches apprentice?” he said in a harsh voice as he lifted the crude crossbow that he carried upon his shoulder. The boy gathered what willpower he possessed and began to run as fast a he possibly could into the forest.

At that moment that he learned that the Universe was governed by the law of Karma without a doubt, however, just because one may sustain a very selfless and positive lifestyle, it does not mean they are safe from the free will of those that wish to direct negative energy out into the world that they became lost in. The boy began to wonder whether his master had lived such a masterful and loving life in order to make up for a negative past incarnation. He fell to his knees and began to weep loudly.  The lesson he had just learned was almost too much to bear, the only light he possessed in this dark world had just been taken from him. The wind began to howl sharply as he was suddenly thrown into the air by a powerful impact to his shoulder. Unable to move, he looked to the sky. The trees that he lay beneath did not obscure the view of the magnificent sun that shined before him. As always, the earth beneath he lay was where he felt most at peace. He closed his eyes and the Earth faded from existence. 

“Good boy. Now we know. It is time to move onward now however, we have much to learn, much to see.” As if he had just received life from the Universe itself, the boy opened his eyes to see his master arising from where he had been meditating for the past aeon. The boy smiled. “I agree, we truly do.” he bowed deeply before his master and began to stretch his aching bones as the two of them set off once more into the untamed wilderness.

……. Even as it is ending, it is simply beginning. 

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