Humanity emerging into the greater community of intelligent life.

While gazing at the stars, you wonder what is truly beyond the bubble that consumes you as an individual. The Universe is infinite. Constantly creating and constantly destroying. Is it truly blasphemy to suggest that, we the Human race of planet Earth are  not alone throughout the vastness of space? The truth is very clear if you allow yourself to view it with unbiased clarity. Other than the factual evidence and documentation of intelligent life visiting Earth throughout our “recorded history” as a species, do you feel a sense of urgency somewhat? Do you feel as if there is much work to be done, and not enough time to do it?

Allow me to start this post off by stating that this is of course an opinionated article, and that many of you may ridicule the very idea that Humans have been, and are bound to within the next century, be disclosed to the phenomenon that we are in fact not alone in this Universal experience. The point of this article is not to incite fear, love or confusion, it is simply here to inform you, the reader on the various situations we will come across should we encounter advanced interstellar life.

If another intelligent species that were more technologically advanced than we Humans were to establish contact with Earth with the intent to expose them to the “greater community”, they most certainly would expect something in return. What exactly is it that a technologically advanced species would possess that we lack? Well, technology powerful enough to unify the Earth under a single banner (this would most likely come in the form of advanced military equipment, as that is the quickest way to power in this world, or it could possibly be by gifting some humans with enhanced intellect and mental capabilities (through interbreeding with our species, they would be able to create a species that is capable of surviving within this atmosphere, but would owe allegiance to the invasive species) that they would use persuade our world leaders that coming together under the banner of the newly contacted intelligent species. What then, do we possess that they do not? That’s easy. An incredibly diverse and unique biological planet that possesses an immense amount of resources (Even though the planet is currently undergoing a massive catastrophe environmentally due to the fact that we Humans are evolving technologically at a rapid pace and using our children’s resources ignorantly in pursuit of our own selfishness, however, if we were to actually come together under the banner of “Humanity” rather than the illusions of separate nations, then we would be able to restore our planet into it’s pristine condition within the next century, however as we live in a world of duality, it’s never easy to convince the whole of us to act in a positive and mature manner), resources that are most likely scarce in a Universe where technologically advanced species have most likely already used up their own home world’s supply of resources. If this were the case, then the most logical course of action for the extraterrestrial presence would be to establish an alliance with us, Humanity, and assure us that they are here to help us integrate into the greater community of intelligent life (this is of course assuming that the extraterrestrial presence would not engage us in direct combat for control of our planet, as it is clearly a primitive form of assuming power, as Humanity would not go down without a fight, we’d probably end up destroying most of the planet and using it’s resources in the ensuing conflict. Ultimately, the logical way of taking us over would be through subtle manipulation and deception, an elder intelligent species would acknowledge this). The invasive species would possibly attempt to integrate their own “social” and “political” agendas into our Human society, and have us believe that we are evolving as a species as we were meant to. However, this would not be Humanity’s evolution on it’s own behalf, as we would simply be led down yet another path of conditioning, that we have fallen victim to far too many times already.. ( Humanity has been conditioned by it’s own religious and political systems since their recorded inception, typically Humans have always placed their faith and trust in the “governments” and allowed themselves to believe that everything will be taken care of as long as they do as they are told. However, when no one is thinking for themselves and seeing the truth for what it is, no matter how painful, we begin to live in more of an illusion than the reality that we manifested within to begin with).

Essentially, in my own opinion of course, Intelligent life forms that possess advanced technology would not seek Humanity out so that they may enlighten us on a more spiritual journey towards our ultimate place in the Universe, they would seek us out for our planet’s resources and for our species commitment to become part of an alliance that would benefit the “founding” species (the most ancient species that began seeking others out originally in search of resources). This would not be a symbiotic relationship, and we would be dragged into political, commercial and military feuds that are not our own on a Universal level simply because we “trusted” this species and their promises of a “greater” Humanity. So if an advanced technological species were to stumble upon Earth and Humanity they could either a) attack us and attempt to take over our planet, which would most likely destroy the planet in the process, which wouldn’t benefit the invaders or b) attempt to persuade the divided nations of the Earth to come together under a unified banner and join an intergalactic alliance (this would propel us into becoming a subservient, technologically advanced species that would need to prioritize space exploration and the establishment of trade and alliances with other species in order to obtain resources to power the technology that has essentially possessed us at that point, as we are no longer a unique and spiritual species, just another mechanical and bureaucratic one throughout the stars).

This gives birth to another question, considering it’s an infinite Universe and anything is possible, why is it foolish to believe that an advanced species would truly like to mentor the Human race and integrate us into a community of spiritually enlightened species? Well for starters, those of you that practice any form of spirituality would know that ultimately the answers that we seek don’t lie outwards, rather they lie inwards. You go out into the physical world seeking material gain and pleasure, believing it will be able to fill the void, however, you will always be longing for more and more, and more. You go within yourself to find the answers you seek. The point i’m trying to make is that a spiritually advanced species throughout the Universe would be FREE from all bonds of the outer Universe and it’s mechanical ways and they would wish to remain so. These beings wouldn’t come out into the Universe in search of other species to “enlighten”, they’d already know that is it the responsibility of each individual species to look within “themselves” for their solutions, as they had done so in the past to keep their freedom. The Buddha said that enlightenment is simply the end of suffering. Spiritually advanced species would have already ended their own species suffering as a whole, they would be living in complete harmony and as one Being, rather than individually, they would have realized that they are the only obstacle preventing themselves from entering a golden age of their species, and would have transformed their planet and surroundings into a lush paradise. I am stating (in my own opinion, as always) that although positive and enlightened Beings may try to nudge us in the right direction (think of angels, and the “gods” that gifted the ancient Human civilizations of Sumeria with language, agriculture and architecture and so much more..) they would never directly interfere within our own affairs, as they’d respect us for who we truly are beneath the physical manifestation far too much, they’d also respect the fact that as Beings of Free will it is up to us to ultimately decide our own fate within this reality and those other species that choose to interfere are ultimately affecting their own Karmic balance and not allowing the nature of the Universe to run it’s course.

Although the possibilities are infinite on the outcome of Humanity encountering another intelligent species throughout the Universe, I do believe that technology (seeking power and knowledge outwards, as the ideas for these innovations arise from the mind, the mental construct known as the ego that loves doing, well anything, this includes constructing creations capable of inflicting nightmarish pain and creating devices that bring such love and joy to your heart that you may burst into flames) and spirituality (seeking power and knowledge inwards, as you come to live in perfect harmony with your surroundings, as you realize that they are a mere reflection of your own state of being, living in a Universe of duality however we will encounter spiritual beings that have resonated to the highest frequency of light and love and those that have tuned into the perfect darkness, as well as beings of the purest Chaos, such as Humanity, that resonates freely with balance) are the two main active forces within the Universe, just as the light and the dark, the yin and the yang.

Well, that gave me a lot to think about, and I truly appreciate you reading the article, I pray you enjoyed it. Take it easy, try not to think too much and always remember to breathe, sometimes I forget.

May the Universe guide you to your highest state of being (just joking, you are the Universe, you just never allowed yourself to acknowledge the fact that your already at the pinnacle).

Peace and love,


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