Tai’Chi- What is it and how can it help us?

Good day to you all my friends, and I hope your having a wonderful day (or night) wherever you may be. 

Are you feeling stagnant? Almost as if your mind and body are at their limits? Maybe your keeping up with your incredibly fast paced lifestyle, but you know you can only keep up for so long before you “burn out”? Maybe your actually feeling pretty good about your current lifestyle, your keeping it all together and you are the epitome of balance (in your own mind), however you do realize that there are some things that you could change in order to live a more productive and fluid lifestyle. If any of the above statements sound like you or someone you know, well then welcome to being a Human Being in the 21st Century. It’s not easy living in such a fast paced environment, rather it is incredibly toxic. We’re constantly being bombarded with endless information (and if you live in North America such as myself, than the news you receive is most likely corporation sponsored negative new that is aimed to make you afraid of living in the world you live in, with the hopes that it will turn you into an anxiously average and docile worker drone who will serve and never question the system in which it is a part of, however, that’s a topic for another post entirely!) that does nothing but distract us from what we’re really here to learn. There’s also the fact that most people can’t afford to eat a proper diet (and we are bombarded with GMO and sugary foods that do nothing but destroy our body) as corporations do there very best to destroy the health food market, however it is on the rise, as is alternative media (such as what you are reading) and many other positive aspects of society. There’s also the fact that many of us have not been informed on how to best take care of our body physically, through proper daily exercise and stretching! However, there are many sources out there available to those that wish to learn, and this is one of them. Below I will inform you on one of the many practices you can follow in order to start taking your health back (this technique, known as Tai’Chi, will enhance your physical and mental state of Being if you follow through with the practice consistently).

The point of this article is to inform you on the ancient practice of Tai’Chi (which translates to “Supreme Ultimate boxing”). Tai’Chi is renowned throughout the Ancient world (and much less often, in the modern world) for both it’s defense training and health benefits. I’ll briefly share it’s defense training benefits, however the main purpose of this article is to inform you on the incredible health benefits that Tai’Chi has to offer. Essentially, Tai’Chi brings it’s practitioners through a series of fluid movements that engage the body and hard it to achieve more strength, flexibility and fluidity. As you can imagine, this allows to practitioner to become more present and able in any physical encounter that requires self defense (and that’s all Tai’Chi is meant to be used for, as are any martial arts, defending yourself and those you love from those that seek to harm them). So the self defense purposes for Tai’Chi are simply that it strengthens and makes the body more agile, and trains you to be more present in all physical situations. The philosophy of defensive Tai’Chi is essentially that rather than meeting brute force with brute force in an engagement, you flow into the conflict, meeting it with a certain lightness and presence, remaining in physical contact with your adversary until they ultimately exhaust themselves completely or make a foolish move in which they open themselves to allow you to finish the engagement as quickly and calmly as possible. It is emphasized throughout all schools of Tai’Chi that the practitioner is expected to show the virtues of heroism and martial (think of chivalry) to protect the defenseless, and to always show mercy to your opponents (ex: when your opponent tires themselves out after trying to destroy you for the past 15 minutes, you simply acknowledge them and walk away, rather than physically defeating them, you defeat them through kindness).

Now for the health benefits. Consistent practitioners of Tai’Chi can expect many great perks to go along with their new found strength. The first I’d like to address is that it can seriously help those suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and paranoia. Many call Tai’Chi “moving meditation, and with good reason. During a session of Tai’Chi the practitioner greatly relaxes their mind and removes all thoughts that they may have previously had. All thoughts that were distressing and distracting you beforehand suddenly dissipate as you become present with the movements of the practice in which you are currently involved in, your completely immersed in the Now. “But how does that help with my depression? I’m still sad after moving for five minutes, really I can’t even make it through a single movement, it makes me anxious..”, is that so? Well, the key to becoming fluid with the practice of Tai’Chi is really letting go of all your earthly problems that tether you to the illusions that manifest within your mind. This is not a time to focus on anything other than yourself, to simply BE with the practice and yourself. After practicing Tai’Chi consistently for a period of time (in as low as a month), you’ll begin to be able to identify the root cause of your mental issues, and rather than allowing them to overcome you, you can move on through them, “flow” through them, shall we say. You no longer associate your problems, as they were all mind-made to begin with, and through long term obsession you allowed yourself to fall into a trap, one created by your own mind. Through this practice you can become (no guarantees, you get out what you put in, that’s the truth at the end of the day, if you practice once for five minutes, unfortunately not much is going to happen for you. You need to develop a consistent routine if you want an end to your issues) present enough to break away from your old mental patterns. The next incredible health benefit that offered by this practice is granting your physical body more energy and stamina. You’ll be able to stay active for longer periods of time, which is fantastic for all ages. Tai’Chi also lowers your blood pressure and improves your heart’s health. How does it do that? By practicing consistently the fluid movements you open up your blood flow throughout the body- meaning more blood is getting to where it needs to go, when it needs to get there, rather than being constricted. The final health benefit I will share with you with consistent Tai’Chi practice is opening up your energy meridians  and allowing energy to flow throughout the vessel as it is meant to, ultimately, this is what leads to every other health benefit there that is offered by the practice as science agrees (if you have the open mind to look in the right places) that absolutely everything in our Universe is made of energy- the Human Body that we inhabit is simply an incredibly complex energetic machine operates in our physical reality when inhabited (sorry guys, that’s for another post entirely, I’ll explain everything and offer links to my sources, I will never offer you anything that is not factual). So, Tai’Chi really just allows energy to flow the way it is meant to throughout the body, and stills the mind in the process- those two benefits unto themselves make it almost impossible for anyone not to give this practice a shot. 

Here are some links to those of you that wish to give Tai’Chi a trial run, and see for yourself if it is really worth your time, also here is an article from collective evolutio, a brilliant alternative news organization which proves that everything we are and everything we see is simply energy:




As always, thank you very much for reading. If you enjoyed the article please take the time to share it with your family and friends, that’s what it is here for, to inform and appease. Anyways my friends, take care and you’ll here from me very soon.

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Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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