My opinion on the Trump Administration.

Hello ladies and gentlemen and thank you for taking the time out of your day to accept this humble brothers opinion on his national neighbors (I live in Canada after all) new political party  and their rise to power. Before we begin, I’d like to point out that this is an opinionated article, take from it what you will.

 No one saw it coming. Some did, but even in their own hearts they prayed that it would not occur. Many people around the world (and within the United States itself) fought against it to the best of their ability, while many within the United States (and the international community as well) believed it would be their Salvation. Welcome to 2017 my friends, where Donald Trump, yes the previous star of the entrepreneurial reality series “The Apprentice”, real estate and investment mogul has been elected as the 45th President of the United States. Many around the world are shocked and horrified about what is to come of the coming years, while others are rather optimistic and enthusiastic about the new face of the United States. Will we enter a new era of oppression and tyranny, as many believe Trump will simply take control and display complete power over the US eventually and usher in a dictatorship of hardship. Or, as Mr. Trump promised throughout his campaign, will he truly make America great again.

I believe the first thing we should discuss is the reality that Trump becoming the president was always a possibility, and near the end of the election, as leaks revealed Clinton was involved in some incredibly disgusting and scandalous activity (such as funneling weapons and receiving payments to the terror group ISIS, which if you all didn’t happen to understand, was armed and created by the CIA and was only able to thrive because the Obama administration did everything in it’s power to bring the Al-Assad administration of Syria to it’s knees and also you know, assisted in the destabilization of the Middle East and of course let’s not forget the Benghazi scandal where American lives could have been saved, but action was delayed in order to direct hatred towards the Libyan people and of course let’s not forget that she promised to go to war with Russia, had she been elected. The list goes on and on. Let’s not forget that Trump most certainly is no angel. Not only has he done some incredibly shady business deals over the years, “sorry, I didn’t mean to bankrupt Atlanta city, again” or the fact that he is good friends with convicted millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who ran a series of child sex slaver rings throughout world, and yes both the Clinton’s and Trump accompanied Epstein to his “sex slave islands” on an occasion or two, so it’s difficult to pick the lesser of two evils, when they are both just well, kind of awful. However, I could go on an on about the misdeeds of these individuals, but what is the point, after all they are the ones that must face themselves in the mirror each day and know that they will one day be judged for their heinous crimes. So I will get back to the original story), it was actually rather clear that he was going to win. I was staying with some friends in the beautiful state of Oregon one the day of the results. I remember sipping a coffee as I read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” when my friend came in the door and said, “well we’re fucked”. I laughed and instantly knew he meant that one of the candidates had finally made it into office. It happened to be Trump. I continued to sip my coffee and proceeded to chain smoke marijuana until my thoughts melted away completely. I was not really shaken up by this, I was a bit relieved that the two world superpowers weren’t declaring open warfare on one another (after all, they are engaged in multiple proxy wars around the world; Ukraine, Syria… these are essentially the new “Vietnams”. So realistically, we are in are in the midst of the second Cold War, just in case you didn’t know) and to be honest I hate politics so I just went about my business as usual. A couple Americans I knew were excited (they just wanted change, others were happy that Trump was for the second amendment, as they couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to “bear arms”, others didn’t give a shit and were just as disillusioned with their own politics as I was; many Americans actually see through the illusionary veil that American democracy presents).

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So now, let me be clear; Trump winning the American election was always a possibility, so the fact that so many people are surprised and others are downright outraged should be toned down a notch. Trump stated his platform very clearly throughout his presidency. Trump said he was going to build a wall, and he will. Trump said he was going to limit refugees coming into his country, and he is (the seven countries that received a 90 day travel ban-Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria-were actually outlined by the Obama administration, I’ll provide a link for that, no worries, the Trump administration simply acted upon it). Trump told us all what his plans were a long time before if he were to be elected as president, so it should be no surprise that he is following through with what he stated earlier in his campaign. Essentially, what i’m getting at is the fact that we had these facts well before Trump was elected, so why are we reacting now when we weren’t beforehand? I’d also like to know why people weren’t protesting when NATO jets were raining fire upon the innocent families of Syria and Iraq as American backed rebels rampaged through the cities, raping and pillaging all within their sight, which yes, is also a fact. Or maybe when Saudi Arabia was bombing Yemen into oblivion? displacing thousands and killing hundreds of innocents? What about when American backed rebels overthrew Libya and assassinated their leader Qaddafi (for those of you that don’t know, Libya was actually the most prosperous and one the most peaceful country in Africa before the “civil war”, and actually Qaddafi had made it clear that he was going to stop using the American petro dollar and begin using a gold backed currency known as the “dinar”, this would have greatly disrupted international economics, but that’s an article for another time all together), Libya still hasn’t recovered from that. Rampaging warlords and rival tribes dominate the small country to this day, yes this all occured under the Obama administration. I’m only saying this because mob mentality is a very real mental effect and our collective conscious works itself up when many of us feel a certain way, when we are “pushed” (through mainstream media and opinionated speeches, usually backed by corporations) to believe a certain mindset, and we are then reactive because certain individuals (usually with large advertising backing..) reach out to large numbers and start events such as illegitimate protesting. I remember being at an anti travel ban protest a few weeks ago in my hometown of Ottawa. I had gone out with the intention to observe and report, however at times I found myself chanting the slogans yelled by the masses and I eventually had to remove myself from the situation entirely, as I really wanted to remain unbiased, no matter what my personal views were. The point i’m getting at, as I’ve stated in this prolonged paragraph, is that the Trump administration clearly stated what they were going to take action upon if they were to be elected into power, so the fact that they are acting upon what they promised to act upon should be no surprise.

The people voted Trump in. So if the people want Trump gone. Then it’s up to the people to remove him. So, now for my true opinion on the Trump Administrator; It’s the same as every other administration since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was taken into power. Few presidents wielded any sort of power after this grant came into play, as it granted the banking cartels that essentially rule the UN countries the right to loan money to the US government that wasn’t backed by anything, essentially ending the democracy right there and then and replacing it with a powerful elitist oligarchy that cared for nothing other than pushing their own negative agenda, and trust me folks, it is extremely negative as we will discuss in further posts. There are many things we do not understand, however it should be clear at this point that the USA has only ever had two parties elected in to power (same deal with Canada and most of the Americas), it’s a feigned democracy where the elected leaders are simply puppets that deliver the news of their masters. The masters remain in the shadows and their agendas remain unchecked, as soon as any mishap happens, the masses instantly blame it on the president, who typically had no idea what he was in store for once he was finally elected into office. More than anything, it is truly time for us all to awaken to the greater reality that we happen to find ourselves in. Everything will not fix itself, and it is up to us, THE PEOPLE, to bring about the change that we wish to see on this planet. We are heading towards some incredibly interesting times. The fate of our future quite literally hangs in the air. If we seek balance in this world then we must bring about it. We are one species. One race. Humanity. No longer can we hold on to the fear mongering and hatred of our past, it’s time to accept one another and move on from our differences. Do you follow a religion, creed, philosophy? Well, fantastic. We completely respect that, and we hope you do the same to us. However, the core teachings behind most of the world religions (and philosophies) is to “love thy neighbor”, “treat others the way you would like to be treated”, and we can’t do that if we allow our own egos and scripted ideals to get in the way of the great masters that taught these teachings to begin with. So put aside the politics. Put aside your thought patterns. Acknowledge that we, the collective Humanity have brought ourselves to where we are today, and that it is up to us to bring us out of this. There is much love and positivity in this beautiful world, it’s not full of the terror and negativity so many would have you believe. 

Ultimately what do I think of Trump? The man is simply a physical representation of the American dream gone bad. He is also a representation of our collective subconscious as Humans, and what we place belief in within this earthly domain. Our thoughts create our reality my friends. We need more positive and loving thoughts, not more fearful and anxious beliefs about our world. We can bring about change whenever we truly decide that the time has come. We shall unite under a single banner of Humanity. The time is coming my friends, it is up to you whether you will join us or not. For an ending note, I am not fond of the Trump Administration (after all, I am allowed to be somewhat opinionated, I dropped out of Journalism so that I could speak my own mind at the end of the day). I think it’s negativity is misguided and of the past, and it shall fall sooner than later once the people rise, and at last, realize the error of our ways.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your evening to read this humble writer’s opinion. I hope you are doing well, wherever you may be.

If you enjoyed the article, please feel free to share it with your friends and family, after all, that’s what it is here for.

As always, I am sending positive vibrations your way. Together, we can make anything happen on this magnificent planet.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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