The Pineal Gland, our literal “third eye”.

Hello my friends, and thank you for joining me once again. I wish you a day of Love and rejuvenation. After all, that this what today, February 14th represents (Love). The time has come once more for us to speak, and speak we shall. Today’s article will refer to Pineal Gland, a pea sized pine cone shaped organ found in the center of the brain. We will speak of the significance of the Pineal Gland, it’s properties and benefits (when it is fully functioning, however in many Human Beings, this once revered organ now lays dormant, awaiting it’s “Resurrection”, shall we say). Without further ado, let’s jump right into this ladies and gentlemen, this is gonna be interesting. 

The Pineal Gland is an organ within the Human body that begets much mystery and reverence. It is known as our “third eye” within many ancient cultures and societies. Rene Descartes, famous philosopher and occultist,  stated that Human Beings were compromised of a body and a soul, he believed that the Pineal Gland was the literal seat of the soul, that which anchors our true essence down to this earthly vehicle. So before we get down to the symbolism and history of the Pineal Gland, I’d like to discuss it’s biological function and it’s properties. The Pineal Gland is a light responsive pine cone shaped organ placed in the direct center of our brains. The Pineal Gland is denied access to light directly (considering it is internal, rather than your two eyes (external) that allow for physical sight, which take in light and then allow our mind to “decode” (for lack of a better term)  our physical surroundings into what they “appear” to be, this allows us to see our “everyday” physical reality). The main purpose of your Pineal Gland is to produce melatonin (which is the chemical in our body that regulates our sleep and wake cycles; Ie- tells you when you awake and when to go to sleep), in fact the Pineal Gland is the major producer for circulating melatonin throughout our bodies. the presence of light literally reduces the Pineal gland’s secretion of melatonin where as the presence of darkness increases the Pineal gland’s secretion of melatonin (here’s the way I describe it: our physical eyes take in light so that we may perceive our everyday reality;  (our social, professional life etc.), when are we dealing with our everyday reality?  well during the daytime typically (unless you happen to be a nocturnal dweller). Now our third eye creates melatonin when we are resting and recuperating our physical body and mind during the evening, when we are in complete darkness. Generally we’ll sleep or meditate and ponder upon our life and where it is at during this time in complete darkness. What happens when we sleep, well we dream. This is a very vital connection to the Pineal Gland, and we shall get to that in just a moment). So in essence, consider both light and darkness affect the Pineal Gland’s production of melatonin, you can view the Pineal Gland as a clock to our “Being”, bringing us in and out of reality. So now, before we go any further, I’d like to discuss the similarities between the Retina (eye) and the Pineal Gland, because many believe the two organs share nothing in common, which is most definitely not the case. The matter of the fact is that the Pineal Gland is just as responsible for detecting and processing external light as the retina is. So although this would be the most obvious similarity between the two organs, there are more. The photo receptor cells of the retina (cells that are changed when they are hit by light which causes an electrical signal and then sends this light to the brain via the optic nerve, which then proceeds to unscramble the light into your physical reality) strongly resemble the cells of the Pineal Gland and the Pineal cells of sub-mammals (fish, birds etc) detect light. This was featured in an article written in Science Daily by Dr. David Klein, whose research into this area I strongly recommend you delve into. This unto itself is a startling discovery and suggests that the Pineal Gland “sees” in it’s own respect. So, if the Pineal Gland is proven to receive light, then what exactly is it visualizing and interpreting? Many believe that this is simply a fluke and that the matter of the fact is that the Pineal Gland is internal, therefore it cannot receive light, even if it happens to biologically function in such a manner. The answer is rather astounding, after all, why would our body go through all the difficult in manifesting such a complex organ, that possesses the same cells and light sensing mechanisms as the retina, if there was nothing for us to “see”. What if the answer lies in what many of us discard as not worth noting- what if this organ is actually responsible for our dreams or out of body experiences (which I will cover in a later article). We shall explore this further in the article, when we discuss another chemical compund that the Pineal Gland happens to produce, DMT (Dimethyltriptomine).

To begin with I would like you to think hard on if you have ever suddenly had an image pop into your mind that was rather mysterious? By that I mean, it came out of no where and had nothing to do for what you were doing at that moment in time. May suddenly you saw an image of a friend or family member, and then suddenly you received a message or phone call from them. Maybe your going through everyday life, and suddenly a sequence of events takes place that you have most definitely seen before, this startles you, but you write it off as nothing more than a coincidence or “deja vu”(which is the french word for already seen). Could these all be nothing more than accidental coincidences, maybe you believe that you seem to possess a higher intuitive ability than those around you, so you’d rather not share your experiences with them for fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed. However, what if none of these were the case. What if the truth is something that we’ve been blocking out, or rather “conditioned” to ignore since our inception on this planet. What if the matter of the fact is that our literal retinas are perceiving our Outer existence and that our Pineal Gland is perceiving our Inner existence, which may happen to be far more intelligent and intuitive than we give it credit for. 

The Pineal Gland is the main organ responsible for producing DMT (Dimethyltriptomine: A chemical found in all Humans and most forms of plants and animals), although there isn’t much research being done into this field, as it is considered pseudoscience and non-applicable to our realm of factual knowledge that is visible within this physical reality. Many scientists in this day and age still have an incredibly difficult time opening themselves to possibilities “outside the box”, many even restart their experiments when an unexpected (but incredibly interesting) “anomaly” arises within their experiment, due to the fact that they simply can’t believe what just occurred in front of their very eyes, therefore it must be an “error” to be discarded and forgotten, rather than treasured and researched. Through a process known as Piezoluminescence (scientists have dissected Human Pineal Glands before and found one hundred to three hundred “micro crystals” that per cubic millimeter that were within, mainly composed of a mineral called calcite” These crystals are similar to what we find in the inner ear known as otoconia. These crystals are “piezoelectric”, which means that the expand and contract in the presence of electromagnetic fields. The hairs inside the inner ear detect sounds when the otoconia rub next to them, as they move about and vibrations are picked up by the eardrum, this process is what causes you to hear. Some of these piezoelectric crystals give off various amounts of light- which is known as Piezoluminesence. Considering these crystals give off light, and are found in high quantities throughout the Pineal Gland, it is safe to say that the source of light that causes the Pineal Gland to receive light is through Piezoluminesence) the Pineal gland may very well be receiving the light that it requires in order to “see”. It should be noted that mainstream science is stalwart against accepting the idea that the Pineal Gland produces DMT, although it is quite literally the only organ within the body that is theoretically more capable of producing  than any other tissue in the body, including possessing necessary biochemical components and transforming enzymes, as Dr. Rick Strassman (a pioneer in the field of consciousness and alternative science, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule) suggests. DMT also appears to release light through the process of Piezoluminesence, so it could very well be what the Pineal Gland is receiving light for, in order for the DMT to release it. DMT is also structurally similar to melatonin, so it would make sense for this single organ to produce both chemicals in a highly concentrated manner.

So what exactly is DMT? Well, to begin; it is the most powerful psychoactive substance in the world. It is structurally similar to other psychedelic substances such as LSD, psylocibin and it is the primary active ingredient in the Ayahausca brew that Shamans around the world use ceremonially (I’ve already made a post on Ayahausca, and you can read of my travels to the Amazon searching for and drinking the Ayahausca brew with an incredible Shaman in my earlier posts) to induce healing and astral  travel in search of wisdom and knowledge. It can also be harvested from plants and smoked to induce the most powerful hallucinogenic experience known to man, so far anyways. I’ve personally never smoked DMT, but many of my friends have, and the experiences they’ve described are absolutely phenomenal, the realizations and wisdom they’ve come back with is incredibly powerful, that is, when they are able to transcribe their experiences into words, as it is not always an easy task. So, if DMT is released through Piezoluminesence, then it is also fair to say that DMT is the active chemical that induces Human Beings in dream like states(ultimately, there isn’t any other logical explanation for your dreams, unless you simply believe that it’s a coincidence to being “Human”, no, this is “or at least shall be, very soon in the future” a fact that makes too much logical sense to ignore), out of body experiences and sudden “internal” visualizations.

There is also far too much evidence suggesting that ancient cultures and societies revered the Pineal Gland far more than any other organ within the Human body. They too, believed it to be the seat of the soul, where the Being that manifested the Earthly vessel (Human body) was once again capable of connecting to it’s “Source”, shall we say. The ancient Egyptians wrote in great lengths of the Pineal Gland, and it it quite literally the revered Eye of Horus that is is depicted in so many of their artworks and sculptures. I will write another article on the reverence and depiction of the Pineal Gland in ancient societies, as there is simply too much evidence to squeeze into this post as well.

Anyways my friends, I hope you enjoyed the article, and if you did, share it with your friends and family, after all, that’s what we’re here to do here at Fragmented Illusions, to inform you, the people and to promote the growth of our mass consciousness as a whole, as it is ever so necessary in these times.

I hope your doing well, wherever you may be.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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