“Creating” your “Creativity”.

Are you feeling it? Are you connecting to something above you that allows you to complete your task at hand effortlessly and flawlessly? It’s incredible is it not, the fact that the calculation you just accomplished, the scientific paper you just wrote or the maneuver you just pulled off  happened to win your team the game, even though you’ve never done a trick like that in your entire sports career, it’s almost as if these accomplishments simply landed in your lap. Alas, my friends, welcome to the Realm of Creativity. We are so happy that you’ve joined us. 

It’s truly spontaneous most of the time. Suddenly something just clicks and you succeed where so many others have failed. It’s that “Light bulb (multi colored)” moment where it all just makes sense. However it is fleeting. It doesn’t last forever. You wish it did, but the matter of the fact is that this incredible burst in expanded intelligence fades just as quickly as it comes into play most of the time. The funny thing is, as I’m writing this, I had a great idea that I was just about to include. What do you know, one sentence later it’s gone. Perfect example and an absolute hilarious synchronicity. However, that is besides the point. So the question is, where does this heightened intelligence arise from and how can we tap into it at any moment of our lives? Are some people more attuned to receiving this connection, while others are destined to live a life of pure “logic”, shall we say. The answer to the first question is without a doubt, yes, we Human Beings are more than capable of tapping into the source of “creativity” whenever we choose to do so, and I shall explain techniques on how you can accomplish this within this article. The fact is however, that although some people may be more “open” to tapping into the source of “creativity” , absolutely each and every single one of us is more than capable of tuning into this gift whenever we choose to do so; that plumber that just developed a contraption using plaster and tape to fix the leak in your sink rather than going out and purchasing that expensive repair piece? That’s creativity. That older gentlemen who grabbed an elongated sign out of the side of the road to use an a walking stick in turbulent weather? That’s creativity. That physicist who just solved the paradigm to consciousness? Well, that may just be a stroke of luck..

So, the real question must be, why are some people more open to creativity than others? As well as how do we tap into creativity when we need it the most (the thing is, creativity tends to manifest when you need it the most, which is an added lifelong bonus that we receive). To answer the first question, the simple matter of the fact is that individuals who tend to receive creativity more often than others is simply because they’re allowing information to flow from them. Literally that’s it. They aren’t biased or thinking of a million different solutions. They aren’t probing other people for what they believe the answer to be. They aren’t rampantly searching every single physical source possible to find a solution. No. They are calm. They envision their impediment, and they simply visualize a solution and allow it to flow through them when the time is right. It might take ten minutes. It might take an hour. Regardless, these individuals who tend to allow creativity to flow are doing so because they are doing just that, allowing themselves to flow. They are engaged, happy and positive about whatever work they are doing at that time, and they are PRESENT with it. Knowing that a solution will come. Not thinking that there must be an alternative, and that the alternative itself most likely has an alternative. Essentially they’re not stressing themselves out and condemning themselves to a timely purgatory in which they rack their mind and body to the point of exhaustion in search of an answer that simply won’t come to them, no matter how hard they try. So, ultimately, both questions answered themselves right there. Are some people more creative than others? No. However, they are being themselves and doing what needs to be done at that moment in time. They are not resentful or angry about what they are doing. They are not frustrated no matter how many times they may falter. They are simply present with what they need to accomplish and not allowing any mental or physical obstructions to impede their progress, they are simply flowing through their work, and solutions seem to just manifest out of thin air. The question now arises is, what is creativity and where does it come from? Well, this is a big question. The answer may just “blow” your mind. It however, requires its own post. As we will go in-depth into the idea of a collective and shared consciousness that we as intelligent Human Beings are capable of tapping into whenever we wish, we can call it the source, shall we say, and we are simply fragments tapping into the whole. Stay Tuned.

Alright folks, I pray that you enjoyed the article as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you got something out of this writing, then please share it with your friends and family. They’ll probably enjoy it just as much as you did (if that’s the case). Ultimately, we’re simply here to inform, and knowledge is power ladies and gentlemen, knowledge is power.

I hope you are well, wherever you may be.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)



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