The media: why you should be wary of engaging yourself in this endless stream.

Hello brothers and sisters. I pray that you are in good health (mental, physical and spiritual) wherever you may be. The time has come to discuss a topic that is very close to my own heart, and what might that be, you may be thinking; none other than the effects that mainstream media has on us all on a daily basis. If you happen to be a daily viewer of the nationally broadcasts of mainstream media, then be wary, as this article will question it’s methods and styles and attack it for claiming to be “Truth”. We live in very interested times, the truth seems to be regarded as false where as the false seems to be regarded by the masses as truth, alas, it matters not. We shall all see one day reality for what it truly is. The good thing is that many people in this day and age are beginning to awaken from their slumber and truly think for themselves. Shall we begin?

If you happen to watch the news on the daily basis, or at least that which is televised and aired on the radio, then you would know, without a doubt, that the world is simply negative and awful. At least that’s what we are being told anyways. On any day that you happen to throw on the news, you hear of another terror bombing that killed scores of innocent men, women and children. You’ll hear of the poverty that is ransacking parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East (or even, in your own town). You’ll hear politicians threatening other politicians with warfare if they don’t succumb to their wishes. Negativity and heinous activities, that’s what is typically reported in the media. Can you blame the reporters and writers? After all, it is true that deep down Humans crave darkness and the negative side, no matter how bad they try to hide it. Humans enjoy hearing of the latest plane crash that killed hundreds or the brutal execution of an individual in one religious sect at the hands of another individual in another religious sect. When we hear this news, we allow ourselves to retreat into our own little world; after all it wasn’t us who was directly affected by these incidents, but we then realize that we have our own darkness within, that was just released upon hearing the negative news, we then spend a length of time pondering our own darkness. However, why is it that we rarely hear positive news? Even when we do hear somewhat positive news, it might simply be that a murderer was caught and is now standing trial, or better yet; we see a heavily advertised commercial depicting the poverty and inhospitably that so many of our brothers and sisters around the world face as their everyday reality, and at the end of this commercial, well and healthy individuals from 1st world nations press you to feel bad for these unfortunate souls, and ask that you find it in your heart to donate generously to their cause (even though the commercial that you just watched cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create and promote in the international community, not only does it make you wonder where your money is going when you donate to these causes; it also makes you see the truth, instead of creating that commercial and airing it to the wealthy nations, the “charity” could have easily relieved hundreds, if not thousands (as their economies are much weaker than our own, and our funds go a very long way in their communities) of hungry and homeless families had they allocated the resources into actual charity work rather than marketing. This form of “positive” news is really nothing more than subliminal messaging used to trick our positive emotions (empathy and righteousness) into action, and makes us feel as if we should donate now to save the people (where as in reality most not for profit charities cannot afford advertising and marketing as they allocate their resources into helping our people, nothing more) or they makes us feel anger and disgust at the accused individual going through a court trial, “finally that animal is getting what he/she deserves”; this isn’t really positive news if you think about it deep down, as it is provoking a negative response from you most of the time. I can’t speak for everyone, as some people would simply wonder what happened to the accused within their lifetime to make them so unconscious and capable of committing such a horrible act.

So, if we think about it, the mainstream news we receive is nothing but gloom and doom, and always provokes our negative emotions (mainly fear, anger and reinforces the idea that we are very different from those around us and that we shouldn’t trust them), as explained in the above paragraph, this is without a doubt a marketing tactic employed by the mainstream media simply because it is proven that bad news sells. However, what else does negative news do to our overall emotional state? Well, it makes us believe the world around us is a negative place and that we are blessed to be living in such a safe and “stable” country (this is not a stab against North American and European countries, it’s simply the typical thought patterns that run through out masses; that we are safe and that many other places are not so. This may be the case, however, it wasn’t always like this. Ultimately it was our own governments (the majority of them within NATO) that exploited and destabilized the countries that are not safe, causing them to be in the situation that they are in (the overthrow of Hussein in Iraq, the attempted oust of Assad in Syria, the supported assassination of Qaddafi in Libya, the support of literal dictatorship that spread across South America, the destabilization and continued impedance that we place upon Native tribes around the world, just to name a few places that are “corrupt” and not “safe”, generally however, the people of this country “at least those that aren’t backed by our governments, and by that I simply mean, the common person and occasional intellect, are incredibly happy and grateful for what little they have). So if we believe the world around us is unsafe, then what is our general reaction? Well, to stay put in our own societies, get a job that supports the system that keeps us “safe”, not question the system as it must be on our side and to not travel around the world and develop our own minds and see the world in our own respect. In short, it shuts us down. Makes us fearful and distrusting of those that we do not know and effectively creates unconsciousness and negativity in individuals who would otherwise be open and positive individuals if they didn’t expose themselves to the constant bombardment of negative information and opinionated articles (which is the exact OPPOSITE of what Journalism is supposed to be, as the Truth is unbiased, however it happens to be so backwards in our own society, where so many people can be bought for nothing more than paper and “prestige”, alas, this is the world that we live in).

So then, if we can’t trust our mainstream media sources, then who exactly can we trust? Well, I think the obvious choice would to trust yourself, and those that have always been by your side and honest with you throughout your life. Although alternative media (such as what you are reading, and before I proceed let me be very clear that I do my absolute best to provide unbiased and factual interpretations of what I write, after all I do this on my own free time and spend much energy on it simply because I am passionate about what I write and wish to inform those who wish to hear, however ultimately I am only Human, and am susceptible to mistakes as well) is typically fighting the good fight and doing it’s very best to promote the truth and positive evolution of our species, there are still some huge egos out there within the community who are simply do it for what benefits “they” can reap from it all ultimately. So what do I suggest more than anything? Doing the research that intrigues you for yourself. Finding the real hard data that are facts, no matter how difficult they are to accept. Digging deep and finding the truth that resonates deep within your heart. As always, I am here in service my friends, please message me with any of your questions and concerns and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Anyways friends, if you enjoyed the article, then please share it with your friends and family, after all that’s what we’re here to do, inform and spread open thinking.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)



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