Light in the Dark.

It’s difficult at times. Many of us will ask what the point in all of this truly is. It’s difficult for us to penetrate the mass unconsciousness that prevails in so many forms in this day and age. Those that claim to be fighting the good fight are incidentally gathering the darkness just as their adversaries do, fighting fire with fire, and believing that it must be the solution. We see individuals promoting hatred, this angers us, and we respond with similar tactics albeit in different forms. We see those taking from those who have so little, so we believe it our right to take from those that began the cycle to begin with. Repeating the endless cycles that have entrapped us all, for so very long. Not many seem to care about issues that directly affect us in this day and age; maybe it’s simply that we believe turning a blind eye will make the monster vanish entirely, as facing the terrifying beast is terrifying, which is why we have avoided doing so for such a long time. Now however, it is a large and grotesque monstrosity. It has become so sick that the twisted purpose that it once envisioned has dispersed unto itself, and what remains is nothing more than lust for power, and taking that power by any means necessary. The wolves continue to encircle the flock of sheep. Those that notice the wolves and attempt to alert the flock are the first to go. Those that just witnessed the assault and eventual dismemberment of their family then attempt to alert the flock as well, and the latter simply repeats itself. This continues until the sheep fear the wolf so greatly, that they no longer attempt to alarm their brothers and sisters. They allow the wolves to come and go and take what they wish without fear of reprisal. Their strength dwindles, individually they realize this, but to alarm the family would mean almost certain death. And so they continue grazing. Slowly but surely, their numbers dwindle to the point where it can no longer be ignored. A sheep, whose fear of the wolves had evolved to simply keep its head down and graze no matter what, decides it can no longer bear the lies that it and it’s family live by. It raises it’s head and begins to shout in defiance. Only to see it’s final little sibling be carried off in the jaws of a grinning wolf. As reality dawns upon the lone survivor of the flock, it assesses it’s surroundings. The pack of wolves have encircled it, hungrily they inch closer and closer to the remaining sheep. 

We are constantly bombarded with so much information that it is almost impossible to tell fact from fiction. Opinions, perspectives, propaganda, truths have gathered under a single banner. The banner bearer yells screams to all “Tell me, what do you think?!”. The bearer laughs and sets the banner aflame, what lays next to the bearer is a pile of banners. The bearer laughs gleefully yet again, and screams once more “Tell me, what do you think?!”. This process continues endlessly. Finding the truth within the fabrications is similar to finding the needle within the haystack. It is not an easy task, alas, it is a near impossible task. Only the most diligent and dedicated seeker will find that needle of Truth, which simply leads the seeker on another journey to the next “haystack” and the process begins once more. Those that seek the truth feel as if their quest is destined to be lonely, as they cannot trust others with the great importance of the truths they discover, lest they are betrayed and it all ends. Although it is difficult to see through the masks of many in this day and age, we must always know that we are most definitely not alone. Our quest, no matter how simple or complex, is to be burdened by us all, in one way or another. To condemn yourself to complete isolation in pursuit of progress will do nothing more than make you digress. Loneliness is for beasts and gods, and although it can be argued that we are all slumbering gods unto ourselves, ignorant of their true power and destiny; the matter of the fact is that we are Human. We are manifested as intelligent, social creatures when we have no others to share our “intelligence” with socially, we begin to falter. No matter where you are in this world, no matter how desolate and lonely your path may seem, know that there is another member of your “extended” family who is on the same path as yourself, who just happens to be on the other side of the bush. With a little light and openness, you will connect to the tribe that you seek. No matter where they are. When you find your tribe, it will only begin to expand, as you begin to realize that your neighboring tribe happens to share the same ideals as yourself, they simply present these ideals in a different manner. Occasionally, you will come across those that perpetuate what you despise in this lifetime. They too, you must accept, as we live in a Universe of duality, and light cannot exist without the darkness; all colors pass through the prism ultimately, and then you realize that the colors were all the same in the end, simply presented in a different manner. 

More than anything we must accept that fearing the wolves is the same as fearing ourselves. As the wolves fear the sheep deep down, as they acknowledge that the wolves will not remain dormant forever, after all the sheep greatly outnumber the wolves, together the flock of sheep is far more powerful than the pack of wolves, individually however, they are nothing more than ignorant grazers, believing they will not be selected for nourishment as long pretend the pack of wolves isn’t around them, foolishly believing they are the only one among the flock with this information, when the truth happens to be that every member of the flock, in one way or another, acknowledges the flock, and acts in a similar manner. The sheep too, fear their own power. They’ve been kept down and fearful for so long that they know not what to do with the power once they take it back into their own hands. It is unavoidable however. The choice as always lies in the Universal law of free will. To act or not to act. Will all the troubles of our world fix themselves eventually? Or are we the only ones to change our course in history through action, as we have always done. The time now is to awaken my friends, and to make a choice; to act or not to act. Where do your talents lie? Where does your voice lead you? Will you accept these gifts and follow your path? Or will the voice of the external drown out that which is internal, and force you once more into slumber. I don’t know you ultimately. You know you. We’re simple fragments, but together we can piece together the whole. Are you willing to join the greater picture? Or remain isolated and believe that yourself to be the sole piece of art?

As always brothers and sisters, I bid you a beautiful day (or night) and wish you luck on your journey, wherever that happens to leads you.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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