The mental health explosion of the 21st century; where did it come from and how can we counter it?

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen and I pray that you are well, wherever you may be. Today we speak of an issue that is beyond relevant in today’s society, “Mental Health”. Although this has been an issue throughout Human history (although it was almost unheard of in ancient-medieval times, where it was seen as an imbalance to one’s being in some cultures and demonic possession in others), it has really become a serious issue in the 21st century, and more so in sophisticated cultures (1st world nations) where individuals typically have what they need in order to survive and even more. So the question that arises is, why is mental health more prominent than it ever has been before in Human history, and is there a solution that we seem to be overlooking? In this article, we will delve into both and search for answers. Please note that this is an opinionated article, take from it what you will, but please do not be offended. Reach out to me if you have any questions regarding anything that I tread upon in this article and I’d be more than happy to articulate my thoughts to you. Now, shall we begin? 

Throughout history the Human manifestation has taken on many different roles and identities, and one that has always been around is without a doubt the archetype of that of the “mentally ill”; Now first and foremost, what are the signs of those suffering from mental illness? Well, typically they are withdrawn from other Humans (either they don’t trust other individuals or believe that they cannot relate to those around them, no matter how hard they try), the past and their mistakes (or in some cases, their achievements; this can also relate to things that have happened to them, not their own mistakes but the mistakes of others that in turn affected the “ill” significantly) and also worry of the future, and that which might go “wrong” or that which may not happen, but they truly wish to happen, are two of the main factors when dealing with mental illness. If I may say this, those that are “mentally ill” are typically not present in their own lives on a day-to-day basis, dealing with what happens to them effectively and creatively as these issues arise in their own lives, rather they are living life through their “mind” and as each issue arises they get stuck on it, racking their brains looking for a thousand different solutions, thinking of what can and “will” go wrong (as your thoughts manifest into your reality unfortunately). This causes them to accomplish very little, dwell on past events that had negative effects on their life and blame these past events for their present situation and believe that every situation will be “the same as before”, by this I mean they directly correlate their past events to their future events, and believe it will all be the same, “I’m sad right now because of what happened before, so I’ll be just as sad as I was today in the future because of what happened. I can’t move on because I don’t want to deal with any more of this sadness, this pain, it will be the same as last time”, or “I’m anxious because I couldn’t accomplish that last time, so how will I be able to accomplish that task this time, it’s all the same”, “I’m angry because of what he/she said to me. The next person who talks to me about the same issue will make me angry, so rather than moving forward I will dwell on this anger and not allow myself to move forward from this situation or speak of it with anyone again, as it will be the same”, “Something happened to me in the past that was incredibly vile and caused me much pain. The perpetrator never apologized. I can’t move on from this event as it has caused me so much pain and will continue to do so for the rest of my life”. Essentially, an event that occurred in your lifetime was either disagreeable or blatantly unpleasant caused you grief or pain. You believe this event will continue to happen as it did so in the past, so you allow it to become a part of your “future” so that you don’t allow anything to happen to you like that again. Another case is simply that you’ve been experiencing something negative for quite some time, and you don’t know how to explain it to others (for fear of judgement or reprisal) so you simply hold it in and allow it to eat at you, you identify with the pain and hold on to it rather than accepting it as a part of you and moving on. You don’t allow yourself to be open from assistance from others around you as you believe they will not understand your situation or even worse they will judge you for your past, and tell you that it will continue to occur throughout your future (which in this day and age can happen, as some people are very unconscious and going through much pain themselves and the only way for them to feel significant is to cause more pain to others, as they themselves know only pain, they don’t know the warmth of love and forgiveness, so how on Earth could they possibly spread it?). So how was mental health treated in the ancient times? Well, in some parts of the world it was regarded as a “demonic possession” or punishment for the sins you have done (this is true in a sense, as stated above, mental health can arise from focusing on past event or actions that you have been through. You can’t accept them or move on from what you’ve done, so the constant dwelling on the issue begins to eat at you and over time it gets worse and worse), the treatment for these illnesses were to drill a hole in the side of your head which would apparently let the demons or darkness out of you, and over time this would heal you (this would also relieve the constant pressure on your brain caused by the constant stress of your mental illness, so it could be somewhat “effective” at times if the tools use were sterilized and it was done by a skilled surgeon) or prayers and incantations done by a local priest (of whatever path the Ill followed) would be done in order to drive the spirits away/forgive your sins (this too could be effective at times, as you could accept what you’ve done and move on with your life, however, if you accept what you’ve done and believe your “sins” to be forgiven only to repeat them once again, the cycle will simply repeat itself once more and come back with a vengeance). The ancient Egyptians (who are renowned even in the modern world for their knowledge of medicine and treatments of the Human trinity, mental, physical and spiritual;, it is believed that Hippocrates, the father of Greek medicine, traveled to Egypt to learn his wisdom and medical knowledge, so in that regard, it is the Egyptians, not the Greeks, who were the fathers of modern medicine) were the most forward thinking in their treatments for mental illness, and I personally believe their methods are some of the most effective even to this day. So what did the Egyptians recommend to those that were feeling “mentally” imbalanced? They’d recommend the Ill to go out and focus on your lovely passions in a social environment (of course, it would be ineffective if you were to focus on your passions in isolation, as it would be easy for your mind to once again drift back to the depression of the past and anxiety of the future)! This could be done through attending a public concert or dancing ceremony, painting or playing music with others, or any other number of the arts, discussing philosophy and politics with those around you, picking up an interest in astrology or mathematics; whatever your heart yearned for you to do, it was recommended that you do just that! So what does this mean? Doing what you love, and doing what has brought you great happiness in the past, will truly do so once more, right now. Over time, you would begin to realize that the “mental illness” that affected you so greatly only did so because you yourself allowed it to do so. You forgot of the passions and love that your life is meant to be primarily about. You dwelled on the problems and issues of your past and future, rather than accepting them, being present with yourself and moving on to what you truly love in life.So now I’d like to discuss how we deal with these issues in the present day? Well, we typically talk to a therapist or “doctor” who tells us how bad our lives are and agrees that we have many issues, they tell us that we should speak with them about our problems at certain times so that we can further emphasize on our issues These individuals than go on to give us medication that will give us “relief” from our problems. Really however, the medication simply pushes the issues aside, where they become stronger and stronger. When you don’t have the medication or you don’t get to speak with your “therapist”, the floodgate will collapse, and you will feel the pain like never before. That’s the problem ultimately, these modern-day solutions rarely provide you with any solutions at all, rather they cement the fact that you are “sick”, fill your body with chemicals that alter your very Being and make a debt slave (if you don’t have coverage, then treatment of both the drugs and “professionals” is incredibly overpriced) that has to continuously become more and more dependent on these “solutions” for relief. This way of “healing” ultimately does nothing more than make the patient more sick. You don’t accept your past, you don’t move on from what’s happened, you simply push it aside and hope for the best. This isn’t forward thinking, rather it’s completely backwards.We can move past these issues if we are personally willing to put in the “energy” required to heal them, then we can move on to really living the life that we were meant to. Ultimately, the pursuit of Happiness and Love is what this life is truly about, it may have been about Suffering and Survival in more primitive times, but I believe at this point in the game we’ve truly moved past that, wouldn’t you agree?

Ultimately, healing the root of this “mental health” issue that you may face (in its many manifestations; depressions, anxiety, bipolar, and so many more) begins with facing the root from which is problem ultimately stemmed from, and accepting it and forgiving yourself (or those that caused you this pain). The past doesn’t define who you are, they were lessons meant to teach you, not condemn you to continuous pain. The future hasn’t occurred, and I highly doubt that your intuitive abilities are so grand that you’ve already seen the rest of your life unfold before you, so what’s the point in evening trying to change it for the better. Where does that leave you then my friend? Right here, right now. Where are you right now? Where you are at a crossroad. You can either begin a healing process; this would entail much work on your end. It doesn’t happen over night, and simply saying that you’ve moved on what do anything. You have to continuously do so and truly mean it! You really have to realize that you are loved. By who however? Well, the first step is to accept the love from yourself. If you don’t love yourself after all, then many people will have an incredibly difficult time loving you for the beautiful person that you truly are. “You don’t love me, your just saying that. Nobody loves me, I’ve been through this many times, you just want something as they always do”, actually my friends, that’s not us saying that, it’s you. Want to know why? Because I love you. We love you. So many of us love you, and simply want to see you on the other side of this dark night. The only one that’s not allowing yourself to see this, is yourself. We’re outside, waiting for you to see the sunshine that has been here for ever so long. It’s truly up to you to leave the dark room that you’ve sulked in for so long and come out into the light of existence to meet us here. Open up the blinds my friends, and look to a brighter day, which is right here and right now. The time is now to take your destiny, because the worlds need you more now than ever before, we need you. You are beautiful and you are loved, it is truly up to you to accept that fact, once you do so, a realm of infinite possibilities arises. So what am I saying? You are the one who must begin the process of healing. People can only give you advice and treatments, but it is up to YOU to accept the healing, and move on from whatever it is that ails you. If you’d like someone to talk to about methods of acceptance and self-love, email; I am here for you my friends, we are here for you, so many of us, are you willing to accept the help, that is the real question? I also recommend referring to an article I wrote on the Hawaiian art of healing known as Ho’oponopono (healing method of acceptance and self love), which you can find here:

As I said this was an opinionated article on an incredibly sensitive subject, it was meant to inform you, not to trigger pain in you. If I offended you at all throughout the peace, then it is not I who offended, rather it was yourself, taking the message in the wrong manner, and know that it was not my intention whatsoever.

As always if you enjoyed the article and found it informative, then please share it with your family and friends whom you believe will benefit from it. After all, that’s what we’re here for, to inform those that are willing to accept the knowledge.

I pray your having a lovely day, wherever you happen to be.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon) 

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