Arriving at Unity in a world of Individuality.

Hello my friends, I pray that you are well, wherever you may be. The day has been long, and the night is ever so short. It is where I finally find solace. Find peace. I can delve into that which fuels my Being. It’s odd. I used to never be one of the night, nor was I one of the light however. In these days, I find myself completely immersed in the two. Sleep and the connection to my source has been a rare commodity that I have allowed myself to tap into recently. There are many reasons for this of course, however, you didn’t come here to listen to this fragment riddle his own existence and the current events that flow through its currents. Nor did this fragment intend to write of such. Right now, the question that is posed internally is that of reaching equilibrium within Humanity. What does the writer speak of in that regard? Finding balance between individuality and unity; when I refer to individuality it entails not only a single  Human trying to stand out by being “different from its counterparts and ridiculing it’s extensions (other Humans) for being so complacent, it also entails the various nations, and cluster identifications within those nations (which can describe any particular group of individuals that share a specific view or ideology, and discredits those that believe anything other than their own beliefs). The question posed of course is that in this day and age of blatant difference between individuals and cluster identifications, are we able to find unity, while still maintaining a sense of individuality? 

The 21st century; There are roughly 7 and half billion Human Beings upon Planet Earth, and they all belong to the same species, Homo Sapiens, which makes us one big family. However, even though there are more Human Beings than ever before on Earth, which you’d believe would bring a sense of unity, it has actually brought more rivalry than ever before. Not simply rivalry between nations (there are ten countries in the world that are currently not involved in some form of conflict) but also competition between individuals is bigger than ever before; many believe they have to look nicer than those next to them, they have to drive a fancier car, speak more languages and simply be “more” than those around them. This is the materialistic and egotistical society that we happen live in, welcome to 2017. We can see this as mass egos, which are nations and cluster identifications that believe “they” have to be better than “us”, or “we” have to be better than “them”, and the individual egos that have to always be “one step ahead” than the other. So, considering I continue to refer to egos, allow me to expand on what it actually is, in case you don’t already know. An ego is your “external” appearance. Essentially the mask you put on for social situations. You identify with your egos likes and dislikes, wants and needs, as you have been conditioned to do so. Your ego always wants more and more. It’s not satisfied with what it already has, because to it, there is so much “more” out there to take, so why bother stopping after a single slice when you can have the whole cake? Then when the cake is gone, you still want more. Alas, now you have to go to your neighbor’s house and steal their cake, because you didn’t bake that cake yourself, rather you bought it at the store, your ego loves artificial happiness, and it hates having to create happiness for itself. 

So as you can imagine, there tends to be a huge problem that not many individuals care to address. There’s more and more Humans, who want more and more “energy” (because that is all your taking no matter what; your eating energy, your spending energy currency, your exchanging energy during conversations, everything is literally just one large energy exchange, because everything within this universe is energy, plain and simple my friends, and if you don’t believe me, then do a quick google search) but aren’t willing to put in the time and effort it requires to create this energy for themselves (you create energy by awakening to your true self and spreading your allocated “gifts”, what we refer to as natural skills, through the Love of what you are creating. You are passionate about what you do, it is your purpose, therefore there is no work involved, as this is what you truly Love. You create that which you require without any difficulty, as you have allowed your true self to do what it manifested to accomplish to begin with). The good part is, as the Ego takes more and more, more people are waking up to their higher selves (of course, living in this universe of Duality, we have to manifest balance, as one extreme takes form, the power-hungry ego that wishes to deplete it’s universe of resources, this is manifesting dark energy, that which takes and does not give back, this is a parasitic way of living; another extreme takes form as well, that of the higher self taking control of the earthly vessel, these higher selves are constantly manifesting positive energy in this world, albeit light energy, creating that which is needed for our planet and the people who truly need it, mainly creations and ideas of love, you see this through free energy and other devices that are cleaning our planet and ourselves, charities giving back to the people without taking any of the revenue, people helping others, simply because they can, this a symbiotic way of living, as they give back constantly, they are able to manifest that which they require to fuel their own selves without any impedance), These persons are the individuals out there who are truly making a difference in this world, they are constantly manifesting Love and Light on this planet and bringing about the positive change that is ever so necessary in this day and age. These individuals are bringing balance and health back to an imbalanced species. Without them, our species would have raped our mother to the point of complete and utter depletion by now, not on purpose, simply by ignorance and unconsciousness. 

So essentially we have found the two different types of individuals, who can be categorized into two different categories; those of the Light (positive) and those of the Dark (negative). The two types of individuals come in infinite different forms, however they typically clearly fall into one of the two categories. There is of course another category of individuals out there, and this category represents the largest denomination of Humans; those that are afraid to pick a side. Those that don’t know how to tap into their own power, and so they simply allow themselves to be drained by those of the Dark (negative energy leeches who can’t manifest their own energy, so they simply take it from others. These negative leeches shall we say, take primarily from those that don’t wish to live their lives the way they were meant to. The masses, who are stuck in endless cycles of uncertainty and unhappiness, are stuck in these cycles due to the fact that they are not willing to do what they truly love, they fear the judgement of others, who in turn fear the judgement of them, simply because they don’t believe in themselves, they don’t love themselves internally, so they are unable to spread their love externally, unfortunately, the leeches acknowledge this, and use these individuals as their primary source of energy, attempting to counter the light bringer who are constantly manifesting their own energy), it is a sad cycle really, and will only end once these individuals acknowledge their inner power and beauty and allow it to flow openly through themselves, and then in turn in can flow openly into the greater reality. These two categories of course in turn flow into the same concept for that of nations and cluster identifications; those that pursue a negative agenda and those that pursue a positive agenda. Once again, individuals who can’t tap into their own power have their energy drained by that of the larger negative nations and cluster identifications, these nations put the uncertain masses to work and don’t treat them fairly in the slightest, rather they treat them as subhuman, taking as much light energy from these individuals as possible and giving them next to nothing in return, this is an obviously parasitic relationship to those that acknowledge it, where one simply takes from another and gives little to nothing in return. Positive nations and cluster identifications give the masses that serve them as much energy as the individuals put into their nations or cluster identifications, this is a clear form of a symbiotic relationship, as both sides are equally giving and receiving light energy, this is turn creates great love and happiness to both parties involved, and they can continue to easily manifest that which they require to in order to thrive.

So now the question arises, can we reach unity through in the world of individuality? Allow me to rephrase that, will we be capable of reaching true equilibrium within this universe of duality? Can the negative and the positive come to some sort of agreement at last in which both sides come together under a single banner and at last agree that “we have reached unity, we acknowledge one another for what we are, and there is not denying that, however no longer will we identify as an individual, although we will maintain our respective traits, we will come together as fragments to at last become the whole, that which we have always been; Chaos, perfect order”. The answer is yes. However it does involve accepting one another for what they truly are. Forgiving one another for the past and embracing one another in the future, accepting one another in the Present, right here and right now. After all, the darkness has done some horrible and unspeakable things, and the law of karma will see justice through, however darkness has also done some powerful actions for some people, and through these dark events, the true light of love has enveloped even the darkest of sinners. The same can be said for the light, it has created much love and light on this planet through its power, however through the light and the power that comes with it, great darkness has manifested within even the holiest of “saints”, who in turn have brought much pain and suffering into the world, all in the name of the light. Can we reach this equilibrium? Will we ever? It’s up to each individual fragment to accept themselves and the others as a part of them self ultimately, We need to accept one another in order to accept ourselves. What we disapprove of in the external world before us is simply a fragment waiting for approval within the internal world within us, you can’t have the light without the dark, and vice versa. Nations and cluster identifications must put their quarrels and objectives aside. Individuals must stop competing with on another over nothing more than personal satisfaction, as that’s all they are seeking ultimately. Once acceptance is made. Progress can be gained.

So the answer is yes, we can reach unity even with individuality at play, if we choose to do so. I’d also like to point out that I personally live unbiased in both regards; I know what I believe in and I know what I am. Does this mean I approve of the darkness? Not a chance. It means that I’ll shine a light on those that seek to hide from the eternal light of love whenever given the opportunity, and I know many of you reading this would do the same. Does this mean that I solely believe in the power if light? yes and no, as when the sun leaves the sky, the moon comes in its place. Even in the darkest of places, the light shall shine. I do not condone the light bringing eternal judgement upon the darkness, as it is not the way of the Light of Love. Light accepts all that is, and the darkness releases unto light itself before love. Therefore, accept your brothers and sisters for what they are. For what they have done. As it is not our place to judge. Ultimately, they shall judge themselves. The wheel comes around, as always my friends. Through acceptance, comes unity. Through judgement, comes disharmony.

As always my friends. I pray that you are well. If you enjoyed this article, then please share it with your friends and family. After all, that is what we are here to do, to inform, nothing more. If you have any questions regarding the article then please email me @ We’ll be in contact soon.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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