We ran and we never looked back. There was nothing for us there. That old, dull existence that we had been led to believe was all that ever was, and all that ever will be. We faded from our primary existence, and shifted into secondary. She looked me in the eye. Those fucking eyes. They cut right through me, every single time. Purple twilight. From them, the entire Universe emits. I love her more than anything. She knows this as she grins and sprints ahead of me, quicker than I am able to keep pace with. The land shakes beneath our feet. Maybe I’m just imagining things. As I ground myself and assess my surroundings, I find myself running into a deep and dense jungle. She’s dissipated, as always. Now our game of hide and seek shall begin anew. After all, there is nothing more for us to do. Who are we you may ask? Beings made of ethereal glass. I slow my pace and look towards the sky, the external Universe bellows in rejoice and the internal Universe acknowledges it. We savor our Unity for a brief moment before my vessel pulls me into the Jungle.

Here we are free. We are one with that which gives us all that we seek. We are grateful. Somewhere within this lush playground, my love resides. I will find her. Inhale and exhale. The scents are overwhelmingly fresh and pristine, the irises acknowledge the artwork around it. The feet tread ever so gently among the earth that guides it. If there is an Eden, it resides right here. In the center of us all. A lone eagle soars overhead. Mighty and proud. It is the king of it’s the air, ever so fair. Why is it that other than the plants and earth, the water and stone, that myself and the eagle are all that tread this Oasis. I am earthbound as my companion can truly see. My lover hides within these entangled walls, gleefully playing a game that may end in misery. As it so often does. Why do I feel so uneasy all of the sudden. I was free but a moment ago, yet now am overtaken by a burden. I know it’s here. As I shed a tear. I close my eyes.

As I awaken once more I am hanging before a waterfall. The flow of the water keeps pace. There is no interruption. Why is it that I find myself being interrupted as always. My shadow creeps into materialization. “Hello darkness my old friend..” It gleefully hums. “I’ve come to speak with you again..”, I finish the sentence for it. This wasn’t supposed to be about us, it was supposed to be about Her. What more can I expect however. Reality always comes into play. Dreams are what we pray will happen at the end of the day. “The beauty of our unity my love, is it not what brings us here, every single time?” It caresses my hair and I let out a tired sigh. I can’t stand it. However it is a part of me. Manifesting harmony as it brings about disharmony. We are the two halves that bring about a trinity. I, the spirit. It, the mind, the beast. Our vessel, which we share and care for. In two completely different manners. As we hold ourselves to two very different standards. 

I hear her chanting mantras now, somewhere in the Jungle that spreads before me. Her voice compliments the currents of the river flowing before me. I look to the sky and acknowledge the purple twilight. The sun is inflamed, angered at the untimely reunion of the two of Us. The moon gently whispers to her beloved. Calming it to the best of her ability. They share the sky rarely, they are consoled by one another’s love barely. They too, are an external representation of the internal reunion of my Self and It. “She’s out there you know, waiting for us”, I somberly state as I turn around and meet the gaze of an ebony shadow, “waiting for you, I personally have much to do. One day you may rest, if only for a moment at best, but for now, you know we must complete the test. After all, it is you that signed up for this quest”, it gleefully states as it fluidly melds into a cartwheel, landing face to face with the vessel and gently placing a kiss on it’s forehead. I inhale the air of all those that came before and let it flow throughout the vessel before exhaling it back into the Universe. I sigh, and turn to face the waterfall once more. So peacefully it flows. The obligations it possesses are easily overturned by it’s very nature. I so very wish this could be my eternal state. Alas, I must confront the elements eternally. All of them, not simply the water. I am suddenly inflamed, I too know how the Sun feels. The fiery emotions consume my being momentarily as I realize I must venture out into the  once again. It takes notice immediately and laughs deeply. “It’s not just me then, is it now then Spirit. You too feel the manifestations bonds”, It put’s it’s ethereal hand upon the manifestation. The seething ice that emits from it’s grasp immediately marks the manifestation. I laugh as well, just as deeply. It always takes time. Getting used to these vessels. Sometimes we forget who we really are in the process. Sometimes we slip up. “It’s not just you” I meet It’s gaze and together we look out over the waterfall into the deep jungle once more. 

She swims in the golden lake beneath us. Chanting her seductive mantras as always. The epitome of a Siren. Her songs enchant even the highest of the vibrational order. “That’s a pretty one, isn’t it my love. Ever so pretty. Too bad you can’t have her”, It hisses at me in anger. I sigh. Truths are typically difficult to accept. You either hide from them, or accept them for what they are, and move on towards your purpose nonetheless. “Enough of this. What are we waiting for, you know how this ends just as well as I do. The time is now. Space calls.” I gaze down below once more. She has left. Her absence demands our own dismissive journey as well. She has returned internally, where she rightfully belongs. We shall journey externally, where we are called. “Yes my love” It smiles. I look to the sky. The moon and sun have both retreated. Millions of stars dot the sky, billions of moons patrol the space. The eagle pierces the veil and lands before us. Gazing at It, and then to my Self. “We must go, unite. I will deliver you” the eagle is the our guardian through the time-space, ensuring that we are delivered to our designated multiverse. It takes me by the hand as I close my eyes. Shadows meld with flesh until the manifestation is ebony. I open my eyes and a piercing white light emits from the irises. “It’s good to be home my love, this time we’ll have fun, I promise.” the internal voice whispers happily. I climb upon the back of the eagle. “Once more grandfather, once more.” I whisper to the winged giant. It laughs. “The time is Now” it retorts as we fade into eternity.

I awake in a cold sweat. I am here as always.


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