The power of your Breath; what have we forgotten?

Hello my friends, as always, I pray that you are in good health, wherever you may be. Today we shall focus on an issue that is of great importance in today’s day and age, yet is completely ignored by so many. The issue I speak of is simply, our Breath. Yes, our breath. that which connects us to both our inner (inhale) and outer (exhale) worlds. It provides us with the means to ground ourselves in the most difficult of situations. Connecting us to the same energy source that not only keeps us alive, but has done the same for our ancestors since the dawn of time. Today we will speak of the great importance of the most basic of actions, why we’ve forgotten it’s significance in this hectic day and age and how we can tap back into this vital essence in order to start living a more beautiful and fulfilling life (as we all deserve to do so), right here, right now. Shall we begin?

Throughout the web of life, from the smallest organisms to the apex predators at the top of the food chain, there is an action that connects us all; I’m speaking of the act of breathing. It ultimately connects everything around you. Absolutely everything, as even the “dead” chair that you are sitting upon as you read this is compromised of various forms of cells which unto themselves are alive, considering you yourself are just one large conjunction of cells, that somehow attained consciousness (which we will not delve into at this moment in time). Now, if you know basic biology then you would understand that the cells group together and form multi cellular organisms which in turn forms tissues, then organs and so forth. Now of course there is an incredible amount of variables that lead up to the creation and maintenance of these various “systems” for lack of a better word. However, I am no biologist and have no business venturing into that matter. The point I am ultimately leading up to is simply the fact that they are all connected through the most action of breathing. As the cells take in the oxygen and deliver the essence to the brain, and then to the most demanding section of the vessel at that moment in time. The action of inhalation connects us to our inner body; allowing our vessel to recuperate. Allowing our selves to ground when we are feeling overwhelmed as many of us do in this day and age. The action of exhalation connects our inner self to the outer world around us. Taking in the breath of our ancestors and allowing us to acknowledge the outer Universe (essentially the greater reality; our communities, our earth and that which expands beyond the horizon) that connects to the inner Universe (our own inner reality, our personal community, shall we say).

In today’s age, many of us disregard the act of breathing as nothing more than a necessary action that we have done in order to fill our dull airbags, so that we may continue to live on. Not many think of its deep connection to our life as a whole. Albeit, our main connection to what lies inwards and outwards. An interesting way to think about this is acknowledge that when you are inhaling, you are breathing in the same air as those Beings whom you admire and revere in your own life. You are deeply connected to them just as they are to you. It also allows you to acknowledge the fact that these Beings were ultimately Humans, just as yourself, and whatever they tapped into in order to make them that which means dearly to you (and no doubt countless others), the same is accessible to your self as well, if only you allow yourself to tap into it. Essentially, to sum up what was just stated; these individuals tapped into themselves inwards through the action of inhalation (acknowledgement) and then released that which they’ve realized and brought about these idea into reality through the action of exhalation (manifestation). This is not to say that when you breathe in you are going to finally acknowledge your dreams, and that when you breathe out they are suddenly going to manifest in front of you as they were always meant to. No, unfortunately that only happens in dreams sadly. It does however mean that on your next inhalation, if you allow yourself to do so, you can ground yourself and acknowledge that which you need to accomplish at this moment in time, and then on your next exhalation, you are able to take action in order to accomplish that which needs to be completed. Of course, this process will generally need to be repeated over and over again, until your goal has been accomplished, as many tasks are not as simple as standing up from the couch, alas, if that is what you were attempting to accomplish to begin with, then it shouldn’t be to difficult for you to manifest such an action.

Many of the ancient arts, such as meditation and qi gong, are primarily practiced for the main purpose of mastering one’s breath in order achieve equilibrium within the Human trinity (mind, body and spirit). Through the act of persistent and focused breathing, the body allowed to enter and relaxed and balanced state, once the body is relaxed, the thoughts of the mind that are currently not serving you can be addressed, and pushed away, the mind may be quelled of all thoughts, finally the spirit (inner) can be accessed now that the mind and body (outer) have been subdued. Now that you are at peace, the issues (maybe you’re having a hard time with a difficult problem at work, and no matter how hard you tried to “think” of a solution, nothing would work. Maybe you injured your body the other day during a physical activity, and no matter how many “pain” pills you pop or physiotherapy sessions you attend, your still aching in pain) that are affecting you externally (in reality) can be addressed through the inner world, you can access your “source” for a solution. This does not mean that you confuse the above statement with thinking about your designated issue while accessing your breath. No you must push that outwards, where it belongs and allow yourself to fully come inwards, becoming fully present with each inhale and exhale. Over time. It may suddenly “click” and the solution that you had been searching ever so diligently beforehand will have manifested within you as easily had just exhaled. Even if you do not tap the source at that moment and time. You will at least have cleared your mind of all the clutter that had crowded it beforehand, and now you will be able to tackle your problem from a fresh perspective. Essentially, allowing your breath to flow freely throughout the body allows oxygen to reach every single system internally. You can also think of it as allowing your chi to flow to your meridians or chakras, restoring some balance to them and cleansing yourself (that is to say, if you happen to believe in such a concept).

Ultimately, so many Humans out there are disregarding this simple action, and wondering why they feel so drained and imbalanced. Take shallow breaths and sometimes forgetting to breathe entirely (yes, there are people who literally forget to breathe at times because they are so “busy”, and it’s far more commonplace than you would expect!). They are allowing themselves to be overwhelmed externally, which in turn leads to an imbalance internally and which produces an overall disharmony within the Being. Do I really believe that improper breathing is why these individuals are struggling so greatly with allowing themselves to take the next step? Partially, as there are an infinite amount of factors that could be intertwined with the individuals issue as well, after all, I don’t know you or your story. However, do I believe that proper breathing will greatly benefit you and allow you to at least take a step forward, rather than backwards? Absolutely. So, now I’m going to  share a simple breathing technique with you so that you may begin experiencing what we’ve been discussing throughout this article.

Now close your eyes and allow yourself to come to a place of peace. For the first minute or so, envision that which brings you great peace and harmony in this life. Nature seems to always work well for me, so it may work well for you as well. I recommend envisioning a peaceful stream, gently flowing. You can hear the stream now. Flowing perfectly, nothing interrupting the flow of the stream, it simply IS as you simply ARE right now. If that’s not working for you, envision that which works for you; maybe it’s a beautiful willow, gently swaying back and forth in the middle of an open field. Maybe it’s the stillness of infinite space, ever so close yet ever so far. Now that you have come to a place of serenity within yourself, the breathing can begin. Breathe in through your nose. Don’t inhale too deeply, and don’t inhale too little, inhale what is perfect for you, your body is an incredibly intelligent mechanism and as long as you don’t interfere, it will typically take what is just right for it at the moment in time. Now, if it feels right, allow yourself to inhale through the nostril once more, an exceptionally smaller inhalation than the latter. Don’t do the second inhalation if it doesn’t feel right, you’ll know if it is necessary or not. Now rather than exhaling the breath instantly, allow it to deeply flow through your body, down to your very core. Allow it to reach all areas of your vessel that seek it. Good, you’ll feel a deep sense of presence (by that I mean you will feel still within both you body and mind) once your body has taken in that which it required of that breath, now exhale it all out deeply. At first you’ll want to make your inhale and exhalation audible, so that you do not lose track of it, however over time it will become second nature to you. For you first time I recommend doing this breath work repetition 20 times, afterwards you may gradually increase. Over time you’ll want to be practicing this technique constantly. Let me emphasize that although this sounds incredibly easy, it is actually very difficult. Yes, constant awareness and channeling of your breath is no easy task. Especially in this fast paced world that so many of us find ourselves in. It may take you a week, even a month, to master the first repetition of twenty breaths while being present with the procedure all the way through. Lose track? Start all over. Over time it will stick. Once you master your inner world, you can master your outer world as well. Allow me to say formally, that I am no master of this technique, and I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to master it completely. It is an incredible art, and can give you access to insights and reserves of energy that you didn’t believe you possessed before. How do I know that? Well personally it has worked for me, and I really do think it will work for you as well, if you give it a shot. 

As always, I pray that you enjoyed the article and are doing well, wherever you may be. If you need any insight into this technique, or any clarification into a section of the article where I wasn’t quite so clear and caused confusion, then please do not hesitate to message me via the contact page.

If you enjoyed the article then please share it with your friends and family, those that you truly believe will benefit from it. After all, that’s what we are here for, to simply inform, none the less.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

2 thoughts on “The power of your Breath; what have we forgotten?

  1. I truly admire the way you constructed the article. The thought-provoking spirituality of the piece reaches out to the reader, teaching the simple key to mental enlightenment. A very good read. Keep it up! God bless you.

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    1. Thank you so much for you kind comment brother. Truly appreciated. Blessings to you as well my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

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