Complex Simplicity.

Hello, I hope you are in good health. At this moment in time, we shall discuss the complexity in which so many of us present ourselves in this reality, when the simple truth is, that we are incredibly simple. Now before I expand, know that this is simply a reminder to YOU. You really do exhaust yourself over that which is incredibly petty in the greater scheme of things. It is not that you so this on purpose, no. You simply allow yourself to become incredibly entangled within the web of life. To the point where you are no longer the guardian and protector of your own web, you have become the prey. You mutilate yourself for nourishment. Which is not nourishment at all ultimately. You drain yourself for the falsity that you are fueling yourself. You give so much to others, you give so much to your ego. Yet, where is the time for yourself? It doesn’t have to be this way, you know this just as well as we do. Let’s take a step back, and really take a look at the bigger picture, once we acknowledge the beauty of the painting, we will no longer focus on the perfection of each individual stroke, as they are as they were meant to be. 

Think back to when you first manifested on this plane of existence. You may not be able to recall this moment. I cannot. However, acknowledge that there was nothing before you but the wonders and endless possibilities of this greater reality that stretched as far as you could possibly imagine, yes, infinity. What you were then was perfection, balance, plain and simple; you were that you were. No labels, no ideas. Simply Being. Now fast forward to your tenth birthday. You are a vastly different creature now, are you not? Your external enviroment profoundly impacted your internal Universe. You were born to a loving yet highly religious family. Your life is positive, yet incredibly rigid, you do not step out of line, as you were raised of a “higher order”. Maybe you were born to the wolves. You left at an early age and disavowed your true family. As they may have disavowed you. You live a life of freedom. Yet a life of bitterness. You can’t truly love. As you’ve never been taught the concept. You don’t love yourself. However, there are no lines in your life. There are no boundaries. You realize this. It can only last for so long however until the greater reality turns on you unto itself, as you did to it. Smashing the view that you possessed of the world. Making you even more bitter. The wolves have returned for their cub, and they are not happy with your wit. They lock you in a den, left to rot. You were born to the world. Life is beautiful. Your family is loving. Your people are free. Everyone is thriving and enduring what little hardship that manifests rather easily. The thunder birds catch wind of this freedom. They themselves are having a difficult time finding the resources to build their nest, there are many thunder birds. They see that you have what they require in order to build their nests. As the powerful have done throughout time, they come and rain lightning down upon you and your people. Smashing your love of life, and throwing your viewpoint onto the other side of the spectrum. Your family is gone. Your people are enslaved. Hardship is great and those that thrive do so because they worship the thunder birds. The thunder birds patrol the skies. You pick up a bow in anger, deciding that fighting fire with fire is the way of the universe. You are struck by lightning almost immediately and burst into flames, this is the way of fighting fire with fire. Endless combustion. The flames of hatred are never dispersed, they are simply fed, in an endless cycle. 

This is the Universe we live in. We all live such different lives. Sometimes we forget that we are all simple atoms, forming a single cellular structure in this part of the multiverse. However, at the end of it all. We all work alongside one another in order to maintain equilibrium. One does not matter more than the other, although the illusion may give off such a facade. This is how it should be, however considering this is a universe of duality, nothing is perfect, and the balance is tipped on a consistent basis. Cancer spreads throughout an organism and a single cell takes more, more and more. It is an endless growth. It destroys the overall organism without any regard for the simple fact that without the organism, the cell unto itself passes. It’s not that the cancer is conscious of what it does, rather it is the opposite, unconscious and ignorant to the pain it is causing. When the cancer takes more than it gives over a long period of time, it destroys its host, unknowingly causing its own demise. That’s the state of so many of us. Over complicating our own lives. Believing we need more, in order to be more. The simple fact is however, that what you require is already present unto your Self. You can complicate and fabricate stories, seeking more, causing more pain to your own Being and fragments around you. Lending aid to the force that seeks to destroy the greater reality. How can you do as you were meant to. Simply be here. Thrive alongside your Self and others. What do you have to bring? You know what you have to offer. You are very important. You always have been. It is up to you, to simply realize this my friend. It doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as you propose it to be. Give YOU the love you need. Then spread that through Light. 

Ultimately, it is up to you to make use of what has just been said. It means to you, what it means to you. It won’t be the same for everyone, that’s why you’re a fragment of the whole, not a mere copy. You are what you’ve been waiting for. 

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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