Are you here to Help, or Hinder?

As always my friends, it is a pleasure that you have taken the time to consider what we have to say, and we pray that you are in good health, wherever you may be. A constant topic that racks many of our own minds on a daily basis is that of “what are we here for?”. This is the same as asking, “What is my purpose in life?”. This is a very common question, if not the most common that we as Human Beings face in this reality of ours. Many of us from a young age believe that we may be here for a specific task, as if we have been “chosen” to do what so many of our brothers and sisters before us were incapable of accomplishing. This can bring out the best in some people, as they acknowledge their destiny and then put in the energy (time and effort) in order to manifest their dreams into this reality. It can also bring out the worst in others. As they realize they are here for a purpose, however they can’t exactly pinpoint that purpose, so they spread themselves out too thinly (they take too much on their plate, believing that they will be able to master all that lays before them, in the beginning this plays out “alright”, but soon they find themselves burnt out and unable to complete a single of the thirty tasks laid out before them in the time space in which they allocated to achieve what they wished), or even worse, they acknowledge that which they are here for, however they are afraid of beginning, they fear what others will think once they begin on their true path. They become angry, sad and anxious of what they cannot accomplish now, as they are hindering themselves from helping themselves, so therefore if they hinder themselves internally, where as in reality they were meant to help themselves internally, then of course the inner reflects in the outer world and they begin to hinder those around them, rather than helping them (which of course is what they were meant to do). The topic we will now discuss is the simple statement “Are you here to Help, or to Hinder?”. Alright, the time is now, as it always has been, shall we begin?

Since the dawn of time Human Beings have always pondered the question at some point in their life (usually at a young age) “What is my purpose?” or “What am I here for?”. This question unto itself ignites the inner flame in our belly. Our passion. Our drive. Our dreams. It opens the window for us to acknowledge the fact that although we may not currently possess all the answers to our dreams at this moment in time, everything shall come, as long as we are willing to search. The search is the grandest part of the quest to find our purpose. It takes us far and wide. Through negative and positive experiences (you can’t have the day without the night). Meeting older fragments that followed the path of their heart, the same road that we ourselves currently wander, before us. These fragments give us “clues”, as those before themselves handed unto them, this knowledge gives us a glimpse into what we will be, given that we exchange the time and energy necessary in order to manifest that which we have had a “sneak preview”, for lack of a better term, of. Ultimately there are two paths you may follow now that you have acknowledged your destiny, your path. The first option is that of so many of us, we give into ourselves. Fear drives us away from the very goal in which we set out to reach to begin with. Our dreams become our nightmares, as we have allowed them to become, after all, nothing in this lifetime comes easy, and if it comes easy, then it is most certainly not worth having to begin with. We hinder ourselves, and therefore we hinder those around us, after all, you can’t help anyone unless you help yourself first. The second option is that which we yearn for, that which our hearts are pulled towards, we give outwards unto ourselves, and allow ourselves to become that which we have manifested upon this plane to begin with, we allow our selves to simply play out in which they were meant to upon this Earth. We help ourselves and therefore we are capable of helping those around us, in that order.

There is an old Cherokee proverb that speaks infinite wisdom eternally and this is how it goes; An old Cherokee told his grandson “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Resentment, Inferiority, Lies and Ego. The other is Good. It is Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Humility, Kindness, Empathy & Truth.” The boy thought about it and asked his Grandfather, “Grandfather, which one wins?” to which the old man silently replied “The one that you feed..”. Beautiful, is it not? This wisdom simply states the point in which we are working our way towards, If you choose to help yourself through light, then you will be able to spread that love to those who seek it themselves, helping not just You, but Us. Then again if you choose to hinder yourself through the dark (this may appear as helping yourself, however you’re not giving anything to yourself other than the illusion of success, as what you attain is not really what You want, it’s simply what your pre-conceived notion of the world, or rather, your ego, wants. Down this path your also going to be steeping on everyone else, because you believe your own work is more important than there’s. What they do is insignificant compared to what you do), then in turn you will be spreading that negativity as you go, hindering those around you as well, you not only hinder You, but Us.

So, now the question arises. How exactly do we help ourselves? Now you have to understand the answer, as it is rather very simple. To begin with, you have to acknowledge the fact that we can not help you, if we helped you, then you wouldn’t be helping yourself, you would in fact be helped by those around you, and this unto itself would not spark the flame, it would douse it, as you would begin to rely upon others to do what you were meant to do, for you. So acknowledge the fact that no one is going to help you. This is your task, and we are very supportive of it (although many in this world will not be, and you simply have to accept that. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows out there, there is plenty of rain and much darkness. You are here for you. You shall do what you need to do). Now that you realize that you must shoulder this burden unto yourself, the time is to acknowledge your burden for what it truly is; what are your dreams, your passions? Are you willing to drive absolutely all of your energy into them in order to attain that which you seek? Or were you hoping that someone else was going to do it for you, but you really like the idea of it. If the latter is the case. Then the time is now, and you can begin doing it is that which you seek. However, if you were hoping that the final statement was the case, then these are not your dreams or passions, they are someone else’s and your simply hoping that they are strong enough to shoulder you as well throughout their quest. 

Now the other question arises. How do we stop hindering ourselves and those around us? Now you must understand that the answer to this question is just as simple as the answer to the latter. Ultimately, what it comes down to is that you must stop being afraid. Fear comes in many forms; anger, jealousy, envy, hate. All nick names for one and the same effect, Fear. You are angry with someone because you fear they have wronged “you”, or you have wronged them, but are too afraid to admit it. You are jealous of someone, as you fear that what they are accomplishing, may actually resonate with the truth of what you yourself seek. You envy someone, as you are afraid that you may never attain that which they already have. You hate someone, as you are afraid that deep down you may be more like them then you would ever allow yourself to admit. You must stop fearing yourself, which is hindering you from accomplishing that which you seek. You must stop fearing others and accept them for what they are, so that your thoughts are not in turn hindering their own progression. If you allow yourself to simply accept the situation and people before you, then in turn you will accept them as a part of you; they are simply fragments, as you yourself are, of the greater reality which is the whole, every single puzzle piece fits, as long as you put it in the correct place. 

Ultimately this brings us to our final question, that which may be the most important of them all. My friend, what is your purpose? Are you here to Help or to simply Hinder? The choice is yours, I recommend making it as quickly as possible. 

As always if you enjoyed the article then please share it with those that you believe will benefit from its reading, after all that’s why we are here. To simply inform. If you have any questions or concerns with the article, then please feel free to contact me.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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