Do we absorb one another’s energy?

Hello. As always, thank you for taking the time out of your day or evening to consider this humble writers thoughts.

The topic that we will discuss today comes stems from an event that happened a few days ago. To put it shortly, I attended the ceremony of a local medicine man. After it was done and the majority of those attending had dispersed, I donated what I could to the man. Upon handing it to him, I had an immense surge of energy. It was rather overwhelming to be completely honest. I had intended to speak with the individual at length, but the surge had me suddenly leaving the area with haste (I believe it was due to the fact that I had a strong experience at the ceremony which he led, I’ve been trying to communicate with this individual for a while without success as he is incredibly busy and we were both highly sensitive at the end of it all, as it was a positive yet draining experience that we had just finished) . Now, this is simply the most recent event of course, throughout the two decades I have walked upon this earth there has been quite a few moments in which I’ve experienced something similar; with friends and family, in both positive and negative situations (arguments with family, farewells to friends). With lovers, in both positive and negative situations (acknowledgement of mutual feelings, disagreements that lead to our mutual flight). Strangers as well, in which you get a positive or negative feeling from them, from this initial “feeling” you get from this individual, it typically sets the tone for your relationship there afterwards; unless of course you don’t see one another for quite some time and your “reunion” meeting is the complete opposite from your “introduction”, then of course your feelings toward said individual change completely (for example, the first time you met this individual they were going through difficulty in their life, maybe they weren’t acting like themselves, however you took this at face value as who the individual really was. However, you meet them down the road. They’ve overcome what held them back in life previously and are now able to present themselves in the way they truly are, in a positive manner which you can resonate with. This example can of course be backwards as well. You meet someone who swindles you as they wore a mask, they wore this mask with the intent to charm you. After you know them for quite some time, they allow their “true colors” to shine through, no longer do you resonate with them. No longer do you wish to be near them). Now of course, we can simply state that you enjoy being around some people as they are positive and in turn you can share your own positive feelings with them and vice versa. We could easily say that this is simply due to the fact that we as Human Beings are an emotional species, and we take on one another’s emotions rather easily; we either take other’s baggage, or through love, we disperse the baggage entirely. However, what if the answer to this topic lays right before us, after all, science has confirmed that absolutely everything within this Universe is simply energy.

To begin with, have you ever gone out with an individual that you had just met on a date, or maybe you simply went out to a social gathering as friends, to see the two of you are compatible or not. Upon this initial meeting, you get the feeling that this individual is coming off too strong. They try to finish your sentences. They pick everywhere the two of you will go throughout this excursion, without asking for your opinion. They ask for your opinion, only to immediately disregard your opinion and then give you a verbal essay on their own opinion and why you should embrace said opinion. You either disagree with this individual rather early on and decide to part ways as it simply isn’t working out. Maybe you hold out until the end of the excursion and kindly part ways, as you don’t want to be rude. Either way, you leave the encounter more drained than you were beforehand, and you were simply hoping to grab a coffee and go for a nice walk in the park. You didn’t sign up for the chaotic experience you just went through. You go home and decide it is time to rest, you receive contact from this person later on that day which states that they’d love to meet up again down the road (after all, the strongly enjoyed the time you spent together, simply because they did as they pleased, and you simply tagged along), you politely decline, telling them that you are sick and you most likely will be for the rest of your life. Now of course the alternative for your encounter is upon meeting this individual you both click instantaneously. You have similar interests and can have a mature discussion, accepting one another’s views even if they do not align  and smile while doing so. You agree on where you shall venture for your shared excursion, and you both enjoy the experience. At the end of your encounter, you both agree that you would really like to see one another again, and make plans for the following week. Once you are no longer near the individual, you feel happy and energized, knowing that you will see this like-minded individual again in the future, knowing that there are people out who “get you”. Of course, as I explained earlier, change is constant in our Universe. The individual whom you couldn’t stand being around earlier on could change, and begin to resonate with you deeply, if in a different way than you had previously thought you would enjoy, after all, opposites do attract. The individual whom you truly enjoyed spending time with previously could grow to be ignorant and somewhat pompous as they become overwhelmed by life, no longer do you resonate with one another over your mutual interests, you now drain one another over your constant discussions and disagreements over your mutual interests.

Now, for starters, I’d like to use plants as an example. Yes plants (I really love plants..). So think about this for a moment, plants receive their energy (life force) through a process known as photosynthesis (plants receive sunlight and in turn transform it into viable energy for themselves). These plants create their own energy, they keep themselves happy and alive, because that’s what they are meant to do, it’s in their nature. Now, Humans do the exact same thing. Humans keep themselves going through of course fueling their manifestation with the necessary sustenance that it needs in order to live on (I speak of food, air, water), however we also require purpose more than anything. We require a drive in order to fuel us to live. We cease to accept nourishment if we don’t accept the “light” within us and push it forward into our reality, our light is our dreams, our dreams are our passion. Plants, just like us, wither and die without that light. They may have water, they may have air and clean earth, but without the light, with the purpose to generate energy, they too wither away. So we have established that we must create our own energy, our own purpose, in order to thrive. Even if we have the nourishment, we have no purpose if we have nothing to strive towards, similar to the plants during photosynthesis, without the action of creating their own energy, they have no purpose. So acknowledge this for a moment, a study has recently proven that plants quite literally take energy from other plants close to them, if they have no source themselves. Essentially, they take from the other plants, depriving them of their own life force, so that they may fuel themselves. This makes sense. After all, they don’t want to pass on. Their neighboring plant seems to be creating more than it’s fair share of energy, so why not simply leech off it? They take from the other plants, so that they themselves may thrive. So now think about this for a moment, do Humans not do the exact same thing to one another as well? You see someone who is very happy, doing what they want to do in life. You think to yourself. “I’d sure like to do what they do”, You begin associating yourself with this individual. At first it’s great. You feel fantastic around this individual. Your learning and thriving alongside them. Over time however, it becomes clear that your relationship with this individual is not exactly symbiotic. They may be doing all they can for you (they are supportive of your endeavors, they pass on what knowledge they possess to you, they support you however they can, whatever is reasonably within their power), but what are you truly doing for them (you’ll also find this with individuals who you associate yourself with, you may be giving what you can for them whenever you can, but do they support you in turn, or do they only come around when they require something, when it’s convenient in their own lives)? These individuals may be more than happy to help, as that is what we are all here to do after all- to grow unto ourselves and then assist others in their own evolution whenever it is possible. However, are you really growing for yourself if you are simply following in these individuals footsteps? Taking what they offer and giving nothing in return. It may be enjoyable for a while, but you’re not really growing into the person that you are meant to be, the other person is, and they are simply assisting you in on your own path in whatever way they can, hoping that one day you will be able to stand on your own two feet and “go your own way”. Of course, you may grow into your own self by the individuals assistance, and then your relationship becomes symbiotic, as you exchange your “energy” (through ideas and knowledge) rather than simply receiving it. So essentially, the basis of what was just stated is that you create your own energy (through pursuing your “passion”, by generating your own light, manifesting your dreams into reality) or you take it from others, as you haven’t figured out how to do it yourself just yet (you follow an individual for what they know, what they have to offer, you thrive off their energy alongside them) or you have a symbiotic relationship with an individual in which you both thrive alongside one another by exchanging your “energy” (ideas, knowledge etc.).

So now that we have established the different ways in which you can exchange energy with other individuals, the question arises; how do I stop people from taking energy from me and also of course, how do I begin to generate my own energy? The first question answers itself rather easily, it’s rather straight forward. You have to disassociate yourself from individuals whom you do not feel is mutually engaged in your relationship; if these people are coming to you only when they require something of you, and always unable to assist you in your times of need, then they are probably not worth having thrive alongside you (at least at this moment in time, as everyone can change for the better!), and vice versa, if you are seeking someone out simply for what they have and don’t really know why you associate yourself with them otherwise, then it is time to let that individual be and begin to walk down your own path, the one you were meant to follow. Now how do we generate our own energy? Well that is rather straight forward is it not? What do you love in life? What is it that brings you the most joy and happiness? If you know what it is but are not following that path because you fear the unknown, well then the time has come for you take step into the shoes you were meant to fill, and to start living the life that you deserve. It’s up to you really. You can either love what you do, or do nothing at all. Maybe you don’t know what it is that makes your stomach burn with raging passion. If that’s the case then fantastic, it’s time to learn, after all that’s what we’re here for. Go out and try that dance class that’s always enticed. Start cooking for yourself and loved ones simply because you can. Begin exercising and showing up to the weekly group fitness excursions. Go out into nature and paint. Play music. Whatever it is that really makes your clock tick, do it. You’ll notice the difference within almost immediately.

I could go on and on about this topic. However, it’s up to you to take form it what you will. You’ll either use the provided knowledge to grow as an individual, or you’ll shirk away from it and forget you read it all together. The choice is entirely up to you my friend.

If you enjoyed the article, then please like and share it. Share it with your friends and family whom you believe will greatly benefit from it, after all, that’s what we’re here for, to simply inform. I hope you have a lovely day, wherever you are.

Sending you Love through Light,

Fragmented Illusions (Brandon)

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  1. Loved this. I’ve definitely experienced my fair share of “energy vampires!”

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